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Updated on July 17, 2022

Amazon Monthly Payment

In order to fill our shopping carts in a timely manner, we all desire a simple and convenient method of payment.

Having a monthly payment schedule for Amazon purchases would be a huge help!

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For your convenience, you can stretch the purchase of an item over several months by using Amazon’s monthly payment guide (MPG).

Monthly plans are available to legal residents of the United States who have had an active account for at least a year and a clean payment history.

Equal Pay Financing, Special Financing, Citi Flex Pay, and the use of credit cards with a 0% introductory APR are also other choices for making payments.

…And a Whole Lot More!

You can spread the cost of an item sold on Amazon and shipped over five months with no interest or charges by using Amazon’s monthly payment option, which company touts as a way to “get it now, pay later.”

Despite the fact that Amazon does not publicize this option, it is available to customers who are unable to pay for their goods all at once.

This plan can be used to purchase a limited number of items on the website.

In addition, Amazon continues to expand its selection year after year.

There are, however, a few conditions that buyers should keep in mind.

Your Amazon account has been active for at least a year.
You are a resident of the United States and have a credit card linked to your Amazon account that is current and valid.
A good payment history with Amazon.

Monthly Payments on Amazon

There are five equal payments for your item if you pick Monthly Payments, and the first payment is due when your products arrive—20% that’s of the total price, plus any tax and shipping on the full amount of your item.

Equal monthly installments will be levied for the next four months to pay down the outstanding balance.

You can only use Monthly Payments for one qualifying purchase per product category at the time of checkout. Only one monthly payment plan can be registered for each product category.

The first payment is due at the time of purchase.

Everything else is outlined in the following paragraphs.

Due Date for Payments,

Thirty days after delivery, the first installment becomes due.
The second installment will be available 60 days after the first was sent out for delivery.
90 days after delivery, the third installment.
There will be a fourth part released 120 days after the last
Instructions for Making Monthly Payments at in Simple Steps
The process of signing up for a monthly payment plan is simple.

In order to be eligible, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Open an authentic Amazon account at
The Enable Monthly Payments functionality should be enabled in your account.
Go through the list of products on the site that are eligible for rebates.

These are the ones with the option of “5 monthly payments” written on the side of the invoice.
Add products to your cart, and then make the first month’s payment when you check out.
On the due dates, pay off the outstanding balance.
Month-to-Month Payment Options
Credit Card Financing on
The Amazon credit card is a possible alternative if the things you wish to buy don’t qualify for Monthly Payments, or if you think you’ll need more than five months to pay it off.

If you’re looking for a way to save money while making regular Amazon purchases, these cards can help you do just that.

You can choose from one of the following options:

Synchrony Bank’s Amazon Store Card suite (which includes the Amazon and Amazon Prime store credit cards, as well as the Amazon Prime Secured Card)
Chase’s Amazon Reward Visa program (which includes the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card and the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card).
Similar to monthly payments, but for larger purchases, Equal Pay Financing The payback time for the Amazon store card is six to 24 months, but the payback period for the Amazon Visa card is six to 18 months.

The following are the Equal Pay choices offered by Synchrony on Amazon shop cards:

The Offer Has a Deadline.

Obtaining A Minimum Of Six Months

For the next 12 months.
a period of time of twelve months
a thousand dollars (only select purchases)
Chase cardholders can take advantage of the following deals:

The Offer Has a Deadline.

Obtaining A Minimum Of Six Months

For the next 12 months.
For the next 18 months, you’ll pay $250 a
Equal Pay lets you divide the cost of your item over the course of the promotion in an equal and predictable manner…. No interest or other fees will be imposed on your loan.
Using your Amazon credit card for both fresh shopping and Equal Pay purchases can be a bit tricky.

“Interest Saving Balance” shows how much money you need to spend to avoid interest on new transactions, which makes it easier for Chase customers. Your Interest Saving Balance includes both your Equal Pay Plan monthly payment and any non-promotional liabilities.

I want to draw your attention to this: You have to decide if you want to earn rewards or use your Amazon credit card for purchases. No Amazon cash-back will be available if you choose financing.
With Amazon, you can get a special loan.
You can get a 0% APR for up to 24 months with Amazon Special Financing, depending on the amount of your purchase.

If you pay off your purchase in full before the special time ends, you won’t have to pay interest.

Promotional 0% Special Financing is broken down into the following percentages per order size:

The Offer Has a Deadline.

Obtaining A Minimum Of Six Months

For the next 12 months.
a period of time of twelve months
a thousand dollars (select purchases)
I want to draw your attention to this: Even if you only owe $1 at the end of the promotional period, you’ll still be charged interest back to the day of purchase due of delayed interest.
Just use your Amazon credit card as your payment method and select “Special Financing” from the “card options” drop-down box to apply for Special Financing.

Options for Financing At Amazon, you may get a wide range of
In order to use Citi Flex Pay, you must have a
A partnership between Amazon and Citi has made it possible for Citi cardholders to utilize Citi Flex Pay to pay for purchases made on

You can divide the cost of most purchases over $100 into equal monthly payments if you use an approved Citi credit card as your payment method.

As long as you don’t skip any payments, you may be eligible for a longer payment schedule than you would with conventional financing alternatives.

List of Citi Flex Pay Amazon payment options:

The Offer Has a Deadline.

Getting a Low-Interest Rate Loan
a period of three months
6 months 6.74 percent
A 6.74 percent annual growth rate
6.74 percent over the course of the first 18 to 24 months
Sixty-four percent after 36 or 48 months
At least 8.74%
Make a Budget and Stick to It.
It is possible to break purchases of more than $100 into monthly installments using the “Plan It” option on various American Express credit cards.

It’s possible to spread out payments over three to 24 months and apply them to up to ten eligible products.

“Plan It” is a feature of the American Express card that allows you to spread the expense of an Amazon purchase over a longer period of time.

Card with 0% Intro APR
In terms of rewards credit cards, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card and American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card stand out.

It’s not just new purchases that get you a 0% APR for the first six months, but Amazon purchases as well.

Both cards offer 20% cash back for the first six months of card ownership, with a maximum of $150 or $200 on that cash back.

The Discover it Cash Back card is another option. For the first 14 months, there is a 0% introductory APR on all purchases.
The End of the Story
If you want to avoid paying interest on your Amazon purchases for six months or longer, you have numerous options if you’re looking for payment flexibility. I hope my guidance to Amazon’s monthly payments will help you out.

Amazon offers a variety of payment choices, including special financing, equal pay financing, and $0 Intro APR credit cards, however its own monthly payment plan is the most convenient. If you have a good payment history, though, you may be qualified for several of these.

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