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Updated on March 16, 2023

Why your manifestation isn't working

How come your manifestation isn’t taking effect?! For spiritual neophytes, this is the perennial question that arises upon learning about the law of attraction. You’re in sync, you’ve made your intentions clear, and you and the universe are on the same page. Man, you’re on a roll.

After that, there was a complete pause.

There has been no evidence. Nothing. Certainly no indication of any kind.

Ay, hey, cosmos? My initial impression was that we had reached an agreement. If I’m supposed to “feel the feelings,” then you have to give me what I want. So, why hasn’t the magic carpet ridden genie emerged from the lamp yet?

Indeed, you would be entirely justified in assuming as much. It’s not uncommon for manifestations to occur in what seems like a split second. There have been times when I have asked the universe for something, aligned my energy with it, and then received the object of my desire. We’ve all heard the tales about people who suddenly found thousands of pounds in their bank accounts or about two soulmates who opened a coffee shop together a few days later.

But what about the more gradual manifestations? When will we hear something about them?

Nothing I’ve tried to bring into my life has been met with anything but radio silence. On numerous occurrences. It hurt me a lot at the time. My wishes to the universe have been both granted and denied over the years, but with each one comes a new awareness of energy and perspective.

When a person’s manifestation is denied, their first thought is that they must have done something wrong. That maybe they had too many negative thoughts. They’re not manifesting hard enough. The universe hasn’t heard them. Maybe they’re not worthy of what they’ve asked for.

Honestly? Unless you’re trying to manifest something to harm yourself or others, then those reasons aren’t why your manifestation isn’t working. Here’s what I’ve discovered over the years…,


At its core, the art of manifestation is about aligning our energy with our desires. To attract positive experiences and material wealth into our lives, we must raise our own vibrational frequency and align with those of like-minded people, according to the law of attraction.

This can be done by visualising how it will feel when our manifestations come to fruition. What a beautiful feeling of love we will share. the independence, at the very least. This joy. That sense of relief, if any.

When people tell you to “feel the feelings,” they mean exactly this.

However, this can backfire if your intentions aren’t in harmony with the reality you’re creating. Is it any use trying to bring in a million dollars if you have no concept of what ten thousand would feel like? If your energies aren’t in sync with one another, it’ll be impossible to match each other.

Like I did, you can manifest money by beginning with a small amount and expanding it over time. Get in with £10 and work your way up to £50. Increase your bet by £100, then £300. In 2018, after losing my job, I put out a call to the universe, pleading for its assistance in bringing me £1,300 per month. Now that my firm is up and running, I’m attracting £7,000 monthly in revenue (here’s how I made $100,000). Having to work on my alignment meant that it didn’t happen immediately.

And be sure you’re manifesting what you want for yourself, not what you think other people want. The application of this principle to physical manifestation is particularly apt. I’ve had clients who wished to materialise self-love and gratitude for their existing bodies try instead to envision stones lost. They were feeling differently because of the pressure from society.


So, you’ve done the inner work, you’ve gotten into the right vibration, and you can practically taste the joy you’ll experience when your manifestation comes true. It occupies literally every waking moment of your mind. How come your shipping is so far behind the rest of the galaxy?! Given how hard you’re trying to manifest, shouldn’t it have arrived by now?

This is the very definition of frantic vigour.

By clinging so desperately, you’re sending a message to the cosmos that you don’t trust it. Picture this: you place an order at a restaurant but then have to wait impatiently outside the kitchen because you don’t think the chef will actually prepare your food. If you have ever been waiting for a package from Amazon and doubted that MyHermes would deliver it, you know the feeling. Hold on a second…

But in all seriousness, clinging to and fixating on your manifestation will only block the energy that is trying to bring it to fruition. Intention and release is something that various authorities recommend doing. Let it go, and forget about it for good.

Personally? When I say, “Hold on loosely,” that means you shouldn’t be holding on too tightly.

The manifestation should be released. Have confidence that it will come to you at the perfect moment, but also consider how you might work with the cosmos. Once a week, when you’re at peace and able to close your eyes, visualise your manifestation coming to fruition. If you’re lucky, you’ll just have to write once a month. Create a vision board and fill it with images.

What I mean is, you shouldn’t let the manifestation consume your every waking thought, but you also shouldn’t completely stop thinking about it. It’s tricky to strike the right balance, and it may take some time to get there, but you can absolutely change your outlook with effort.

why your manifestation isn't working


Who are we to be surprised when the universe doesn’t comply with a nebulous command? That’s great, but how exactly do you plan on measuring success? It might make you feel wealthy to find ten pounds on the ground. You could feel very wealthy if you won the Euro Millions.

The situation needs to be mapped out and the details honed in on. When you have clarity, it’s not only simpler for your energies to align, but also easier to spot the signs and signals that will eventually lead you to your manifestation.

When my coaching clients come to me hoping to attract a romantic partner, we first make a “cosmic shopping list” of all the characteristics they are looking for in a life companion. Rather than focusing on a laundry list of physical traits, we’re on the lookout for someone who shares our values and interests but also has a sense of humour, is empathetic, enjoys adventure, is eager to start a family, etc. The reason we don’t pay attention to external features is that if we do, for example, become so fixated on finding someone with dark hair to enter our lives, and then your soulmate actually has a head with no hair, we might miss him completely.

You could use a cosmic shopping list to bring about your ideal home by specifying the neighbourhood, the number of bedrooms, and the architectural details you desire. Write down your goals so that the universe will know what you have in mind. Provide details.


Even though it’s a cliche, there are times when you’re not ready to receive your manifestation because you’re not at the right place in your life.

Sometimes we think back on our lives and say, “Thank God I didn’t get that job” or “Thank God I moved when I did,” acknowledging the role that divine timing played in shaping the course of our lives. We couldn’t see it coming, but the universe had the timing all planned out.

I now fully embrace the concept of divine timing, trusting that good fortune will bring me what I need when the time is right and my energy is focused where it should be.

I had my doubts that love would ever find me, especially as I entered my thirties. When I first started thinking about spirituality. I expected my life to go the way of most of my friends who had already found love, settled down, and started families.

It calmed my heart, though, as I began to accept the possibility that the universe had another plan altogether just as I was beginning to adopt a new perspective. A more suitable strategy, one that will allow me to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities I have before my 36th birthday in two months. When the time is right, new love will emerge.

Knowing that God’s hand is always at work in the world makes accepting life much simpler.


Among the most common direct messages I get on social media is from people who have tried to bring their ideal home into existence through manifestation but have apparently failed.

They see it, fall in love, realise it’s everything they’ve been working towards, only to be gazumped.

What follows that initial message to me, though, is something else entirely. After making an offer on that house, I received a response informing me that they had found something even better. There was always something better lurking in the shadows, ready to make its appearance.

When something, someone, or an opportunity that seems like our manifestation appears, it’s easy to get fooled into thinking that this is it. It was successful! Then, when things don’t go as planned, we become bitter and resentful.

This is, however, merely a temporary setback. She’s getting you ready for action by showing you what you don’t want. You are undergoing a metamorphosis that will ultimately lead to prosperity. An improvement is on the horizon.

Things in life rarely go as planned and more often than not involve unexpected turns, but that only makes the moment of success that much sweeter when our energies finally align with our manifestation.

It’s hard to see that everything was actually working out when our disappointment over our manifestation’s delay has clouded our vision. Eventually, I promise, things will improve. Be ready to see the symptoms and wipe your lenses.

If any of these rang true for you, know that you are not alone in questioning the efficacy of your manifestation. In any case, I hope this piece has helped ease your mind. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or find me on Instagram at @themanifestationcollective if you ever want to talk about manifestation.

Why your manifestation isn't working

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