Breaking: Major 2024 SASSA Grant Updates You Can’t Miss! What You Need to Know Now!

Discover the 2024 SASSA Grant Changes: What’s New for All Grants This Year? Dive into the details and find out how these changes impact beneficiaries. Get the facts by reading the article now.

SASSA Grant Changes 2024

SASSA grants play a crucial role in fueling economic development, providing vital support to underprivileged families and seniors. In the recent quarter, SASSA authorities announced a 5% increase in funds for each grant category on a monthly basis. The citizens welcomed this boost, anticipating its extension into the next fiscal year. Basic paychecks were raised to R10, and this article delves into the anticipated changes in the grants.

What Is SASSA?

SASSA, a government agency in South Africa, plays a vital role in providing social assistance to its citizens. Tasked with managing all aspects of grants, the agency ensures that grant amounts are deposited into citizens’ monthly paychecks.

Initially set at R350, the basic pay for the grant has been increased within its specific category. Determining the fund amount for each residency involves mandatory consideration of the household’s annual income. Withdrawals of these funds can be made through SASSA’s rental subsidies, and recipients also have the option to receive the amount through direct deposit.

Changes in All SASSA Grants in 2024

As inflation rises, legal clauses are under review, and an application for extending the handouts is heading to the council. If approved by councillors, applicants could witness changes in their grants. The grant extension, launched in October 2023, remains in effect, and details of the implemented changes are outlined below.

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Change in the Child Grant

Families with childcare receive the child grant, allocated per child in the household. The initial basic pay for the child grant was R500, but with the recent increase, it has been raised to R510. Candidates have been receiving this adjusted amount up to the current month’s grant.

Change in the Pension Grant

Seniors who have retired receive the pension grant as their sole source of income. Beyond financial aid, the grant offers crucial moral support to pensioners. Initially set at R1900, the retirees’ basic pay has seen a 5 percent increase, bringing the updated amount to R1987.

Changes In The Disability Grants

Applicants facing disability and unemployment due to medical conditions receive the disability grant, considering both temporary and permanent disabilities. The grant addresses their financial instability, with the general amount initially set at R2070 and recently increased to R2080.

Changes In The War Veteran Grants

Grants are provided to applicants who are war retirees or families of war deceased individuals. The initial grant amount was R2005, and authorities have recently increased it to R2105.

SASSA Payment And Date

Applicants receive grant disbursements at a 30-day frequency, and different payment dates are assigned to prevent confusion for those receiving multiple grants. The table below outlines the payment details for each grant category:

Grant Payment Date Amount of Deposit
Child Support 6th February 2024 R510
Disability Grant 5th February 2024 R2080
Retirement Grant 2nd February 2024 R1987
War Veteran Grants 2nd February 2024 R2105

In case of any disbursement delays, the amounts will be deposited by the end of next week, ensuring all applicants receive their grants by February 14, 2024.

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What Everyone Should Know

In 2024, authorities have boosted grant funds to R36 billion, anticipating increases in various grants. Africans are urged to visit the official website and register for these grants. The legal clause declaration is expected by the end of February, and applicants will need to wait until then for further details on grant modifications. Rest assured, we’ll provide comprehensive details about the changes and legal clause through our articles. Stay tuned for updates!



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