2024 SG Government Payouts: Dates, Amounts, and Eligibility Criteria for February-March

Updated on June 21, 2024

Explore 2024 SG Government Payouts: Dates, Amounts, and Eligibility for February-March, with Focus on Assessable Income and Annual Value.

Government Payout 2024

Recently, citizens experienced a rise in GST tax returns tied to the Consumer Price Index. This uptick affects everyday essentials and services. To alleviate the impact, the government introduced the Assurance Package, aiming to combat poverty.

Financial aid primarily targets low to moderate-income households, providing comprehensive support to those grappling with economic challenges. These payouts serve as long-term assistance for families in need.

SG Gov Payout Dates 2024

The Assurance benefit aims to tackle the impact of GST on rising consumer prices. Government funding is now linked to changes in GST, with the budget adjusting based on the Consumer Price Index. This program is designed to offer lasting stability to older citizens.

Payouts cover medical expenses through contributions to the individual’s Medisave Account. The program also boosts rebates, providing vouchers ranging from SGD 200 to SGD 800 to aid vendors and small businesses in enhancing their capital.

February-March 2024 Amount

Authorities have earmarked SGD 1 billion for the Assurance payout, with SGD 600 allocated for the general payout and an additional SGD 200 for the special paycheck, typically in February 2024. Approximately 2.9 million adults are set to receive the SGD 600 handout.

The Seniors Bonus under the Assurance Payment is scheduled for release soon, providing eligible candidates with payouts ranging from SGD 600 to SGD 900. To qualify, seniors must have an annual income below SGD 34,000, and the deposit amount is determined by age. Refer to the table below for the disbursement schedule.

Annual income

Up to $S 2100

Above $S 2100

Disbursement Period

Age between 55 and 64

Age between 65 and above 64

Age between 55 and 64

Age between 65 and above

February 2024





February 2025





If you own property with tax returns for more than one residence, you won’t qualify for the benefits program. To be eligible, the annual value of the house should be $S2100.

Government Payout Schedule 2024

Those eligible for the assurance handout can expect to receive the amount each year from February to March. Check the table below for the list of dates and the credit disbursement process.

Payment Method

Payment Date


For PayNow NRIC

5th February 2024

No action required

Bank crediting

13th February 2024

To link the NRIC to the PayNow account, get in touch with the bank.

For Gov Cash

23rd February 2024

Update your bank details through the e-filling process.

Starting from 2022, the process of receiving the amount through cheques has been discontinued. In an effort to simplify the process for the elderly, authorities are now working towards direct deposits into individual accounts. If the expected amount is not received by the designated date, a new schedule will be promptly released, ensuring the amount is deposited by the end of March. Please note that the dates are subject to staggered adjustments and may be modified in accordance with government regulations.

Eligibility For Government Payout 2024

To be eligible for the Singapore Government payout, follow these criteria:

  1. Singaporeans must provide proof of permanent residency through tax returns and Singapore identity cards.
  2. The assessable income should not exceed $S34,000.
  3. For the disbursement year 2023, the annual value of your house should be approximately $S21,000. For 2024 and 2025, this value has been extended to $S25,000.
  4. Beneficiaries should not be responsible for property tax on more than one residency.
  5. Applicants can access e-services for more details on eligibility using the “Support for You Calculator” to estimate the benefit amount.

All relevant details about the Government Payout 2024 are covered in this article. Any further changes or updates announced by the authorities will be shared on our website.

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