Capital One Class Action Settlement Payment 2024 Schedule, Eligibility, Amount, Claim Status

Updated on April 18, 2024

Back in July 2019, Capital One suffered a massive data breach affecting nearly 98 million Americans. Now, a settlement has been reached, offering $190 million in relief for those impacted. This breach exposed sensitive information like payment records, contact details, and social security numbers. After the hacker responsible was convicted, the final approval for the settlement came on September 13, 2022.

How to Apply for Capital One Class Action Settlement Claim?

Settlement Fund$190 Million
Claim SubmissionOut-of-Pocket Losses, Lost Time
Identity Defense ServicesEnroll for a 3-year service
Restoration ServicesAccess for at least 3 years
Claim Submission Last DateSeptember 30, 2022
Capital One Class Action Settlement Payment Date28th September onwards
Contact Details1-855-604-1811,

If you’re one of the affected individuals eligible for benefits from the settlement, don’t miss out! Follow these steps to claim what you’re owed:

  1. Keep an eye out for an email from It’ll have the deadline and a link to claim your payment.
  2. Click on the “Claim Payment” link before the deadline mentioned in the email.
  3. Once you click, you’ll land on a payment dashboard with different options. Choose your preferred payment method.
  4. You might need to provide some extra info to complete the process.
  5. After you submit, expect updates from They’ll keep you posted on the status and when you’ll get your payment based on your chosen method.

How to Claim Capital One Bank Settlement?

To get your benefits from the settlement, you needed to take a few steps:

  1. Claim for Out-of-Pocket Losses and/or Lost Time: Fill out a claim form before September 30, 2022, to get reimbursed for any financial losses or time spent dealing with the breach.
  2. Claim for Identity Defense Services: Enroll for a three-year identity defense service at no cost. This includes dark web monitoring, identity monitoring, lost wallet protection, and a $1 million identity theft insurance policy.
  3. Access Restoration Services: Even if you didn’t file a claim, you could still use Restoration Services to help resolve any fraud issues.

Capital One Class Action Settlement Payment 2024 Schedule

Capital One Settlement Payment Date

Payments started going out to eligible claimants on September 28, 2023. Remember, you’ve got to submit your claims by the deadlines they’ve set if you want to get paid.

How to Continue Getting Benefits?

You can still keep your protection going with Identity Defense and Restoration Services. With Identity Defense, you’re shielded from identity theft, and Restoration Services help sort out any fraud problems. These services are a big help in keeping your identity safe.

For all the ins and outs of what you’re entitled to in this settlement, it’s best to check out the official settlement website.

Claiming the Capital One Settlement Payment: Support Options

If you’re having any trouble with your claim, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Capital One Settlement Administrator. Here’s how:

Helpline Number: 1-855-604-1811 Official Web Portal: Support Email:

Capital One acted fast once they found out about the breach, even alerting the FBI. But by then, millions had already been taken. Paige A. Thompson, the unauthorized hacker, was found guilty in the breach, affecting over 106 million credit card holders in the US and Canada. It’s one of the biggest financial data breaches in US history.


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