Canada’s $2350 Senior Relief: Eligibility and How to Claim

Updated on March 21, 2024

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the $2350 relief for seniors in Canada, exploring who qualifies for it and the steps involved in claiming it. The Canadian federal government is actively engaged in addressing diverse financial needs of its citizens. Specifically, it prioritizes supporting elderly individuals by offering assistance with their living expenses and pension. This aid aims to empower seniors to effectively manage their costs of living and navigate potential challenges tied to inflation. If you’re keen to understand the eligibility criteria and more details about the $2350 Relief for Seniors in Canada, keep reading through this article.

$2350 Relief for Seniors in Canada

Canadian seniors benefit from a comprehensive array of federal assistance provided by the Canadian Government. These financial aid programs are designed to offer support to low-income seniors, helping them with their living expenses. The government extends its assistance through various avenues, including Old Age Security pensions, Canada Pension Plan benefits, Guaranteed Income Supplements, and additional financial support for seniors. In the upcoming year, the Canada Revenue Agency is set to provide relief assistance amounting to 2350 CAD for seniors.

The government’s decision to offer the $2350 Relief for Seniors in Canada reflects a commitment to addressing inflation and ensuring seniors can age with dignity. This substantial increase is anticipated to be beneficial for the recipients. Senior advocacy groups have been actively urging the government to assist seniors in coping with the significant impact of inflation. Given that the Old Age Security’s average monthly assistance in 2024 is around $642, which is deemed insufficient in the current economic landscape, the government is planning to enhance the monthly assistance starting in March 2024.

The much-needed $2350 Relief for Seniors in Canada appears to have finally materialized, addressing a long-standing requirement. The government has decisively moved forward with this relief assistance, signaling a significant step to bolster the financial support for seniors who hold considerable electoral influence. This initiative aims to empower seniors by facilitating an increase in their Old Age Security (OAS) payments. Notably, it’s crucial to understand that Old Age Security is funded directly from Federal taxation revenue, without reliance on any other specific funding source.


The $2350 Relief for Seniors in Canada is anticipated to provide valuable assistance in handling the federal cost of living for seniors. This relief is designed to help seniors effectively manage their national living expenses, covering essential aspects such as healthcare, housing, Medicare, and other crucial costs. The grant of $2350 will be integrated into the Old Age Security (OAS) benefits. Responding to both inflationary pressures and the persistent advocacy by seniors for increased support on fixed incomes, the government is set to initiate the doubling or tripling of this assistance payment starting from the upcoming month.

Who Can Claim This and How To Do It? Full News

Seniors aged 60 years or older will be eligible to claim the $2350 Relief for Seniors in Canada. This financial assistance will be directly deposited into the bank accounts of Old Age Security (OAS) beneficiaries along with their regular federal monthly aid. To qualify for the full assistance, individuals must be at least 65 years old and hold Canadian legal residency.

The relief payment is extended to beneficiaries of both OAS and Canada Pension Plan (CPP). The government is implementing this measure to assist Canadian seniors in coping with the escalating costs of inflation. To ensure eligibility for this assistance, it is essential to confirm the receipt of the full OAS payment, keeping in mind that these benefits are not applicable to higher earners and are contingent on meeting age and residency criteria.

The objective behind this payment increase is to provide crucial support to individuals facing financial challenges with low income. The official approval for the clawback threshold is expected to be established. Those deemed eligible will have the opportunity to receive these relief benefits. While Old Age Security (OAS) is distributed on a monthly basis, the extent of its increase is contingent on the fluctuations in the cost of living and inflation. Canada Pension Plan (CPP) recipients will also have the option to coordinate this payment with another program, independent of those already receiving their OAS monthly benefits.

Eligible Canadians can anticipate receiving $760 in OAS benefits, with new beneficiaries benefiting from a roughly 5% increment compared to older pensioners. The distribution of these benefits is set to occur promptly on their respective dates, directly deposited into the bank accounts of OAS pensioners.


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