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Can Zelle Send Money To Venmo | How Does It Work?

Updated on February 17, 2023

In recent years, popularity of applications that facilitate the movement of money between social networks has skyrocketed.

Several people have been wondering if and how they may transfer funds from Zelle to Venmo, and we’re here to clear things up.

You Probably Didn’t Know This, However… Cash In pondering what our readers would like to see from us in the future, we gleaned that many of you were having trouble splitting the check when one person used Zelle and the other had a Venmo account.

Can Zelle Send Money To Venmo – Is It Possible?

In a competitive market, both Zelle and Venmo allow for instantaneous money transfers between the two platforms. Below, we will outline the steps needed to do this.

Now, hold on a second!

There are still certain questions that need answering.

Unfortunately, Zelle users can’t send money to Venmo directly since the programme doesn’t allow for the transfer of money across different payment systems.

Don’t worry, though; we’ve found out some solutions, much to how we discussed making an indirect transfer of funds from Cash App to PayPal.

How Transfer of Money From Zelle To Venmo Works?

Transferring funds from Zelle to Venmo does not necessitate the recipient to have a Zelle account.

We may take use of this feature if we need to transfer funds to a Venmo account by using Zelle, as this service allows for transfers to any US bank account.

Transferring funds from your US bank account to Venmo is the first step in funding your Venmo account using Zelle.

Naturally, you’ll need to start by installing the Zelle app and signing up for an account. Thankfully, there is no charge for this service.

In the next part, we will go more into the topic of transfer fees and charges.

The second problem appears when we encounter US residents who use non-standard financial services. Those whose bank does not permit Zelle transfers, for instance.

The answer is as follows: Simply download the app and connect it to your Visa or Mastercard to make purchases. After that point, the money transfer process would be similar, though you couldn’t send more than $500 in a seven-day period at once. Do not forget that this does not function with credit cards.

Take-Away Message

In the United States, anyone with a Zelle-enabled bank account can transfer funds to any other account in the country.
Transfers between Zelle users are limited to other Zelle users if the user’s bank or credit union does not enable Zelle transfers.

Zelle vs Venmo – In a Nutshell

While both Zelle and Venmo allow users to send and receive money, there are a few key differences that many customers are missing out on. We have summarised some of these for your convenience. Please have a peek!

Zelle Offers Speed Better Than Venmo

With Zelle, you may send and receive money much more quickly than with other options. So, you may read a lot of articles claiming that transferring money from one Zelle user to another is the quickest method.

If you want to send money immediately from Zelle to Venmo, you’ll have to pay more.

If the transfer was requested on a Friday and the receiver is located in a time zone where Saturdays and Mondays are bank holidays, the money may not be available for many more days.

Zelle Has Lower Fees As Compared To Venmo

You may use Zelle without spending any money. Unless the bank functioning as a mediator charges a fee for their services, you won’t have to spend anything extra to transfer the money to your loved ones, colleagues, and others.

Venmo only offers free basic transfers.

However, much like a check deposit or an ACH transfer, the processing time for them can be quite lengthy. Moreover, there is a 1% transfer charge.

Both Apps Have Security Features But They Are Different

To protect your Venmo account from hackers and fraudsters, the service now requires a personal identification number (PIN) to access your funds. Also, the app has support services such as notifications and monitoring.

On the other hand, Zelle is capable of monitoring for fraudulent activity and requiring transaction authorisation before sending. Unlike Venmo, it also supports sending funds to the bank accounts of small businesses.

Drawbacks of Creating Zelle or Venmo Accounts

It’s important to keep in mind that despite how well-rounded certain applications appear, they still lack some useful functions.

If you need to send money to a foreign bank account, for instance, Zelle is not the best choice. To proceed, you’ll need to come up with an alternative strategy. Even worse, Zelle doesn’t take credit card payments either.

This means you’d be limited to using U.S.-based bank accounts for all of your money transfers and online shopping needs.

Notably, once a payment has been sent from your Zelle account, you cannot stop it. If it’s rejected for technical reasons, you can only thank the stars.

Nevertheless, Venmo is restricted to people who live in the United States and have a US-based mobile phone number. Payments made with Venmo cannot be reversed, much as those made with Zelle.

Worryingly, there is always a danger that you will transfer money to the wrong person if you do this. You can ask for your money back, but it doesn’t ensure that you’ll get it easily.

Are These Mobile Apps Safe & Legit To Use?

The extent to which Zelle and Venmo are secure depends heavily on the user’s actions.

Although while many mobile applications and online money transfer services boast numerous levels of protection, you should still exercise caution.

For your financial security, Zelle maintains a stringent verification and monitoring control. It’s also linked to banking institutions, the vast majority of which have FDIC insurance.

But, remember that when donating money, you are not permitted to provide any private or secret information. To put it simply, Zelle does not do this. In addition, you should only send money to people you know and trust before doing so.

You may utilise this same logic while using Venmo. It’s best to deal with reputable persons solely while exchanging money. Keep your account information private, and if you can, use a personal identification number to access your account online.

Attention! Venmo accounts are not protected by the FDIC like Zelle accounts are. This implies the government will not replace any of the funds in your digital wallet if you lose them.
There is no way to make a purchase using Venmo. By using the account, all purchases are final and cannot be cancelled. Thus, you should use extreme caution while deciding whom to give money to.

Final Words

There’s no denying the popularity of Zelle and Venmo right now for sending and receiving money. These are reliable options that allow customers to send money online quickly and easily.

The nicest aspect about using these applications to conduct financial transactions is that they typically incur no additional costs. While using Zelle, however, you may incur costs from some financial institutions.

When committing to a service, it is crucial that you carefully weigh all of its benefits and drawbacks. Check this review over carefully one again, and if you still have questions, post them in the section below. To Your Success!