Anticipated Canada Benefit Hike in March 2024: What to Expect Next Month?

Updated on February 12, 2024

Learn all about the March 2024 benefits increase in Canada! With the new budget allocation, significant changes have been made to the CPP, resulting in various benefit enhancements starting from March. This article provides comprehensive details on the upcoming benefits increase in March.

Benefits Increase March 2024

As the country heads into a technical recession, the economy is undergoing modifications that will impact CPP benefit plans. Changes in eligibility and payout amounts for benefits like pension, disability, foster care, carer, and attendance allowance are on the horizon. Additionally, various programs are being introduced to assist citizens.

Stay tuned for upcoming rebates, including carbon, GST/HST, Grocery, and Quebec Sales tax rebates in the next few months. Adjustments to the Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement amounts are also expected. Eligible candidates are urged to apply for these upcoming benefits and rebates before the deadline.

Expected Canada Benefit Increases Next Month?

Anticipate alterations in the monthly deposits for several benefits. The following list outlines the benefits and the corresponding modifications made to them.

CPP Pension

The pension plan was created to assist seniors nationwide. Retirees with modest incomes will now receive a pension equivalent to their tax return contributions. The base CPP amount was $550, and it is projected to increase by 4.4% in the upcoming months. The actual increase varies based on individual income and savings. Moreover, the threshold limit for eligibility has been adjusted from $65,000 to $68,500.

Child Care Plan

The Child Care Benefit aims to assist low-income families with childcare expenses. Each child will receive a designated amount based on their age. Families with more than four children will also receive an additional benefit. The initial amount for each child is $552, and with recent modifications, the anticipated increase is $619.

Disability Pension Plan

Individuals with disabilities have been receiving extra assistance from CRA authorities to cover their essential expenses. In addition to CPP and CBB, the disability benefit is another form of support, and recent changes have been implemented. Starting March 2024, candidates will receive an increased amount of $300.

Old Age Security

OAS benefits undergo annual modifications, and this year, an anticipated adjustment in the security deposit is 0.80%. These changes are set to take effect in the first quarter of 2024. Pensioners below 75 years can expect an increased amount of $713, while retirees above 75 years will receive $784.

Veteran Benefit

Retirees from the armed forces receive a distinct benefit, separate from CPP pension and disability benefits. Families of uniformed civilians also receive assistance from the Government. Veterans currently receive a support amount of $3,215.80.

All We Know About Benefits Increase

As we’re aware, minimum wages have risen across all provinces, supplemented by additional support from the state government. In addition to government assistance, citizens are eligible for rebates on the tax credits from the previous year. Numerous credits are set to release their rebates in the coming months, and this section discusses some of them.

Carbon Rebate

Given the current peak in fuel and gasoline prices, the Government is offering support for purchasing essential fuels and carbons to heat homes. This year, the interest rate for carbon taxes has increased by 3%. The rebates, usually ranging from $225 to $650, are issued on the 15th day of each quarter.

GST/HST Rebate

Citizens who have filed returns with increased credits will receive additional rebates based on their filings. Single taxpayers are entitled to receive $496, while couples can expect around $650.

Grocery Rebate

The cost of groceries has hit a decade-high, and the grocery rebate, a one-time payment, is anticipated to be issued on July 5, 2024. The rebate amount is expected to range from $225 to $665.



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