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Afterpay Furniture Stores That Let You Buy Now and Pay In Installments

Updated on July 14, 2022

Afterpay Furniture Stores

Buying new furniture can be stressful, as we’ve all learned the hard way.

When it comes to purchasing new furniture, the cost can be prohibitive, but Afterpay furniture allows us to purchase the item now and pay for it over time.

What Are We Doing Here?

Some of the best furniture stores that accept Afterpay include Modern Blaze, Pillow Talk, and Ruggable.

With Afterpay furniture, you pay no interest on the purchase price of the item.
You can use Afterpay to make an online payment by following these steps: Go to Cart > Make Payment > Afterpay Account > Confirm order. It’s as simple as scanning the barcode in the store to pay.
The List Goes On…

Shop for Furniture on Afterpay at These 25 Stores
In the United States, afterpay is a convenient way to spread out the cost of your purchases over time.

However, not all furniture retailers carry it. A few great furniture shops that accept and use Afterpay are listed below:

Ashley Furniture Store Adairs Ashley
Conjoined Goods from Bettys Bed Bath and Table
Mr. Jones
Factory of Ecosa Mattress Holistic Habitat HSD Catalog Ivy Blue and Willow Online Fantastic Furniture Selection
Blaze Mjau Home Contemporary Design
Talk Ruggable Pillow Talk by Myer Novogratz
Target and Shady Oaks Farm Shop in the United States
The Urban Outfitters Modern Rustic Home
What Makes Furniture Afterpay Stores a Good Option?
It is possible to use Afterpay both online and in-store.

The product can be purchased and paid for later, with no prior payment, saves, or purchases required of the user.

Logging into your Afterpay furniture account and viewing your spending and payment schedule are both made possible thanks to this feature.
Your chosen card will be used to make the automatic deposit.

Additionally, you’ll earn points that may be redeemed for discounts on future purchases and installments that are paid in full on time.
Read on for more on how Afterpay Furniture works.
Similar to a mobile wallet, the Afterpay app does everything you’d expect.

Your Google Pay or Apple Pay account is linked to the Afterpay card, and the payment is made.

Your account will be debited automatically, making paying your bill a breeze.
For the first purchase you make with Afterpay, you’ll be responsible for the whole cost.

There would be a monthly payment plan for all future purchases, as well.

Attention! There are four payments for each product in this plan. Before you acquire the product, you will be informed of the whole payment schedule.

Upon purchase, you will be required to pay 25% of the total cost.
You pay no interest on Afterpay furniture, which means you only pay for the product’s cost.

But if you miss a payment, you’ll be hit with a $10 late fee and an extra $7 fee for every seven days that the payment is overdue.

The Afterpay Furniture Spending Cap
In order to prevent overspending, Afterpay uses a history of previous purchases to set spending restrictions.

Deposits are limited to $500 in the new accounts.

Paying your future payments on time will help you get a better interest rate. Using Afterpay, you can spend a total of $1500.

Method of Payment for Afterpay
Both in-store and online, you can use Afterpay to pay for purchases.

Both sites accept different forms of payment.

For online payments, use:

After selecting the things you want, click the Pay Now button.
Select an Afterpay credit card as a payment option.
Your Afterpay account needs to be activated to begin the process.
Go back to the shopping cart page and click the Confirm Order button.
In-store transactions

Make sure you have the Afterpay app installed.

At the cashier’s station, enter your username and password from your online account.
Scan the product’s barcode for more information.
Your credit card will be charged immediately.
Note! A lower credit limit and a lower credit score are both possible consequences of missing or making late installment payments.

As a result, you should only buy what you can afford to repay in the future.

When it comes to high-ticket products like furniture, Afterpay has been a godsend in allowing consumers to plan their purchases in advance. In addition, it allows customers to acquire and use the product while delaying payment.

For the first time, you can now buy and pay for the goods over the course of eight weeks.
Afterpay furniture is an excellent option if you’re struggling to come up with the money for your dream bed.

Afterpay Furniture: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Afterpay allow for furniture purchases?

Yes, Afterpay is accepted by a lot of furniture retailers, both online and in-store. Shop furniture, Mjau Homes, Ruggable, and Target Australia, among others, all allow you to arrange your home in an exquisite and contemporary manner.

What additional payment options are available?

Despite the fact that Afterpay is one of the finest ways to pay for furniture, other apps like Apple Pay, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc. could be handy in making furniture purchases.

Is Afterpay a safe method of payment?

It is safe to use Afterpay. It safeguards your personal information. With the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, it is a member (PCI DSS). Afterpay, according to the firm, is highly secure.