Canada’s Minimum Wage Rankings by Province: Comprehensive Hourly Rates

Updated on February 6, 2024

Explore the Complete List of Minimum Wages in Canada, Varied by Province. These rates change annually, reflecting factors like inflation. Curious about the latest figures? We’ve got you covered in this article.

Province Wise Highest to Lowest Minimum Wage in Canada

The worker’s minimum wage significantly contributes to economic development, with workers playing a crucial role in the country’s growth. Currently set at $15.77, the minimum wage is expected to increase in the coming months, varying by sector. According to reports from Canada Urban Workers, the highest sector income is 10 times the minimum wage, contributing to CEOs of corporate firms becoming some of the world’s leading billionaires. As inflation rises, workers are advocating for higher daily wages. Read on to discover the province-wise breakdown of minimum wages in Canada from highest to lowest.

Per Hour Wage List Canada2024

As the CPP sees a rise, anticipate an increase in minimum wages. Provincial administrations are the decision-makers in this regard, and several provinces have already implemented impactful changes.


Most employees receive a minimum wage of $15 per hour, while students under 18 have a minimum wage of $13 with certain restrictions. Salespersons, including commercial agents, real estate agents, and professionals, earn a basic pay of $598 per week. Domestic employees receive a minimum monthly income of $2848, with an additional amount provided for rent.

British Columbia

The standard wage for employed citizens stands at $16.75 per hour since October 2023, with expectations of an upcoming increase in the months ahead. Contract workers will receive payment based on the project’s assigned amount. The anticipated increase is influenced by changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

New Brunswick

The current minimum wage is $14.75, having been raised in the last quarter of the previous year. Anticipate a further increase to $15.75 per hour in the coming year, with authorities announcing a 5 percent hike starting next month. Employees also receive holiday pay at 1.5 times their hourly rate. These changes in minimum wages will impact the application of new tax credits.

Newfoundland & Labrador

As of October 2023, the base pay stands at $15. Ministers are currently deliberating adjustments to the minimum wage rates for 2024, with a projected increase of 1%.

Northwest Territories

Since 2022, the minimum wage has been $16.05. Starting in 2024, there will be an increase determined by the calculation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), taking into account factors such as Yellowknife and the percentage change in AHW.

Nova Scotia

The province’s hourly pay stands at $15 since November 2023. Annually, the wages will undergo a 1% adjustment to align with the inflation rate. The Minimum Wage Review Committee will play a pivotal role in determining the updated wage for the province.


The current general wage is $16.55 per hour, and due to peaking inflation, authorities are contemplating a change in this minimum wage. Anticipate a winter increase of 6.5 percent. Additionally, the highest income for workers in the business analyst field is $82,000.

Prince Edward Island

Workers currently receive a minimum wage of $15 per hour, with plans to increase it by 50 percent starting from January 2024.


Currently, employees receive a wage of $15.25 per hour, with plans for an increase to $16 in the upcoming months.


The province has set a minimum wage at $16.77, effective since April 2023. Wages are annually adjusted based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), with an expected increase slated for April 2024.

The Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

Numerous firms offer some of the highest-paying jobs in the country, contributing significantly to the nation’s economic capital. Explore this section for a list of some of the top-paying jobs.


Job roleHighest Income
IT Manager$111330
Marketing Manager$100956


Exciting news on the horizon – emerging corporate and technical firms are poised to create approximately 20,000 new jobs in the upcoming months. With this surge in job opportunities, we can anticipate an increase in paychecks.


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