2024 PIP Rate Changes in the UK: Updates from 2023

Updated on February 11, 2024

The Personal Independence Payment offers crucial assistance to individuals coping with serious illnesses or disabilities in the United Kingdom. If you’re curious about the latest info on PIP Rates for 2024 and the changes from 2023 to 2024 in the UK, join us for a detailed look in this article.

PIP Rates 2024

Starting April 2024, those getting Personal Independence Payment (PIP) might see a notable boost in benefits. Among the 3.4 million PIP recipients in the UK, 36% receive the maximum amount. Excitement is building as claimants anticipate the PIP Rates for 2023–2024.

The current weekly PIP payments, set at £172.75 by the Department for Work and Pensions, could witness a substantial increase next April. The Bank of England’s September CPI projection of 7% hints at a significant rise, potentially leading to a 2.5% PIP rate increase in 2024.

If you’re eagerly anticipating the release of UK PIP payments, stick with us in this article. We’ll walk you through all the crucial updates on benefit payment rates and other important eligibility details.

What is PIP?

PIP, or Personal Independence Payment, provides additional financial support to help with your daily life if you’re dealing with a disease, disability, or mental health issue. This assistance is available for individuals aged 16 to State Pension, specifically for those in need of long-term care or facing mobility challenges due to illness or a medical condition.

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If you’re dealing with a significant physical or mental health condition, a disability, or find certain daily tasks challenging, PIP can help cover additional living expenses. PIP is divided into two parts: one for everyday life and another for mobility.

The great thing about PIP is that it doesn’t involve a means test, and it’s tax-free. Your income or savings don’t affect eligibility, making it accessible whether you’re employed or not. It can be received alongside other benefits or the Employment and Support Allowance.

PIP Rates Overview 2024

Article Head PIP Rates 2024
Benefits Name Personal Independence Payment
Implemented By Federal Government of UK
Regulated By Department for Work and Pensions or DWP
Beneficiaries The disabled population of the UK
PIP Eligible Age 18-66 years
PIP Expected Increase 6.7%
Federal Government of UK Portal GOV.UK

PIP Eligibility

If you’re over 16 but not yet at State Pension Age, you can apply for Personal Independence Payment if daily living is made more challenging due to a disability or medical condition. These difficulties should persist for at least three months, with an expectation that they will continue for another nine.

If you’re older than the current State Pension age (66), you can also apply for Attendance Allowance. Additionally, if you were eligible for PIP in the year before reaching State Pension age and have received it, you can submit a new claim.

What are the New PIP rates from 2023 to 2024 in the UK?

In April 2023, with a 10.1% increase due to rising inflation, the new daily living component rates for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) are £101.75 for the enhanced rate and £68.10 for the standard rate. The enhanced rate’s mobility component is now £71.00, while the standard rate’s mobility component is £26.90.

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Looking ahead to April 2024, if the proposed 6.7% uprating is approved, individuals receiving PIP benefits can expect an increase. Anticipated rates include approximately £72.66 for the standard rate and £108.57 for the enhanced rate in the daily living component. The mobility component is expected to rise to £28.70 for the standard rate and £75.73 for the enhanced rate.

Please note that the prices provided above are estimates and subject to variation. For more precise information, it’s advisable to wait a bit longer, as the government might opt for a different adjustment in benefit rates.

How to Apply for PIP?

When filing a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim, be aware that it might take up to four months before you receive any funds. PIP payments are not retroactive; they start on the day you submit your claim, compensating for processing time at the DWP. To initiate a new PIP claim, contact DWP representatives at 0800 917 2222.

Determining eligibility for PIP can be challenging since it’s based on the assistance you need due to the impact of your health, not the specific condition or medications. People with various medical issues may qualify.

Stay informed by regularly checking the official website of the UK government for the latest updates on PIP rates for 2024.

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