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Best GPU for Streamers Last Updated January 3, 2022

Updated on August 14, 2022

Are you planning to create a new streaming PC but aren’t sure which graphics card (GPU) to go with? In a gaming PC, the GPU is the most significant component. Due to supply limitations and tremendously high demand, getting your hands on a new GPU in 2022 will be nearly difficult. This page explains what to look for in a GPU, lists the top GPUs currently available, and answers some frequently asked questions.

What You Should Look For in a GPU

The GPU is the component that will have the largest impact on your gameplay and streaming. When buying a GPU, these are some of the most significant things to look for:

1. Your company’s name

GPU chips are made by two major companies: Nvidia and AMD. These chips are the most crucial component of a graphics card, and they are incredibly sophisticated and complex. Nvidia controls the majority of the market. However, other firms, such as EVGA, ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte, use Nvidia and AMD chips and manufacture the remainder of the graphics card, including the body and fans. EVGA cards are more expensive because they are a premium brand, whilst Gigabyte cards are more affordable.

2 ray-tracing

More recent GPUs can handle ray-tracing. In games, ray-tracing creates significantly more realistic lighting effects. The general aesthetic of ray-tracing games is much improved as a result of this. In the product name of a GPU that supports ray-tracing, the “RTX” designation is usually found.

3. recollections

Most GPUs have up to 12 GB of video memory. Some of the most recent cards, such as the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, feature up to 24 GB of video RAM. The greater the resolution you can play at, the more memory you have.

4. The clock’s ticking rate

The clock speed of your GPU, among other factors, influences the framerate it can produce. If you increase the clock speed, your games will operate at a higher framerate.

5. Rejuvenation

Because GPUs generate a lot of heat, getting one with enough fans to keep it cool is essential. If your GPU overheats, make sure you have enough fans in the rest of your computer to keep things cool.

6. Fortitude

When you buy a GPU, it will tell you what the minimum power requirement is in watts. Because your power supply unit not only powers your GPU, but also your entire PC and all of its components, it’s vital that it satisfies this basic level.

3 Best GPUs for Streaming

These are the best GPUs on the market, regardless of price. These GPUs will yield high resolution graphics and higher frames per second, which in turn makes your stream look better.


  • 24 GB Graphics RAM size
  • 3D Rendering and performance
  • Without a doubt, the RTX 3090 is the greatest graphics card on the market in 2022. Go for it if the costly price is within your budget. Its performance, however, will only be 15% greater than the RTX 3080 below. It features a staggering 24 gigabytes of RAM, which means you’ll be able to play any game at its top settings. It can even run games at up to 8K resolution at 60 frames per second (FPS), but streaming networks like Twitch only let you stream in 1080p, which is the most resolution your viewers will see. It’s also quite huge, so you’ll need a case that can accommodate it.
  • NVIDIA 3080
  • Features

    • 10GB GDDR6X
    • PCI Express 4.0
    • The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card has just 10 GB of RAM, which is less than the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090, but it will be enough for most gamers. You’ll be able to play games in 4K at high frame rates, but Twitch will only support streaming in 1080p. Furthermore, even the most powerful 20-series GPUs, like as the RTX 2080, will see a performance boost. This card’s downside is that it is still fairly expensive.


    • HDMI and Display Port outputs
    • 1695MHz boost
    • For the average gamer, this is the best graphics card. It is significantly less expensive than the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080. It has 8 GB of memory and provides excellent performance, letting players to play their favourite games in 4K. It is about similar to the RTX 2080 Ti when compared to previous generation graphics cards, but it is significantly cheaper. With this GPU, you just cannot go wrong.
    • 3 Best Budget GPUs for Streaming

      Now, let’s take a look at some of the best budget GPUs. These GPUs will be cheaper than the 30-series cards and will still offer a great gaming and streaming experience.


      • 1815 MHz
      • 6GB GDDR6
      • The GTX 1660 Super is a budget-friendly graphics card that delivers excellent 1080p gaming performance, including high frame rates. This will result in a more consistent stream for your audience. It has a memory capacity of 6 GB. There are, however, some disadvantages. Because this isn’t a 20-series or newer card, you’ll have to rely on your CPU to handle video encoding for your stream. It also lacks ray-tracing capabilities.
      • AMD Radeon RX 5700
      • Features

        • 14 Gbps Memory Speed
        • 4K H264 Decode
        • This AMD GPU has 8 gigabytes of RAM and provides excellent performance for 1440p gaming. However, it lacks ray-tracing capabilities, and encoding video for your stream will necessitate a strong CPU. It has a game frequency of up to 1755 MHz to keep your game running smoothly.
        • pny geforce gtx 1650 super
        • Features

          • 1530MHz core clock
          • PCI Express 3. 0 interface
          • This card has four gigabytes of memory and can handle 1080p games with ease. It, like the other two budget cards, lacks a built-in chip that can assist with video encoding, thus your CPU must be capable of doing this for your stream. It also lacks ray-tracing capabilities. However, because it is a smaller card than the aforementioned GPUs, it will have a more discrete appearance and can fit into much smaller PC cases.
          • Frequently Asked Questions

          Is a Graphics Card Going to Affect Your Stream?

          The implications of a graphics card on your stream are numerous. It will have an immediate visual impact on your stream. You’ll need to tweak the graphical settings in your game if you have a low-end GPU. It’s also possible that you won’t be able to hit 60 frames per second, which will have an adverse effect on your broadcast. If you have a stronger GPU, you will be able to achieve your target frame rate of 60 and enhance the in-game settings, which will help your viewers. Finally, a GPU from the 20-series or newer will be able to encode your video for your broadcast, freeing up your CPU for other activities and resulting in a more consistent stream.

          Is a Good GPU Good for Gaming?

          A good GPU, more than any other PC component, will have the most impact on your gaming experience. This is why the GPU should get the lion’s share of your PC’s budget. In games, the GPU is responsible for rendering textures, polygons, and pictures. A powerful GPU allows for a higher framerate, more realistic graphics, higher resolution, and a better and more fun overall gaming experience.