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The best graphics cards in 2022

Updated on August 14, 2022

Best graphics cards

Find the top graphics cards to enhance your gaming and creative endeavours with.

Included in this manual are the following items:



RTX 3070 graphics card




Trio of RTX 3090 Gaming X




GPU: GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

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1660 Ti graphics card




The Radeon RX 6800 graphics card




The RX 5700




The Quadro RTX 5000




GeForce RTX 3080 from Aorus




Graphics card Quadro RTX 4000

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Graphics cards with the best performance.

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Using resource-intensive software like Photoshop, creating 3D models, and working on a wide range of creative projects efficiently and clearly requires the greatest graphics cards. Gaming at 1080p and even 4K without lagging is also possible with a strong graphics card.

As a rule of thumb, graphics cards are divided into two categories. Gamers’ needs are the primary focus of consumer graphics cards. They can cost as little as £100, or as much as ten times as much as the most advanced ones. Then there are graphics cards designed for professional use. Professionals are often the target market for these very powerful GPUs, which come at a hefty price.

Professional digital artists, 3D modellers, animators, and video editors used to have no other realistic option than the latter. But many consumer graphics cards now offer close to the performance of professional options at a fraction of the price.

The best graphics cards for both professional and consumer use will be examined in this article. Whatever your financial situation, you’ll be able to locate something suitable. Check out the graphics card purchase guide for help if you need help deciding between these options. Alternatively, if you prefer.

The best graphics cards available now

01. MSI GeForce RTX 3070

Acer Predator 19 Pro
It’s one of the greatest graphics cards for designers.
The number of cores is 5,888.
8 GBMemory is available. 14 Gbps clock rate 2x 8-pin PCIe power connectors 3x DisplayPort 1.4a Outputs: HDMI 2.1
Adorama WW’s view of Conrad Electronic
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REASONS FOR PURCHASE: +GPU performance to beat
Due to its size, it’s best to avoid it.
Powered by Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3070, this high-end MSI card is one of the greatest graphics cards currently available. It’s pricey, but it’s less expensive than many professional alternatives, and it’s capable of handling challenging creative projects. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card offers amazing performance at a more affordable price for gamers and creative professionals alike.

most effective video cards

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This image was provided courtesy of MSI

02. MSI RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio

Professionals’ preferred graphics card
There are 2,176 processors dedicated to processing data in this stream.
The following memory is available: 24 GB GDDR6X 19.5 Gbps clock rate 3 x 8-pin power connectors DisplayPort 1.4a x 3 HDMI 2.1 outputs
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For game developers, this is a must-have.
Standard 8-pin RGB + 3 aesthetically pleasing connectors
With the GeForce RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio, you can get even more power out of your current RTX 3090 card. Power output is somewhat increased as a result of this. Despite the fact that it’s still an RTX 3090, it has the cooling capacity and drive to handle this GPU at its default settings. It’s the icing on the cake for game developers who want a GPU that can handle PC games at 4K with ease.

In addition, this behemoth features three conventional 8-pin power connectors instead of the odd 12-pin power connector used by Nvidia in its RTX 30-series Founders Edition cards, which could deliver even more performance from this GPU.

GeForce RTX 3080 Ti by Nvidia

NVIDIA has provided an image of a ray tracing system. (Image credit: NVI

03. Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

A powerful raytracing GPU that strikes the right mix between performance and price
CUDA 1,370 MHz for a system with 10,240 cores. Turbo Boost Clock: 1,670 MHz Memory: GDDR6: 12 GB
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Nvidia Studio Drivers for creatives, HDMI and 3x DisplayPort outputs, as well as a large number of cores and RAM are all reasons to buy the RTX 2080.
RATIONALE FOR AVOIDING IT -Fans can be extremely disruptive

Since the advent of Nvidia’s RTX family of GPUs, the range-topping 3090, while delivering tremendous performance, is at the upper end of many budgets. For a fraction of the price, the 3080 and 3080 TI offer a substantial level of power.

The 3080 TI has a lot of the power of the 3090, but at a fraction of the cost. All the trademarks of a high-end GPU for content creators, including raytracing, can be found in this card, which has 10240 cuda cores and up to 12GB GDDRX video ram for high-resolution texturing, as well as 8K video editing and colour grading capabilities.

the finest graphics card.

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It’s an image from Nvidia.

04. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

The GTX 1060 is being replaced by the newer, more current GPU.
GPU 1,536 cores/1,500 MHz base clock 1,770 MHz Boost Clock The number of GFLOPS: 4,608. 6GB of GDDR6 memory is used. 288 GB/s of memory bandwidth
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When compared to the more expensive RTX cards, the Geforce GTX 1660 Ti is a considerably better value. It’s based on the RTX cards’ newer 12nm Turning design, although it’s missing the ray tracing components.


A modest 1,536 Cuda cores and 6GB of GDDR6 RAM make up for the GTX 1660 Ti’s exceptional gaming performance at 1080p and 1440p. It’s also a great tool for speeding up creative software plugins and filters. Everything considered, it’s the greatest graphics card for individuals on a tighter spending limit. Several manufacturers, such as PNY, even offer it in a compact version that may fit into smaller PCs.

AMD RX 6800 graphics card

(Image courtesy of AMD)

This is one of AMD’s best graphics cards, the AMD Radeon RX 6800.
There are 3,840 cores in the stream processors 1.82 GHz clock speed (2.10 GHz boost) GDR6: 16GB of RAM Speed: 16 GB/s 2 x 8-pin power connectors DisplayPort 1.4 with DSC, HDMI 2.1 VRR and FRL outputs
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To get the most out of your purchase, here are some of the reasons to do so:

While Nvidia continues to dominate the high-end graphics card market, AMD is now producing powerful cards at increasingly competitive pricing in an effort to oust Nvidia from the top spot.

Both gaming and creative applications benefit from the AMD Radeon RX, which includes ray-tracing (new for AMD graphics cards). For a fraction of the cost, you can achieve performance comparable to the RTX 3070.

The RADEON RX 5700.

(Radeon image credit)

5.The AMD Radeon RX 5700.

It is one of AMD’s top graphics cards under $100.
A total of 2,304 stream processors
1,465 MHz Core Clock (1,725 MHz boost)
Memory Clock: 14Gbps 8GB GDDR6
One 8-pin and one 6-pin power connector are provided.
Inputs: 1 – DisplayPort 1.4 DSC, 1 × HDMI with 4K60 resolution Support
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AMD’s Radeon RX 5700 demonstrates that the company is capable of producing graphics cards that are not only extremely powerful, but also extremely cost-effective. A mid-range graphics card that can play the latest games at 1080p and 1440p at their top settings is a good value for the money. As a result, it’s easier than ever to include visually stunning content in your games.


Again, the RX 5700’s price/performance ratio makes it an excellent alternative for someone who isn’t primarily interested in gaming and instead needs a GPU for their artistic endeavours.



6. Radeon RX 5000 graphics card

It’s an image from Nvidia.

RTX 5000 graphics card from Nvidia
Creative software requires a good graphics hardware.
3,072 GPU cores at 1,620 MHz
1815MHz Boost Clock
Amount in GFLOPS: 11,200
GDR6: 16GB of RAM At 448 GB/s, the network bandwidth
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There are a few reasons why you should stay away from this game:
Nvidia’s GeForce GPUs may be a better alternative for running creative software if you’re not interested in gaming. Despite the fact that the

  7.8GB Quadro RTX 4000

is a more inexpensive alternative, the 16GB Quadro RTX 5000 is more powerful, making it a better choice for power users who are ready to spend a lot of money.

Compared to the previous Pascal generation, it delivers significantly higher rendering power, pushing Cuda and OpenCL applications to new heights.

most effective video cards

This image is courtesy of Gigabyte.

08. Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 3080

In terms of graphics cards, Nvidia continues to be one of the best in the world.
a total of 8,704 processors
1 845 Mhz of processing power
Running at 19 gigabits per second, the graphics memory has ten gigabytes of RAM.
a total of two 8-pin PCIe power ports
HDMI 2.1, three DisplayPorts, and a single HDMI 2.0
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Low operating temperatures and sufficient supply allow for exceptional 4K gaming.

One of the best graphics cards on the market right now comes courtesy of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080. The RTX 3080 can play 4K games at 60 frames per second with ease thanks to its 10GB of GDDR6X RAM and Nvidia’s Ampere architecture.

You can’t go wrong with ray tracing and AI support on this machine for creating high-quality video or advanced 3D models, making it an excellent choice for creative professionals as well. Plus, RTX 2080 users should expect an increase in performance of up to 80%. While supplies of the RTX 3080 are scarce, Gigabyte AORUS may be your best chance.

It’s the Nvidia Rtx 4000

A screenshot from Nvidia’s website can be seen here.

 9 RTX 4000 graphics card from Nvidia

A graphics card of professional quality that is affordably priced TECHNICAL DATA
2,304 graphics processing units (GPUs)
Clock Rate: 1,005 MHz
At 1,545 MHz, the boost clock
700 million floating-point operations per second
Memory: 8GB GDDR6Memory bandwidth: 416 GB/s / s
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View from Dell
+Excellent with OpenCL and Cuda software +Better for design than a GeForce card
-No good for gaming -Quite expensive for the specifications
A workstation-class graphics card at a reasonable price, the Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 is highly recommended. It has a single-slot design that makes it easy to fit into compact cases, and it performs well in design applications.. It’s also more power-efficient than the bulkier GeForce cards, which is a plus.


If you’re working with creative software like Photoshop or Illustrator, you’ll notice an enormous improvement in speed thanks to the Turing architecture’s support for OpenCL and Cuda plug-ins and effects, as well as RTX 4000.

What to look for when choosing the finest graphics cards

GPUs, or graphics processing units, play a dual purpose in modern computers. As a result, they use their hardware capability to decide the optimal frame rate and resolution for all the visual effects, explosions, and fireworks that we’ve come to expect from modern games.

Graphics cards may greatly speed up rendering times for digital creatives, such as animators, graphic artists, designers, illustrators, and 3D modellers. With certain creative tools, a strong graphics card can make all the difference, as some effects cannot be run on a CPU alone.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a general reference model for every graphics card, which is rarely available for purchase. This means that each manufacturer will produce their own version of the same card (MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, and so on).

It’s Quadro against GeForce vs AMD vs Radeon Pro.

When it comes to graphics cards for home use, there are two major brands to choose from: Nvidia and AMD. Both manufacture cards that may be used for gaming or creative purposes. Quadro cards are more suited to artistic endeavours than GeForce, which is Nvidia’s gaming brand. Radeons are for gamers, whereas Radeon Pro is for creatives.

Most of the core design, architecture, and specifications of the more expensive Quadros and Radeon Pros are the same, although there are a few key changes. Certified drivers are available for Quadro and Radeon cards. That’s because they’ve been tested for compatibility with specific software, resulting in greater performance with design software in certain situations, and (in theory) fewer difficulties.

In addition to ECC memory, Quadros and Radeon Pros offer lower clock speeds, which reduces power consumption and thermal demands. A Radeon Pro or Nvidia Quadro can be a good option if your income is dependent on your creative output and you require a dependable graphics card.

Another major difference is the manufacturing process for the two types of graphics cards. Asus, MSI, Zotac, EVGA, and Sapphire are among the companies that create and sell gaming cards that deviate from the standard specification by using different cooling systems and clock rates. The only manufacturer Nvidia uses for Quadro cards is PNY, which makes all of its products.

Advertisement for the greatest graphics cards: Jargon buster

As a result of this, the greatest graphics cards are often described in terms of performance. When it comes to hardware, the most common requirements are the number of processors, memory capacity, bandwidth, and performance of the graphics card (in MHz).

The cores in Nvidia and AMD cards aren’t the same, hence these specs fluctuate from generation to generation and from tier to tier. Cuda cores are a term used by Nvidia, whereas GCN cores are a name used by AMD. As a result, it is impossible to compare AMD and Nvidia cards in this regard.

How to choose the finest graphics card for your needs

When purchasing a new graphics card, there are a few things to keep in mind. When it comes to memory requirements, the higher the resolution at which you’re working or gaming, the more memory you’ll need. A graphics card with 8GB or more of memory is becoming standard on the upper tier cards if you need 4K resolution.

It is possible to play games at higher resolutions if your graphics card has a greater performance. If you’ve invested in a 144Hz monitor, you’ll be putting even more strain on your graphics card to keep up with 60fps.

A graphics card’s rendering power is based on its number of cores. From the entry-level £100 cards up to the £1000+ monsters, these differ greatly in price and performance across the board.

As a starting point, the graphics card’s clock speed is given. When a graphics card is under intense stress, it will run at a faster clock speed to improve performance until it reaches its limit to avoid overheating, similar to Turbo mode on Intel CPUs.

Don’t forget to take into account the display(s) you use and the graphics card’s output. Currently, all current graphics cards have HDMI or DisplayPort video outputs alone (which may be either a small square-ish miniDP connector or a big D-shaped connector).

There are no longer any graphics cards that do not support DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0, which provide the bandwidth required for 60Hz refresh rates on 4K or 5K monitors. When high-resolution monitors initially became popular, earlier graphics cards had a problem with this. This issue may recur if and when 8K monitors become more widely available and affordable.

Finally, the hardware generation of the series, which is always codenamed for reference, is the single most important aspect in determining the performance of graphics cards. Nvidia’s cards are named after scientists – Pascal, Turing, and so on – but AMD’s Polaris and Vega architectures, which are now available, are a touch more cryptic.

Every two years or so, Nvidia and AMD release a new generation of graphics cards. There are more cores, more memory, more bandwidth, and more functionality that can be crammed into the same power and thermal requirements as the previous generation when a new generation is produced. Limit your search to the most recent cards for the best performance and future-proofing of your experience.