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10 Best Graphics Cards for Ray Tracing (February, 2023)

Updated on August 14, 2022

Using ray tracing, game developers may now create more realistic and realistic-looking in-game settings. Ray tracing can also be utilised in graphics workflows.

However, in order to use ray tracing, you’ll need a graphics card that supports ray tracing (GPU). The top graphics cards on the market are capable of ray tracing, but deciding which one to buy can be a bit of a challenge. Ten of the best ray-tracing graphics cards can be found in this roundup.

Best Graphics Cards for Ray Tracing

1. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080

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The RTX 3080 is, pound-for-pound, the best ray-tracing graphics card available for 4K gaming or gaming at 1440p with crazy high FPS. If you want to turn your gaming PC into a powerhouse, this is the best card for the job.

2. Nvidia Ge Force Rtx 3090

The RTX 3090 will likely be overkill for many, but if you want something that can push 8K (yes, 8K!) or 4K at hundreds of FPS without melting down, it’s your best option. It’ll cost an arm and a leg to get, though.

3. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

The RTX 3070 is the perfect graphics card for people who want to game at 1440p with ray tracing and high FPS. It can push a bit into 4K territory as well, making it the ultimate bang-for-your-buck GPU.

4. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

The RTX 3060 Ti is less powerful than its 3070 counterpart, but it’s also less expensive, making it a more affordable mid-range alternative. With this card, you can crush 1080p gaming and even push into 1440p territory with solid performance.

5. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060

The RTX 3060 is NVIDIA’s most affordable Ampere GPU, and as such, it’s the best option available if you want to enjoy good framerates, high settings, and ray tracing at the 1080p level.

6. AMD RX 6800 XT

AMD’s strongest card in its 6000 series is the RX 6800 XT, offering performance that keeps up with NVIDIA’s RTX 3080. It’s not as capable, but it’s also a little less expensive.

7. AMD RX 6900 XT

The RX 6900 XT is an attractive alternative to the RTX 3090, as it retails for $500 less while offering comparable performance. It falls far behind the 3090 when it comes to ray tracing capabilities, however.

8. AMD RX 6800

The RX 6800 is your best bet if you want a mid-range card strong for 1440p gaming. It tops the RTX 3070 when it comes to raw performance but costs more, too. Additionally, it also falls behind the RTX 3070 in ray tracing performance.

9. AMD RX 6700 XT

The RX 6700 XT AMD’s most affordable RDNA 2 GPU yet, delivering a performance that falls between the RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070 for slightly less than the 3070’s price. It’s a great card for 1080p or 1440p, although you’d be better off just getting a 3070 for slightly more if you can.

10. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super

The RTX 2080 Super from NVIDIA’s 20-series generation isn’t as good as most of its newer 30-series relatives, but it nevertheless still offers decent 4K performance and is also great for 1440p if you can find one.

If we had to choose

In our opinion, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 is the best graphics card on the market. At a price point most PC gamers can afford, it’s our pick for the finest graphics card on the market right now because of its ability to handle 4K resolution and ray tracing.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is an excellent choice for those looking for a less expensive solution. Although it’s less expensive than the more expensive choices, the performance is still superb, particularly at 1080p resolution..

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3090 and AMD’s RX 6900 XT are two of the best 8K-capable GPUs on the market today. The 3090 has far better ray tracing performance than the 6900 XT, but the 6900 XT is a better overall deal.

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