Obtaining Your BC Driver’s Abstract: Where and How to Get It

Updated on February 21, 2024

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BC Drivers Abstract

When figuring out insurance rates or job eligibility, the insurer might ask for your driver’s abstract. If driving is a crucial part of your job, employers may also request it. The BC Driver abstract is commonly relied upon for insurance matters, job requirements, and assessing driver penalty points.

In the Drivers Abstract, you’ll find your current license status, along with information on convictions, demerit points, and suspensions. This document plays a significant role in evaluating your reliability as a skilled driver, impacting decisions related to certain jobs, insurance, or licensing in the province.

This blog post outlines how to get a driver’s abstract in British Columbia, delving into the importance of the document and providing additional relevant details.

BC Drivers Abstract Importance

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) furnishes a driver abstract, which essentially serves as a comprehensive record of your driving history. ICBC maintains an updated account of all your moving infractions, driving bans, and suspensions, providing you with the driving records from the past five years.

Your driver’s abstract in British Columbia not only shows the date of your initial license but also highlights any penalties or infractions within the last five years. This record is maintained throughout your driving career, starting from the issuance of your license.

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BC driver’s abstracts play a crucial role for employers aiming to improve workplace safety and hire highly qualified personnel, as they use these records to make informed hiring decisions. Additionally, law enforcement, insurance companies, and the courts can access your driver’s abstract or driving record.

BC Drivers Abstract Overview

Article Name BC Drivers Abstract
Provided By Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
Abstract Validity Period 5 years
Purpose To provide your driving record right after the issuance of your license.
Receiving Drivers Abstract Through mail
Fee Free of cost
ICBC Online Portal https://www.insurancecouncilofbc.com/licensee-resources/portal/

How and Where to get British Columbia Drivers Abstract?

To obtain your driving record online, simply visit the British Columbian government’s driver’s license website. Open a new tab and navigate to the ICBC website to access your ICBC driver’s abstract.

Enter your name, date of issue, License card serial number, ICBC keyword, and driver’s license number. Additionally, provide the email address where you want the records sent. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred email address. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email containing ICBC’s digital certification within minutes.

Driver abstracts in British Columbia are considered public records and can be freely obtained. Alternatively, drivers can contact ICBC at 1-800-663-3051 to request the documentation to be sent to them.

Need for BC Drivers Abstract

Your British Columbia driver’s abstract encapsulates the past five years of your driving history, serving as a valuable document for employers and insurance providers. Additionally, you may find the need for it in the following situations:

  1. Job Application: If you’re applying for a position that involves using a company car or requires a commercial driver, you might be requested to provide your driving history.
  2. Filing Insurance Claims: Your insurer may ask for your driver’s abstract to review your driving record and insurance coverage history when processing insurance claims.
  3. Obtaining a Driver’s License in a New Province: When moving out of BC and applying for a new driver’s license in a different province, you’ll likely be required to submit your driver’s abstract as part of the application process.
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When applying for jobs that involve commercial driving, a common requirement is the submission of a commercial driving record. This record, also referred to as the National Safety Code (NSC) abstract, provides essential details about your driving history and any convictions specifically related to commercial vehicles.


Understanding the Driver Factor Report

Every driver in British Columbia is assigned a three-digit driver factor, reflecting their background and crash history. The score improves each year without a collision, and a lower Driver Factor is better than a higher one.

How long do offenses stay on my driving record?

Points accrued from moving violations will remain on your driving record for a duration of five years.

Understanding a Clean Driver’s Abstract in British Columbia

When your driver’s abstract is clean, it means there are no convictions, demerit points, or infractions. Additionally, having a clear abstract can help you secure reduced insurance costs through various insurance providers. We appreciate your gracious presence in reading this article on BC Driver’s abstract, and we hope you’ve found some interesting information here.



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