2024 SSS Disability Eligibility and Partial Benefit Amount

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SSS Disability Benefit 2024

Being in a situation where you have a chronic illness or injury is challenging. You are not only physically restricted, but you also can’t go back to work and sustain yourself. When finances alone are insufficient to cover hospital stays, rehabilitation, and a fresh start, the SSS Disability benefit kicks in.

In the Philippines, people with disabilities who are of working age can receive a contributing monthly transfer from the Social Security Administration (SSS). To be eligible for the disability benefit, you must have made your SSS payments for at least one month prior to the semester of disability. The amount of pension paid out each month is determined by years of service and contributions.

The document lays out the prerequisites for participation in the SSS’s disability benefits program in the Philippines.

Understanding SSS Disability Benefit

a financial payout, given as a lump sum or as a monthly pension, to a member who is totally or partially permanently disabled. The benefit is paid out each month as a disability pension or as a lump sum, depending on the member’s monthly contributions to the Social Security Administration.

Types of Disability Benefits

Monthly Payment: Prior to the semester of disability, members who made at least 36 monthly contributions to the Social Security Administration (SSS) are qualified for a monthly disability pension.

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For members whose allowed disability time is payable for less than a year or for those who have made fewer than thirty-six monthly payments before the semester of disability, a lump-sum payment may be made.

Claimsants with a total disability who have contributed less than 36 months of contributions are eligible for a lump sum payment equal to 12 times their monthly pension multiplied by the total number of SSS monthly contributions, whichever is higher.

Individuals who are partially disabled and have contributed for less than 36 months are eligible to receive a monthly pension that is multiplied by the number of monthly payments, the percentage of disability, or 12 times the percentage of disability, whichever is higher.

Who Qualifies for SSS Disability Benefit?

Before the disability semester started, the applicant had to have made at least thirty-six monthly payments in order to be eligible for a disability pension. If their monthly contributions are less than thirty-six, they get paid in one lump sum.

Candidates for the SSS disability benefit must be members who have either a total or partial lifetime impairment. The following categories of diseases and disabilities are covered by the SSS.

Mostly incapacitated

a total and irreversible loss of use or function in any of the following body parts, as long as it doesn’t totally prevent them from working for pay.

Complete and Permanent Disability

complete loss of vision in both eyes; paralysis of two limbs at or above the ankle or wrists; brain damage resulting in irreversible insanity or imbecility; and other situations determined and approved by the SSS

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SSS members who are totally and permanently disabled are eligible to receive a disability pension, which is paid on a monthly basis for the rest of their lives. But SSS stops paying the pension if the person gets better or starts working again.

SSS Disability Benefit Amount

The amount of pension you receive each month depends on how long you were an SSS member for and how much you paid in total before the disability semester. Members will only receive lifelong monthly pensions if they are completely and irreversibly incapacitated.

The monthly pension for members with less than ten credited years of service (CYS) is P1,000; for those with ten or more CYS, it is P1,200; and for those with twenty or more CYS, it is P2,400. The member receives their SS Disability Pension plus P500 in monthly Supplemental Allowance if they qualify.

A further reward of P1,000 has also been added as of January 2017. The full and partial incapacitated members’ lump payment amount is determined by SSS using multiple formulas.

Under the terms of the SS Total Disability plan, dependent pensions would be paid to up to five dependent minor children, beginning with the smallest, and would be worth 10% of the member’s basic monthly pension, or P250, whichever is higher. Substitutes are not permitted.

December sees the payment of a 13th month’s pension for Social Security entire disability pensioners; for those receiving partial disability benefits, this benefit is given for as long as the pension is 12 months or longer.

How Much is SSS Partial Disability Benefit?

The following formula is used to calculate the benefit for partial disability:

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The total number of monthly Social Security contributions received x The monthly disability pension x The percentage of the total disability of the body
Monthly Pension × 12 x Disability Ratio

Whichever of these figures produces the higher amount will be used.

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