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Are board game stores profitable?

Updated on May 19, 2023

Board game stores make a profit, though it is not very high.

They have to pay rent and employees which eats up most of their revenue from selling games.

Some board game only make 10% profit on each sale because they sell for so cheap compared to other types of retail businesses like clothing or


The unique challenge of opening a boardgame-only store is that many customers don’t know about our products and industry.

We have to do lots of customer education, promotion, outreach in order for it be


The challenging part about opening up a board game only store is promoting the product and reaching out to new potential costumers who aren’t aware we exist or what kinds of games are available at this

type of shop.

How much money can you make from a board game?

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Entry-level board game designers can expect to make between $42,000 and $87,000.

However, I suspect that those starting on a salary of over $50k are exceptional given the fact that it is possible for experienced professionals with 7–14 years’ experience to only bring in as much as roughly half their

initial figure.

The average person spends $98 on board games every year, so it’s not hard to imagine what your profits

would be like if you started up a game.

Let me show you some examples…
-You buy all the supplies at $25 per unit and sell them for around 50% more than that which yields an extra income after expenses of 24%.

This includes printing costs because people want “cool looking” cards!
-Another popular option is selling boxes – they don’t always make money but when there are lots available (like during holidays) sales can jump 10x over regular timescales due in large part thanks their low cost: only 1/3 dozen containers needed vs 2 dozen+ bars required otherwise

Are board games copyrighted?

Board games are known for their unique artwork, game pieces and instruction manuals.

This includes all components of the game like cards, miniatures or even the board which is protected under copyright law.

Even any text in an instruction manual can be copyrighted too!

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Board games have been played for centuries, but the copyright on them only goes back about 80 years.

One of our favorite aspects about boardgames is that they are considered ” Commons” because anyone can make or adapt their own rules – there’s no need to pay fees in order play with others! This also makes it possible for new players who might not otherwise afford these expensive hobby items if someone were

providing free copies at local libraries etcetera…

The average board game store makes $2,000 per month.

It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur in this day and age; there are so many opportunities out their for anyone with something that they think will sell (or have already proven profitable).

But finding your niche can take time – especially if you’re just starting off! One way someone might want try making some cash on the side while working towards becoming established would involve renting space at retailers like Target or hobby shops around town instead of owning real estate themselves which requires significant upfront costs before generating any revenue whatsoever from sales tax breaks alone…but

then again we all know how much importance everyone places these days upon “saving” money wherever possible