2024 Facebook Settlement: Eligibility and Payment Status Updates

Updated on June 14, 2024

Many users have been eagerly awaiting their share of the money from Facebook’s settlement in a multi-million dollar privacy lawsuit last year. Unfortunately, over 500,000 Americans who submitted claims have faced denials, and more rejection letters may still be on the way as claims continue to be processed.

Whether you’ve applied or not, here’s all the information you need to know. This includes where to check the status of your Facebook Settlement Claim in 2024, how to find out if your application has been denied, and the challenges in predicting when you’ll receive your payment from the FB Data Breach Settlement in 2024. I’ll provide details on who qualifies for the FB Settlement Amount in 2024 on this page.

2024 Facebook Settlement Claim Update

There’s still uncertainty surrounding the payment date for FB Settlement 2024 to those who filed claims related to the inappropriate sharing of Facebook user data with other companies. If you haven’t received a rejection notice, find information about the Facebook Settlement Claim 2024 Amount on this page.

In August, META exhausted appeals on its $310 million to $500 million settlement, marking three years post the deadline for filing claims in Apple’s class action lawsuit and six years after admitting to slowing down iPhone models 6 and 7. Millions of American users with Facebook accounts between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022, are eligible for the Facebook Settlement Claim 2024.

2024 Facebook Data Breach Settlement Claim Information

Social Media PlatformFacebook
Name of CompanyMETA
Reason of CaseData Breach by FB
Total FB Settlement Payout$735 Million
Settlement byAngeion
Judgement Announced10 October 2023
CategoryFinance News
Eligible BeneficiariesUsers from USA
Eligible Duration24th May 2007 to 22nd December 2022
Official Websitefacebookuserprivacysettlement.com

Checking if My Facebook Settlement Claim Was Denied

Tech giant Meta, the parent company of Facebook, resolved a privacy complaint by compensating affected platform users with a substantial $725 million. Eligible Facebook users were informed of their qualification in April through an official notice.

By September 7th, over 17 million claims had been preliminarily validated, following the acceptance of applications throughout the summer, with the deadline set on August 25th. The settlement’s implementation was officially approved by the judge on October 11th, after facing several objections, some of which resulted in filed appeals during the appeals period.

In a historic development, 28 million Americans submitted settlement applications to Angeion, the case manager, making it the highest number of claims filed in US history. Unfortunately, 500,000 claims have been denied, and if your claim is among them, you may have already received an email notification.

Make sure to check both your inbox and spam folder for any notifications related to the claim application. If your claim has been rejected, you have ten days to challenge the decision.

2024 Facebook Settlement Claim Status Update

Angeion set up a claims portal specifically for managing the Facebook Settlement Claim 2024, offering the latest details on the Facebook privacy settlement. If you have questions, you can contact Angeion by phone using the provided number on the website. Additionally, explore the FAQs section to find answers to common questions from other applicants. It’s important to note that the settlement discussed in this article, related to Facebook privacy, is separate from the location-tracking settlement Facebook is dealing with, and each has its own claims procedure.

Recipients and Timing of FB Settlement Amounts

Even with the final approval of the application, the legal dispute persists, leaving successful claimants uncertain about the payment timeline. Currently, the facebookuserprivacysettlement.com states that, “despite the Court’s Order granting both Motions and overruling the Objections filed, two Objectors have filed Notices of Appeals.”

The statement further explains that “until the appeals are settled, settlement payments cannot be disbursed to qualified claimants.” The duration of the appeals process is unpredictable, and more details will emerge as it progresses. Presently, it is estimated that each claimant will receive a median payout of approximately $30 when the payments are eventually issued.

Half a Million Denied in FB Privacy Settlement

In recent weeks, 500,000 Americans, anticipating a FB privacy settlement check in 2024 from the substantial $725 million Facebook privacy settlement, have received rejection letters.

Last year, a San Francisco judge granted final approval for the extensive settlement, which Meta, Facebook’s parent company, agreed to in order to settle allegations of privacy violations by sharing user data with third parties. Angeion, the company overseeing the settlement fund, is currently reviewing the 28 million claims it has received.

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