2024 SSS Unemployment Benefit: Application, Requirements, and Amount Check

Updated on March 5, 2024

“2024 SSS Unemployment Benefit: Application Guide, Requirements, and Amount Check

SSS Unemployment Benefit 2024

Losing a job is undoubtedly one of the toughest challenges in a person’s career journey. Beyond the emotional toll of rejection, a terminated employee grapples with financial hardships.

Whether you’re a private sector worker, domestic helper, independent contractor, or overseas Filipino worker, job loss can impact anyone. In response to these challenges, the government established the Social Security System (SSS) in 1957, offering a crucial financial safety net for individuals in such situations.

In this article, we’ll delve into the 2024 SSS Unemployment Benefit offered by the Filipino government.

Understanding SSS Unemployment Benefit

The SSS Unemployment Benefits Program offers financial support to workers facing involuntary job separation. It’s commonly known as Involuntary Separation Benefit or Unemployment Insurance. Eligibility extends to Filipino workers abroad as well as those working domestically, both on land and at sea.

In addition to the existing SSS benefits covering illness, pregnancy, retirement, disability, death, and funerals, the latest addition is the SSS Unemployment Compensation. It’s important to note that this benefit can be availed only once every three (3) years.

Unlike a loan, there’s no need for repayment with this benefit. It marks the newest offering from the Social Security System (SSS), complementing existing benefits such as retirement, health, disability, burial, and death benefits.

How to Apply?

To apply for benefits online, members can log in to their My.SSS account, navigate to E-Services, and select “Apply for unemployment benefit claim.” All you need is a laptop, smartphone, or any internet-connected device to access this SSS online resource.

  1. Visit member.sss.gov.ph, the Member Portal, and choose Register from the menu under SSS Member Login.
  2. This will lead you to a page where you can register for an online member user ID, offering eight alternatives. Pick one indicating that you have already registered with SSS.
  3. Complete the form with multiple-choice questions, ensuring no mandatory fields are left blank or filled out incorrectly.
  4. Once your online membership application is submitted, the SSS will verify your information against its database.
  5. Activate your My.SSS account by clicking the link in the email received from the SSS.
  6. Set up a password and verify it on the screen that follows.
  7. Complete the process by entering the password again for confirmation.
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The SSS encourages all members to finalize their online registration using the My.SSS Portal. You can easily complete the SSS registration process online using your UMID or cellphone number.

SSS Unemployment Benefit Requirements

To qualify for this monetary benefit, workers who experienced involuntary separation starting March 5, 2019, need to meet the following criteria:

  1. The member has contributed for at least thirty-six (36) months.
  2. The member is not older than sixty (60) years.
  3. Involuntary separation from employment has occurred.
  4. The member has not received unemployment benefits from the SSS within three (3) years of the involuntary separation date.
  5. Twelve (12) of these months should fall within the eighteen (18) months immediately preceding the involuntary unemployment.

Meeting these requirements ensures eligibility for the monetary benefit.

Involuntary unemployment signifies that the member’s job ended due to circumstances beyond their control, including approved reasons such as redundancy, retrenchment, installation of labor-saving devices, company closure, and more. Additionally, natural disasters, recessions, and similar events fall under this category.

If the involuntary separation results from the employee’s fault, the SSS should only acknowledge the certificate of separation from employment. However, if an employee leaves the company due to abuse, mental torment, or other violations of the Philippine Labor Code, they would still be eligible for the benefits.

SSS Unemployment Benefit Amount Check

Upon acceptance into the program, participants will receive cash benefits equivalent to 50% of their average monthly salary credits (AMSC), up to a maximum of two months. For example, if your AMSC is PHP 18,000, you will receive PHP 18,000 or PHP 9,000 every two months as a cash benefit.

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If a member is unemployed, they will be eligible for PHP 5,000 per month, with coverage extending up to two months. Consequently, a member can receive a maximum of PHP 10,000 in unemployment benefits.

To find your MSC, refer to the latest SSS Contribution Schedule. Once your application is complete, expect to receive the cash award within 5 to 10 business days.

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