2024 Philippines Government Salary Grades 1-11: Explore Latest Salary Ranges!

Updated on February 21, 2024

Discover 2024 Philippines Salary Grades 1-11: Uncover Government Employee Pay Details! Explore how salaries are distributed and learn about the decent payment process. Dive in for all the essential information in this article.

Philippines Salary Grade 2024

In the Philippines, the Salary Standardization Law regulates employee pay, determined during recruitment. High performance leads to salary upgrades and benefits, based on position, employment type, skills, and knowledge. As living costs rise, citizens anticipate salary hikes, prompting the government to consider and align pay with the respective grade. Salary negotiations are vital, with employees seeking recognition for their efforts. There are 33 Salary Grades in the Philippines, and payments are typically credited to beneficiaries’ bank accounts on staggered dates.

Philippines Salary Increase 2024

Every employee, whether working full or part-time in the country, naturally desires a salary increase. Authorities grant raises based on the skills and performance of the worker.

Good news for government employees and experienced teachers in 2024! It’s a year of happiness as they are set to receive well-deserved benefits for their hard work. The current salary trends in the country are on the rise, benefiting numerous employees.

Philippines Payscale for Grade 1 to 11

Various sectors in the country, including manufacturing, finances, outsourcing, BioPharma, healthcare, engineering, education, and more, are experiencing a significant boost, providing ultimate benefits to the people.

During the interview process, salary discussions take place, and employees can refer to the table below for details:

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Salary Grade Amount
1 PHP13000
2 PHP13819
3 PHP14678
4 PHP15586
5 PHP16543
6 PHP17553
7 PHP18620
8 PHP19744
9 PHP21211
10 PHP23176
11 PHP27000

Consistent efforts in any industry are rewarded with a good package. Employees need to stay focused, dedicated to their jobs, and open to learning for creating better experiences.

Check Salary Range for Government Employees 2024

To secure a government job in the country, applicants must assess their eligibility and apply through the government portal. They need to submit supporting documents and details for recruitment. The interview process typically involves skill and aptitude tests, requiring candidates to exhibit confidence.

Candidates often prioritize factors like salary, location, and other parameters before submitting job applications. Some government departments provide training, while others expect employees to start working immediately upon joining.

In the education sector, salaries range from ₱18K to ₱22K, banking employees earn ₱47K to ₱55K, and revenue officers have a pay scale of ₱27K to ₱31K. Local government department employees receive ₱6K, and Airforce personnel get ₱29K to ₱34K.

For the immigration bureau, the salary ranges from ₱23K to ₱27K, AFP employees earn ₱21K to ₱24K, and the starting salary for agricultural employees is ₱17K.

It’s important to note that the data may have slight variations as it’s derived from various internet sources. Paychecks are generally processed online in many departments. To check the salary range, citizens can visit the main portal’s Recruitment section for the latest updates from authorities.


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