2024 Canada Tax Deadline: When to File Your Taxes

Updated on June 15, 2024

This article provides information on the 2024 Canada Tax Deadline. In Canada, taxpayers are required to submit their taxes annually to the Revenue Department. Anyone earning income from the sale of goods and services must pay the applicable taxes. The CRA offers various methods for filing income tax. For further details on the Canada Tax Deadline 2024, including the due date and more, please continue reading.

Canada Tax Deadline 2024

It’s crucial for taxpayers to keep the tax deadline in mind, as the Canadian Revenue Agency has a set due date for payment and return submission. Before the due date, individuals involved in buying or selling goods and services must pay their taxes to the CRA.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a partner, filing your return by mid-July is mandatory if your business fiscal year aligns with the calendar year. As the legal representative, ensure the final taxation reaches the CRA by April 30, 2024. Missing the deadline means facing additional charges with the return, so it’s essential to file on time.

Canada Tax Deadline: Latest News

The citizens had concerns about the deadline, but thanks to officials, it has been extended to the following April. Filing income tax by April 30 is a mandatory requirement for all Canadian residents each fiscal year. This extension provides households with a more suitable timeframe to meet their tax obligations.

The initiation of Housing Tax Returns caused chaos for many, but it’s now resolved. The Minister of National Revenue has declared April 30, 2024, as the due date, and taxpayers can rest assured as no penalties will be imposed.

When Are Taxes Due in Canada in 2024?

The Canadian Government has established a set due date for filing returns, with each taxpayer obligated to adhere to this deadline. Typically, a company’s taxation year concludes six months into the year, and taxpayers usually need to settle their tax dues on the last day of each month.

For those who file their taxes after the due date, a penalty of 5% on the amount plus an additional 1% is applicable. The calculation of penalties begins the day after the due date, starting from May 1 of each fiscal year.

Documents Required

To file your taxes, you’ll need the following documents and information:

  1. T4 Slips: Every employed individual must detail their income using the T4 slip.
  2. Investment Statement: If you’ve made any investments, create a statement outlining your capital gains, losses, or other investment income.
  3. Personal Information: Include your social insurance income, if applicable.
  4. Tax Form: Self-employed individuals or those with additional income sources should prepare their tax forms and investment income details.
  5. Deduction Receipts: Collect receipts for deductions such as medical expenses, donations, charity contributions, tuition, and other non-business-related expenses. Individuals should also gather information on RRSP & TFSA contributions.

Ensure these documents are organized and submitted correctly when filing your income tax.

Steps to Check Canada Tax Deadline 2024

For citizens with assets, fulfilling tax obligations is crucial, as emphasized by the Canadian Government in their budget announcement. Many of you may be seeking ways to check the calendar for observing the deadline.

Step 1: Visit the relevant website, avoiding unofficial ones due to potential data privacy issues leading to information loss.

Step 2: Upon logging in, remember to click on the Calendar link.

Step 3: Enter the necessary details without making any errors.

Step 4: The schedule will be displayed on the screen, available for download for your specific use later.


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