2024 Centrelink $1,500 Payment: Eligibility and Arrival Date

Updated on March 29, 2024

Wondering about the 2024 Centrelink $1,500 Payment? Find out when it’s arriving, who qualifies, and more details here! Good news for domestic violence victims as Centrelink introduces this payment as part of the 2022-2023 Budget initiatives.

Centrelink $1,500 Payment

These steps are designed to ease financial challenges and provide swift aid for those escaping domestic violence. The Escaping Family Violence Payment (EVP) offers a $5,000 support package to help survivors transition to safety and build new lives. The package includes a one-time $1,500 cash payment, along with goods and services worth $3,500.

To tackle unacceptable delays in emergency payment processing, significant reforms have been made. Previously, victims faced an average wait time of 33 business days, prompting Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth to label the situation intolerable. The government is taking proactive measures to streamline processes, ensuring timely support for individuals in crisis.

$1,500 Centrelink Payment 2024

The statistics from the Department of Social Services paint a stark picture of the urgency surrounding this issue. It’s alarming that one in four women and one in eight men in Australia have faced violence from an intimate partner or family member by the age of 15. Adding to the grim reality, recent homicide data shows that, on average, one woman loses her life to domestic violence every 14 days at the hands of a former or current partner in Australia.

Centrelink $1500 Payment Coming in 2024?

For those looking to escape violent relationships or who have recently fled and are facing financial challenges, there are various forms of support available:

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Financial Assistance: Get up to $1,500 in financial aid, including vouchers for essential items, to help meet immediate needs and stabilize your situation.

Goods and Services: Access essential resources like removalist services, rental bonds, or basic necessities for setting up a new home. These provisions aim to ease the transition to safety and independence.

Wrap-around Support: Receive comprehensive assistance, including casework from EVP providers, addressing the various challenges associated with escaping domestic violence. This holistic approach ensures individuals get the support and guidance needed to rebuild their lives securely.

For more details on accessing support through the Escaping Family Violence Program, check out the dedicated fact sheet. It provides essential information and outlines the steps to access assistance tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.


Centrelink’s $1,500 payment initiative marks a crucial advancement in supporting domestic violence victims in Australia. With streamlined processes, increased resources, and an extended program, the government underscores its dedication to addressing this urgent societal concern.

Through united efforts and focused interventions, we can work towards a future where everyone can live free from violence and fear, empowered to pursue safe and fulfilling lives.


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