2024 AISH Increase: What’s the Expected Raise and How Much Will It Be?

Updated on January 28, 2024

To get details on the 2024 AISH Increase, check out this post: Will AISH go up in 2024, and by how much? The next fiscal year is expected to bring financial boosts to social welfare payments, with adjustments to the current Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) being one of the initial support measures.

AISH Increase 2024

The AISH Increase in 2024 is set to consider both current and expected inflation rates for the 2024–2025 period. Adjustments to benefit rates depend on the requirements of Albertans and are determined by the consumer price index for 2022.

Alberta is expected to reveal the specific amount of the AISH benefit increases, slated to begin in January 2024, in the near future. This article will delve into the various factors and consequences surrounding the AISH Increase in 2024.

What is AISH Alberta?

Established in 1979, Alberta’s Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped provides financial assistance to individuals with disabilities. Residents with disabilities can access benefits through Alberta’s AISH program by meeting criteria related to age, income, health, and other qualifications.

The aim of this program is to aid Albertans with disabilities who clearly cannot sustain themselves. AISH provides essential benefits like a monthly living allowance, child benefits, complimentary health insurance, and extra financial support to cover eligible expenses for beneficiaries. AISH payments are received on the first of every month.

AISH Increase News 2024

ArticleAISH Increase
Implemented ByAlberta Provincial government
Run ByDepartment of Human Services
Increase in 20236%
Increase Anticipated in 2024 To be revealed shortly
Current AISH Amount$1,787 Per month.
AISH Official Websitehttps://www.alberta.ca/

Will AISH Increase in 2024?

The AISH Benefit is set to rise by 6% and will be indexed to keep pace with inflation, according to the announcement made alongside the 2023 Alberta Budget. This increase constitutes a $260 million commitment extending until the fiscal year 2024.

The AISH payment increase took effect starting with the January 2023 payment, indicating that we can expect the 2024 AISH increase to follow suit in 2024. Recipients are anticipated to receive monthly payments exceeding $1,787.

While the exact rate of the AISH Increase in 2024 is not yet known, Albertans will have to wait for an official announcement from the government of Alberta. Once such information is released, we will promptly update it here.

How Much Will AISH Increase Be?

As of now, the provincial government of Alberta has not made any announcements regarding potential increases in AISH payments for 2024. However, due to the new indexing of benefits policy, which involves annual adjustments using the Alberta Consumer Price Index, beneficiaries are likely to observe an increase in AISH payment amounts.

AISH recipients can currently expect payments ranging from $1,685 to $1,787 until June 2024, depending on their qualifications and needs. Unless otherwise specified by the government, it is anticipated that AISH payment amounts will continue to adjust annually in line with the rising cost of living.

AISH Eligibility 2024

To qualify for AISH benefits in Alberta, residents must meet three key criteria, namely financial, medical, and age/residency requirements.

Here’s a breakdown of the essential qualifying conditions:

  1. Your medical condition must significantly limit your ability to earn a living.
  2. It is expected that your medical condition is permanent and will not improve over time.
  3. No available measures, including medical care, counseling, or rehabilitation, can enhance your ability to earn a living.
  4. You must be a permanent resident of Canada or a citizen, residing in Alberta.
  5. Your financial situation must meet the specified eligibility criteria.

Once you’re certain that you meet the eligibility requirements for AISH, you have the option to apply for the benefits online, by mail, or through fax.


Will my AISH benefits continue after I turn 65?

Upon reaching the age of 65, your AISH benefits will cease, as you become eligible for other old-age pension and disability programs such as CPP, OAS, and others.

In your bank account, how much can you have on AISH?

As this program is designed to assist citizens in financial need, AISH recipients are restricted from owning non-exempt assets, such as cash or bank account balances, exceeding $100,000.

When will I receive AISH, and is there a chance that it will increase in 2024?

Certainly, as AISH payments are linked to inflation rates, we anticipate an increase for the 2024 financial year. If you’re already receiving benefits, we expect your paychecks to increase starting in July 2024. Your affirmation of this article regarding the expected AISH payment increase for 2024 on our portal is greatly appreciated.





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