2024 GST Voucher: Payout Date, Eligibility, and Amount FAQs

Updated on March 8, 2024

Find out all the info on GST Voucher 2024: Payout date, eligibility, and how much you’ll get. The Singapore Government plans to release it in August. If you haven’t applied, hurry up and fill out the forms. We’ve got the details on payout dates and eligibility here.

GST Voucher 2024 Payout Date

Good news for Singaporeans as the new year kicks off! In the past two months, a whopping 950,000 households scored big with USave and SSC rebates. USave amounts are set to increase by 2% this month.

Anticipating rising carbon and fuel tax rates in the coming years, GST Voucher is expected to see a 7.5% boost in the next two years. Last year’s enchanted GSTV payout was $700, and this year, it’s expected to rise to $850. The government’s mantra seems to be: invest more, get more returns. Look out for these payouts in August every year.

What is a GSTV?

The government’s financial assistance comes as a relief amid rising consumer prices. The GST voucher offers some tax relief on goods, with the amount varying based on regional expenditure. It’s a helpful support for citizens navigating increased costs of goods and services.

Great news for April 2024! The Voucher is getting a boost from 8% to 9%. The scheme covers Cash, MediSave, USave, and Service and Consumer Charge, offering comprehensive support. Last year’s GSTV fund was $530 million, and the good news is that it’s now approved for an upgrade to $1.7 billion in 2024. Big strides in assistance!

Eligibility Check For GSTV 2024

To snag the benefit, Singaporeans need to meet specific criteria. Check them out below:

  1. Age Limit: Between 21 years and pension age.
  2. Citizenship: Must hold a permanent citizenship certificate of Singapore.
  3. Residency: Need to have a visa for at least 3 years and stay in Singapore.
  4. Annual Value of Home and Income: Home properties’ Annual Value (AV) shouldn’t exceed $21,000, and the applicant’s Assessable Income must be $34,000.
  5. Property Taxes: No property taxes for more than one house.
  6. Other Allowances: Those receiving other allowance payments won’t be eligible for the voucher.

    How Much Will I Get In GST Voucher 2024?

    The voucher amount varies based on the category of GST charges. Dive into the details in the section below for a comprehensive breakdown.


Annual IncomeUp to $S 2100Above $S 2100
Disbursement PeriodAge between 55 and 64Age between 65 and above 64Age between 55 and 64Age between 65 and above
February 2024$S250$S300$S200$S200
February 2025$S250$S300$S200$S200

Sure, I’d be happy to help explain the information in a more conversational way:

Hey there! If you own a home and don’t have any property taxes to pay, you could snag the U-Save Rebate as part of the Assurance Package. It’s basically an additional GST Voucher that eligible homeowners get. So, it’s like a little bonus to help out with your utility expenses. Nice, right?


HBD Flat type1 and 2 bedroom3 and 4 bedroom5 bedroomExecutive room
Addtiuoanl GST-Vocher$S95$S85$S65$S55
Existing Voucher$S95$S85$S65$S55
Total Voucher$S190$S170$S130$S110

Hey, just a heads up! They’re planning to spill the beans on the payment dates for each category around August 2024. And here’s the cool part – they’re not dropping all the cash on the same day. Nope, they’re spreading it out on different dates to keep things clear and avoid any candidate confusion. So, mark your calendar, and keep an eye out for when your funds are rolling in!

Hey, heads up! If you’re waiting on those case deposits, they’re looking to get that schedule sorted out by August 21st. But here’s the catch – hold off on signing up to grab those paychecks until April 31st, 2024. Just a heads-up so you’re all set and good to go when the time comes!

All We Know About GST Voucher 2024

Big news! Brace yourselves for a major upgrade in the enhanced cash payout. Eligible Singaporeans are in for a sweet bump, with the amount shooting up from $S350 to $S700 in the previous year to a cool $S450 to $S850 now. Yep, you heard it right!

If you’re one of the lucky ones, make sure to hustle and link your NRIC to your bank account ASAP. That way, you’ll be all set to grab that early deposit when it rolls in. Don’t miss out on this boost!

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