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Best Graphics Card For i9 9900k

Updated on August 14, 2022

As the original Core i9 processor, the Intel Core i9-9900K has been around for three generations. The performance difference between this processor and the latest Core i9-11900K is negligible because Intel hasn’t made a significant improvement in the single-core performance of their processors. Because of this, many enthusiasts choose for the Core i9-9900K over the Core i9-11900K because the former is significantly less expensive.

Because it is an octa-core processor, the Core i9-9900K can handle any graphics card that is thrown at it. Graphics cards from NVIDIA’s RTX 3000-series and AMD’s RX 6000-series appeared last year. For the current generation, the GeForce RTX 3090 is the top-of-the-line model, followed by the RTX 3080/Ti, RTX 3070/Ti, and RTX 3060/Ti, while for Red, the RX 6900 XT is top of the line, with the RX 6800/XT and RX 6700 following closely behind. We’ll take a look at some of the top graphics cards that can compete with the Core i9-9900performance K’s in this article.

Quick Graphics Card Recommendations for i9 9900K

Award Model Price
Best Budget Graphics Card For I9 9900K Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 5600 XT CHECK PRICERead Customer Reviews
Best Cheapest 1440p For I9 9900K XFX RX 5700 XT Triple Dissipation CHECK PRICERead Customer Reviews
Best Mid-Range 1440p For I9 9900K Sapphire RX 6800 Nitro+ CHECK PRICERead Customer Reviews
Best Mid-Range 4K For I9 9900K EVGA RTX 3070 XC3 Black Gaming CHECK PRICERead Customer Reviews
Best 4K Graphics Card For I9 9900K ASUS RTX 3080 TUF Gaming OC CHECK PRICERead Customer Reviews
Best 1440p & 4K Graphics Card For I9 9900K Sapphire RX 6800 XT Nitro+ CHECK PRICERead Customer Reviews
Best 1440p GPU For I9 9900K GIGABYTE GeForce RTX2080 Super Windforce OC CHECK PRICERead Customer Reviews

Quick Buying Tips!

People are familiar with graphics cards since they are the most aesthetically appealing parts of a computer. This article will help folks who aren’t familiar with the graphics card lingo make an informed decision.

This is the most critical factor to consider when selecting a graphics card chip or GPU model. While the RTX 3060 is the most affordable NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphics card, the RTX 3090 is the best. The baud rate has a direct correlation to the speed of the graphics card. As with AMD’s RX 6000-series graphics cards, the Rx 6900 XT is the most powerful, while the Rx 6700 is the most cheap. RTX 2070 users should check out this comparison of the RTX 3060 and RTX 2070.

Following the selection of a graphics card model, it’s time to select a specific variant of the same graphics card. Graphics card manufacturers create a plethora of models in order to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Some graphics cards include additional features that may or may not raise the price. While some graphics processing units (GPUs) strive for speed and power efficiency, others adhere to the industry norm of single-fan operation and reference clock rates as graphics processing units (GPUs).

A high-end graphics card can use up to 350 watts of electricity, making it the most power-hungry portion of a computer. Your system’s power supply should be taken into consideration when selecting a graphics card. Graphics cards capable of using a maximum power of 250W are recommended for 600W power supply use. In order to avoid system failure under intense loads, you’ll need at least 800 watts of PSU power for an RTX 3080 or 3070. (and a good CPU for the 3080 or 3070 as well).

Best Graphics Card For i9 9900k Reviews

The RX 5600 XT is one of the most affordable but powerful graphics cards for your Intel i9 9900K, as it costs less than the GTX 1660 Ti but performs as well as the RTX 2060. Because AMD graphics cards do not enable RTX capabilities such as Ray Tracing or DLSS, this is the best value card. Good news: You can play 1080p games at medium to high settings with a 144Hz refresh rate, and this graphics card will easily outperform any other competing graphics card in the current AAA titles. It’s also feasible to play 1440p games at high settings and framerates, thanks to the GDDR6 6 GB of RAM. This graphics card can easily run AAA games at 90-100 frames per second, and much more if you’re ready to buy it for Esports or multiplayer gaming. XFX RX 5600 XT and Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT are presently the two greatest RX 5600 XT options that I would recommend purchasing. Both cards are excellent. Both of them are better than the reference card in terms of value. If you’re looking for a 1080p graphics card on a budget, go no further than this vendor’s cooling solution for AMD graphics cards.

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It wasn’t just Nvidia and Intel that AMD was upsetting with their low-cost, high-performance processors and graphics cards. AMD was also putting a lot of pressure on AMD. If you’re looking to play 1080p games at 60 frames per second, AMD’s RX 5700 XT is the best option. For those on a tight budget, this graphics card offers comparable performance to the RTX 2070 Super while costing 20% less. AMD’s graphics cards don’t now support RTX features, but we expect that they will in the future. No matter how many fixes AMD released, I was able to get this card for free from a business that would accept it without inquiry. This is the greatest option in the RX 5700 XT Triple Dissipation line, which has a large-sized cooler and three fans that keep the graphics card cool when it’s under heavy strain. Short storey: If you’re searching for a 1080p 144Hz or 1440Hz 60Hz graphics card without RTX features, this one is a great option. We also have a list of the best 1080p 144Hz gaming GPUs here.

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It’s well-known that the Nvidia graphics cards have been in the lead for some time because AMD doesn’t have a card that can compete. For gamers, new graphics cards have revolutionised the industry because they are substantially less expensive than their predecessors and offer twice as much performance at a fraction of the price. Radeon VII from AMD came close to defeating Nvidia’s RTX 2080, but fell short in the end. For 1440p gaming, it’s an excellent option to the RTX 3070, and both cards are designed to deliver 100 frames per second in that resolution. In some games, you may have to fiddle with the settings to achieve these frame rates, but this is not the case for the vast majority of them. RTX 2070’s VRAM will be more useful in future games that require more VRAM than RTX 3070, making it a superior choice than RTX 3070. The RX 6800 has 16 GB of VRAM, which is more than adequate for most of today’s most popular video games. If you don’t care about RTX or DLSS, the RX 6800 is a fantastic option.

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For 1440p gaming at 100 fps, the RX 6800 is a wonderful alternative because of its 16 GB of VRAM, but you know that the card’s ray tracing performance is worse. Initially, there are just a few games that can take advantage of AMD’s RTX features, but they will all be updated and fixed over time. Right now, the RTX 3070 may be the best 1440p graphics card that supports RTX features, so that’s what you should get. The sole drawback of this card is its 8 GB of VRAM, which may be plenty for current games but may prove inadequate in the future, necessitating a reduction in in-game settings. The greatest ray tracing effects can be achieved at 1440p on this graphics card for a fairly reasonable price, while the RTX 2080 Ti costs twice as much and doesn’t perform as well as it does. Aside from the fact that it can run some of the most popular AAA titles, it can also run some of the most popular multiplayer and Esport games. EVGA XC3 Black Gaming is the vendor I’d recommend for this graphics card, which is both more affordable and more powerful than the founder’s edition.

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The Intel Core i9 9900K is a powerful gaming processor that, when partnered with a high-quality graphics card, is capable of 4K gaming. RTX 3080, Nvidia’s lowest Ampere-based RTX card, enables 4K gaming with Ray Tracing enabled and is the next option on our list. RTX 2080 Ti is twice as expensive as this graphics card, but it delivers double the performance and supports full real-time ray tracing images, which is a pleasant surprise. AMD’s RX 6800 XT is a direct competitor to the RTX 3080, but that card is optimised for 1440p gaming, whilst the latter’s power and cores make it more suited for 4K gaming. The graphics card’s performance in Ray Tracing is also worth considering.

As a result, ray tracing on AMD graphics cards is still in its infancy, and it will be some time before it can be improved. Briefly said, the RTX 3080 may be the best 4K graphics card option for those looking for low-cost ray tracing functionality. It’s possible that you’ll be disappointed by the graphics card’s 10 GB of VRAM, which is adequate now but won’t be in the future, given that modern games require at least 10 GB of VRAM and that number will only rise in the next years.

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When it comes to 4K gaming, the RTX 3080 is an excellent choice, but at 1440p resolutions, we’ve got more than we bargained for. The AMD RDNA 2 architecture-based RX 6800 XT is there, and it outperforms both the RTX 3080 and 3090 at 1080p. This graphics card has the capacity to run recent games at 1440p resolution, however the RTX series graphics cards have an advantage when it comes to 4K resolution, where this card falls short. The RX 6800 XT has recently been tested by Techspot, and we can see how well this graphics card performs. Also, it has 16 GB of VRAM, whereas the RTX 3080 only has 10 GB, which could be a problem for RTX users in the future because current gamers require at least 10 GB of VRAM to run at 4K resolution. Although this card lacks RTX features like ray tracing, it is still an excellent choice for gamers. You can picture the RTX performance on this card even though just a few games support AMD GPUs. Sapphire Nitro+, an aftermarket card with superior clocks and cooling design than the founder’s edition, is what I recommend you acquire.

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As we all know, latest generation graphics cards are now unavailable from the market, and they are only available at a few places for astronomical costs, which most of us can’t afford. If that is the case, the RTX 2080 Super is a fantastic graphics card that we should consider purchasing due to its incredible power and performance. In spite of the fact that this graphics card is about 40 percent less powerful than the RTX 2080 Ti, it’s better than the RTX 2080 and is about same in price, making it a more attractive option. The RTX 2080 Super can now run 1440p games with a reasonable frame rate, while also supporting 4K resolution in many of the most recent titles. However, in a few of these titles, you may have to compromise on the in-game settings. Consider this graphics card if you’re planning on playing multiplayer games or competing in Esports. It can run games like DoTA 2 or CSGO at 100+ framerates with 4k resolution and high refresh rates, so you’re fine to go in this situation.. When compared to next-generation graphics cards, which are far more powerful, but are now more expensive due to restricted supply, this card is underwhelming.

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Intel Core i9-9900K, even if it’s becoming old, still provides more than 100 FPS for every game, as long as you utilise a high-end graphics card with it. NVIDIA’s RTX 3000-series cards and AMD’s RX 6000-series cards have both been released, providing a wide range of graphics card options.

NVIDIA’s RTX 3080, RTX 3070, or AMD RX 6800/XT are the best graphics cards available for 4K monitors, and they can handle 4K resolution and high frame rates with ease. AMD RX 5600 XT is one of the cheapest graphics cards that may be utilised with a processor like the Core i9-9900K, whereas RTX 2080 Super and RX 5700 XT are worth mentioning for people who use a 1440P high-refresh-rate display.

We also have an article about the best 1440p 144hz gaming GPU for you if you’re interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

For an Intel Core I9-9900K processor, what is the greatest graphics card?

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is the fastest graphics card when running on an Intel Core i9-9900K processor. RTX 2080 Ti’s price/performance is bad, thus we recommend the more expensive RTX 3080, which can handle all of the latest games at high resolutions and frame rates without stuttering.


There are major ramifications for using a high-end graphics card such as the RTX 3070 with a PSU under 600 watts. During periods of high demand, unexpected system shutdowns may occur as a warning that the power supply is running low and has to be updated. You could lose your entire PC if any of your internal components, such as your processor, graphics card, mainboard, or RAM, fails.

Is the Core I9-9900K processor capable of running outdated graphics cards?

There are no compatibility issues when using a Core i9-9900K processor with an older graphics card. Many graphics cards, such as the RX 2070 XT and RX 5700 Super, can play the latest games at 1440P resolution while saving you money. To save money, consider purchasing one of these cards if you already have a 1440P display.
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