2024 Scotland Adult Disability Payment: Amount, Qualifications, Payout Dates, Criteria

Learn about Scotland’s Adult Disability Payment 2024: Amount, Eligibility, Payment Dates, and Criteria here. The Scottish Government has introduced new applications in the Adult Disability Fund, and we’ve provided all the information in this article.

Scotland Adult Disability Payment 2024

The additional payment for individuals with disabilities in Scotland serves as a substitute for both personal and disability allowances. This benefit is designed for working-age adults facing long-term disabilities, providing motivation and support for those who continue to work despite earning lower wages than their non-disabled counterparts. The government’s assistance aims to boost confidence among individuals with disabilities, disregarding income and savings in the fund calculations.

What is the Scotland Adult Disability Fund?

The disability funds mark the Scottish Government’s second initiative to offer support to individuals with impairments, managed by Social Security Scotland. The fund is split into two key components: daily living and mobility allowances. In 2022, a new application was introduced, expanding assistance for candidates in pilot areas.

Candidates currently receiving the child support fund need to complete a new application once they reach 18 years and above to continue receiving the fund. Eligibility can extend to both funds or either one. Assessment for daily and mobility funds considers the following components.

Daily Living: Activities covered under daily funds include food preparation, nutrition intake, therapy management, health monitoring, bathing and washing, toilet needs management, dressing, verbal communication, reading, writing, understanding symbols, assistance with social activities, and making budgeting decisions.

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Mobility: Applicants can seek mobility fund support if they require assistance with planning, movement, or guides for working on sites. Terminally ill candidates are also eligible for these funds. Additional funds are disbursed based on the individual situations of the candidates.

Citizens now have clarity on the breakdown of amounts from the following section.

How Much is Scotland Adult Disability Payment?

The fundamental amounts for this component are outlined in the table below. Note that additional support for terminally ill candidates is not included in these payments.


Daily Living Component Rate Weekly Rates 2022-2023 Weekly Rates 2023-2024
Basic £24.45 £26.90
Standard £61.89 £68.10
Enhanced £92.40 £101.75

The amount for the application of the mobility funds is discussed in the table below:

Mobility Component Rate Weekly Rates 2022-2023 Weekly Rates 2023-2024
Standard £24.45 £26.90
Enhanced £64.50 £71.01

Make sure to check out the next section, as it covers all the details regarding eligibility.

Eligibility For Scotland Adult Disability Payment

To apply for adult disability, complete two forms: Primary Disability and Advanced Long-Term Causes. The second part must be submitted within eight weeks of the first application. Eligibility, discussed here, requires the applicant to be between 16 and the State Pension Age, provide residency proof, and have a long-term disability lasting 13 weeks prior to application and an additional 37 weeks thereafter.

Those already receiving funds like Armed Force Independency, Attendance Allowance, Child Disability, Disability Living Allowance, and PIP are ineligible. To qualify for adult disability funds, transfer these funds and then apply for the program.

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Scotland Adult Disability Payment Dates 2024

Payments are issued every four weeks, commencing from the first week after the verification process. For instance, if your application is verified by January 15th, the initial deposit will be processed by February 15th, and subsequent deposits will follow on the 15th of each month.

For terminally ill applicants, payments are disbursed in installments to meet treatment requirements. Initial amounts are provided as early paychecks, and these sums will be subsequently deducted from the regular weekly paychecks.

What is Meant by Points in ADP?

Applicants will accrue points based on funds received and the transfer of other funds in this disability payment. You can apply for the funds through various channels: online, by phone call, by post, or by directly engaging with officials through lawsuits or other avenues.




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