Changes to Canada Child Benefit Eligibility: Current and 2024 Projections

Updated on February 12, 2024

2024 Canada Child Benefit: Eligibility and Amount Changes Ahead

Canada Child Benefit Eligibility Changes

Youngsters across the country are set to benefit from the Child Care Plan, as the Canadian Government extends financial assistance to citizens under 18. The amount of support varies based on age and household income, with the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) offering tax-free assistance to eligible families. Children under 6 will receive additional funds for foster care and necessities.

Each year, the benefit sees a 3% boost, leading to changes in monthly instalment amounts. Beneficiaries can anticipate a paycheck increase of $500 or more in the upcoming instalment, along with adjustments in other benefit factors. Modifications will also extend to income threshold limits and eligibility criteria. Explore further to learn about the evolving landscape of CCB eligibility.

What Is A Child Benefit Plan?

The CCB program took over from the UCCB Program in 2016, aiming to offer more support to lower-income families. The program’s rules were established through a contract, providing a helping hand to those in need. Families can count on fixed payment dates, with the amount arriving on the 15th of each month.

Families raising kids receive financial assistance to maintain a decent standard of living. The tax-free amount allows them to use the entire sum for the child’s upbringing. The benefit encompasses the Child Disability Benefit and additional support from other provinces. Calculating the benefit takes into account the family’s minimum income and monthly expenditures as key factors.

What are Present and Projected Changes in 2024?

Good news! The CCB Young Child Supplement is here to offer extra support to families with double the joy of foster care kids. Benefit amounts are determined based on parents’ and childcare organizations’ tax returns from the previous year. Notably, the disability benefit for children has been boosted to $3,173, with a monthly deposit of $264.41.

In 2024, kids aged 7 and above will get $522 monthly, while those below 7 will receive $619. Dive in for more details on the evolving eligibility criteria for the Child Care Benefit.

For Kids

To qualify for the Child Care Benefit, the child must be under 18 years old. The benefit is split into two categories: one for kids under 6 and another for those above 7. Additionally, the child needs to be a permanent resident, with custody shared by the parents. At least one parent or guardian must be a permanent resident. It’s also essential that the child lives with the applicants for over 6 months.

For Parents

To be eligible for the Child Care Benefit, both parents need to be permanent residents of the country. Immigrant families must have a residency history in Canada of at least 18 months. In terms of custody, at least one companion should be a permanent citizen. Additionally, the records should include the tax returns of both parents.

For the Parents Sharing The Child Custody

Guardians or custodial parents must meet specific eligibility criteria to receive the benefit amount.

For children under custody, distinct rules apply compared to the regular CCB benefit. The amount granted to applicants is contingent on the time spent with the child. If the child divides time equally between both parents, each parent will receive an equal share of the allowance.

Single parents with foster care responsibilities can expect additional support under the CCB Young Supplement Benefit.

Canada Child Benefit Payment Dates 2024

Families can expect annual benefit amounts of $7,437 for children under 6 and $6,275 for those aged 7 and above, based on the previous year’s tax returns. The actual benefit varies, considering factors like full-time or shared custody. Deposits will be made on specified dates each month, with possible delays on national or bank holidays. If a holiday occurs, the amount will be deposited on the next working day. Check out the schedule below:

  • January: 19th
  • February: 20th
  • March: 20th
  • April: 19th
  • May: 20th
  • June: 20th
  • July: 19th
  • August: 20th
  • September: 20th
  • October: 18th
  • November: 19th
  • December: 20th


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