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Apps Like Earnin That Will Help You End Surviving Paycheck to Paycheck!

Updated on August 14, 2022

Apps Like Earnin

Apps like Earnin – Top 20 Inexpensive Alternatives

Cash advance programmes like Earnin, which let us make money every day and keep track of it, are aplenty. These apps only charge you the bare minimum in fees and interest.

You can find the best app by doing a quick comparison of all the available options, such as financial applications.

Payday Loan Interest Rates, Monthly Payment, and Credit Check in the Same App

Branches $500 0% $0% No

Brigit $250 0% 0% $0 Brigit

Make a Cash Advance

No, $1000 is 0% of $0


Is $100 0% $0 Yes?

Variable Pay for the Day

$1.25/transfer No

Dave’s $100 was a 0% $1 no-go.

Even if the variable is set to zero percent, the results will be the same.

$8.99 No

Depending on your income, FlexWage pays N/A

Instability in the financial sector

None of the above choices


There is no interest on this amount of money.

Lenme $5000 N/A 0% No


There is no interest on this $250.

PayActiv $500 N/A $5/week No

Variable $0 No Pock Box

Options for Financing

Amount: $500 0% 0% Nil

Loans from Rainy Day

$200 0% $0

Sole treasury

$3000 0 % $0

Tap the Variables checkbox.

100 per cent $0 is not acceptable.

Volatility in the financial sector

0% interest on a $300 loan

$4.99 No

It costs N/A $5.99 No


Overdrafts and loans are available to members of Dave’s digital banking system, similar like Earnin’s. All your financial needs can be met by this option.

You can avoid bank overdraft fees and interest charges using Dave, an advanced cash app.

Despite the fact that you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of up to $1

The overdraft fee can be avoided by receiving advance funds of $25-$75 within a few minutes.

You can use the Dave app on an Android or an iPhone.

It’s a simple, safe programme that helps you keep track of your finances and create a budget.

If you want to learn more, consider using another programme like Dave.


Managing your funds has never been easier with the Moneylion app. This programme helps its user by making it easy to get loans and create a solid credit history, but it requires a checking account to use it effectively.

Up to $250 a pay cycle can be borrowed.

Loans of $500 at a low APR (45.99 percent) are available through the app.

If you’re not an account holder, the cost is $3.99; if you are, it’s $4.99.

The monthly fee for MoneyLion is $19.99.

Additionally, there is no interest charged.

You should exercise extreme caution when selecting an interest-only loan because the APR on some of these loans can be as high as 300 percent.


Brigit is another another fantastic software that not only lets you borrow money in advance but also alerts you when expenses are due.

It permits a paid plan with a minimum borrowing of $25 and a maximum loan of $250.

It allows you to borrow money at no interest or fees in between paychecks.

The software costs $9.99 per month to use.

At Brigit, you can register for free.

Be aware that the APR on loans can reach $500.


Most people like Chime’s sign-up procedure over other banking apps. For ease of use, checking accounts are managed with withdrawal and spending limits.

Does Earnin work with Chime? There are a number of ways Earnin may help the Chime community. To allow Chime to exchange funds with payday lending apps, go to Settings and tap on Allow Transactions.

It’s possible to get a loan for as little as $25 or as much as $100, depending on your income and credit history.

Is there a cost for borrowing money?

Despite the fact that you must pay to open an account with Chime because it does not use your bank account.

You’ll pay nearly nothing each month, but you’ll have one week to pay back the debt.

Rates of interest on chime loans can be as high as 105 percent.

Financing options

Apps like Possible Finance can help you increase your credit score, but they also have many additional advantages.

You can get a $500-a-payday loan by filling out an application.

After you receive your paycheck, you can make payments on this loan.

You have the power to improve your financial situation and your credit rating.

It does not charge interest.

$0 a month is all that is required to secure financing.

Volatility in the financial sector

This is a similar software to Earnin, but it’s geared more toward students, so don’t be confused.

Vola Finance is a place where you may apply for a $300 cash advance.

To make an ACH transfer, you’ll need a checking account that supports the feature.

The monthly fee for Vola Finance is $4.99.

Interests are not levied a fee.

Additionally, it aids you in managing your funds and budgeting.

Boxed Pock

Like earnin, Pock Box is a well-established cash app that allows users to borrow a sizable sum of money.

It’s possible to get a loan for as little as $100 up to $2500. It is possible to get a loan of up to $2500.

Pock Box does charge interest costs and the APR mostly relies on the borrower’s credit and credit position.

To apply for a loan, you don’t need to link your bank account to Pock Box.

It provides its customers with lower interest rates than the typical payday lenders. ‘

You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee for this app.


Investors are the primary users of the Lenme cash app since it provides access to a large number of loans. It has a high approval rate for loans.

There is a $5000 maximum loan amount offered by Lenme.

In addition to the loan, there is no additional cost or interest.

Only 1 percent of the loan amount will be charged as an extra fee.

Users can join up for the service for free and in a matter of minutes.

Simply download the app, choose a loan with a reasonable interest rate, submit an application, and receive your funds within an hour.


In addition to lending you money, LendUp offers a variety of other perks.

The maximum lending amount is $600.

As soon as the loan is approved, you’ll get the money in your bank account within one working day.

Loans from LendUp have APRs as high as 1,000%.

To top it all off, you don’t have to have a credit history to get the go ahead.

There are free online budgeting classes available through the app that teach you how to manage your money wisely.

Sole treasury

As a result, Solo Fund is a unique alternative because the app connects you to a trusted loan source that helps you with your payday and other cash needs.

After registering on the app, you can request a $1000 loan.

Depending on your credit score, you may be eligible for a loan of up to $3000 in the future.

Without any additional fees, you can receive a speedy cash settlement in your bank account.

Solo Funds does not charge you any interest fees for the loan.

All you have to do to apply for a loan is enter the amount you need, input the due date, request a loan, and select a lender.

Be aware that as you use the Solo Funds app more frequently, you’ll save money and learn how to get better deals on payday loans.

Loans for Unexpected Circumstances

Payroll advances aren’t an option with Rainy Day Lending, unlike other similar programmes like Earnin, however personal loans and cash advances are.

A loan of up to $2500 can be applied for as a minimum.

To get your money right away, you’ll need to link your bank account to the app.

This company does charge you an interest rate of up to 2290 percent APR, depending on the loan you take out.

There are also additional overdraft fees to contend with.

If you want to apply for the loan online, you can do so quickly and easily.


In order to give or borrow money, the Zirtue cash app leverages people you know, such as your family and friends.

The quantity of money you can borrow varies according to who you ask for it from.

Loans can be obtained more quickly and easily thanks to this feature.

Just download the app, enter the amount of money you need, select a member, and sign the terms and conditions; the loan is then applied.

Depending on the lender that you select, your APR will be different

Because of a $5.99 monthly subscription price.

Make a Cash Advance

Earnin is a similar online banking tool that allows you to apply for a loan in order to meet your financial obligations.

For as low as $50 and up to $1000, you can submit an application for a loan.

You can also pay the loan back in instalments via Check into Cash.

To obtain a loan, simply put the desired amount into the appropriate fields on the application form, wait for approval, and then contact the lender to arrange for the transfer of funds.

There’s a 390 percent APR for this app.

If your loan application is granted, you should have access to your funds within 48 business hours.


It’s an app designed for workers who don’t like to wait for their paychecks.

As a rule of thumb, a loan amount of up to 50% of an employee’s salary is possible.

Even does not charge an interest fee if you request for a payday loan.

They also provide you with the opportunity to learn how to properly manage your finances and repay the loans.

When utilising Even, you’ll be charged $8.99 a month for the service.

Because it’s used by your employer, the only way you can utilise it is if your company does.


PayActiv is an excellent alternative to apps like Earnin, but it’s only available in a few countries, so you’ll need to check to see whether it’s available in yours.

You can apply for up to $500 in advance cash.

For you to utilise this app, your employer must already be using it.

Every two months, it charges $5.

There are some lenders who would lend up to 50% of your salary if you have a solid credit history

It also provides bill pay paydays and budgeting software on its website.

Amount Paid Each Day

Earnin is a similar programme, but it’s less popular because it’s only available to employees. A user-friendly UI makes it easy to navigate.

On Daily Compensation, employees can request an additional amount based on their pay and hours worked.

To get started, you’ll need to link your bank account and work hours to the app.

You will be charged an extra $1.25 for each withdrawal.

It is only possible for an employee to utilise this app if their employer has previously done so.

After the loan is approved, it will be deposited into your account immediately.

Take a look at the results by clicking on the

Tap Check is yet another software that employees use to get paid before their paychecks arrive.

The maximum amount of money you can apply for varies and is based on your salary.

In order to use the Tap Check app, you must first link your bank account.

Each loan’s APR is determined by the amount borrowed.

Employees can receive immediate cash in their bank accounts when the advance has been approved by the company.

To use the Tap Check app, there is no additional price or interest charges.


One of the many alternatives to the popular cash app is Branch.

It allows you to get a $500 cash advance.

Normal advances do not incur any additional fees.

A $3.99 fee is added to each withdrawal if you want immediate cash.

For this app, you must have a registered employer.

This app will not be linked to your bank account if you don’t have one.


Employer programmes like FlexWage allow employees to get money before their actual paychecks are issued.

Using a pre-paid credit or debit card, you can get your money in advance.

The quantity of money that can be borrowed depends on a person’s salary.

Each withdrawal from this app costs up to $5.

When compared to most other apps, FlexWage’s deals are by far the best.

FlexWage’s debit card is the best feature because it doesn’t require a bank account.

Affordability Right Now

Employers sponsor Instant Financial, a mobile app that provides employees with access to short-term advances on their paychecks.

This programme employs an instant debit card to deposit an advanced pay-roll into your bank account in a matter of minutes.

One tap is all it takes to get your money via Instant Financial’s online interface.

The more shifts you work, the more money you get in advance.

You won’t have to pay any interest or other fees to use this service.

There is a fairly high approval rate for new ideas.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know that Earnin isn’t the only software that can help you better manage your finances and break the cycle of living pay check to pay check, you can stop worrying about it. There are a lot of options out there!

There are a plethora of cash apps on the market, but you must be careful when selecting one.

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road, thoroughly review the terms and conditions of any loan or cash advance before proceeding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apps Like Earnin

Do you get cash-back at earnin or apps like it?

The cash-back is given by most of the cash app like earnin if you use your credit or debit card while requesting a loan. Although the amount of the cash-back may vary depending on the app. Earnin offers a reward of 1% to 10% cash-back when you used the accepted loan amount in restaurants.

What are other cash advance alternatives ?

Is there an app similar to Earnin, the list of apps are endless but a few top options are MoneyLionBrigitFlexWage, and Dave. You need to find the app that suits your financial needs and requirements.