Check Here for CRA Payment Dates Feb-March 2024: When Will It Arrive for You?

Updated on February 21, 2024

Discover the scoop on CRA Payment Dates for Feb 2024 – When Can I Expect It? This article covers essential details about CRA Payment Dates in Feb 2024 and when you can anticipate receiving it.

CRA Payment Dates 2024

The CRA handles various federal benefits in Canada, such as the Canada Child Benefit, GST/HST Credit, Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan, ACWB, and more. Typically, payments for these benefits are scheduled on fixed dates, but delays can occur due to various reasons.

If you’ve applied for federal benefits, including some provincial/territorial ones, the CRA will follow a payment schedule. It’s important to note that the mentioned dates on the schedule are applicable for direct deposit payments. If you receive payments by cheque, you may need to wait a few extra days to receive your CRA payment.

CRA Benefit Payment 2024

NameCRA Payment Dates
Administered byCanada Revenue Agency
Payments forFederal Benefits
OTB Payment DatesJanuary 10, 2024
GST/HST CreditJanuary 5
CCB Payment DatesJanuary 20, 2024
OAS Payment DatesFebruary 27
ACWB Payment DatesJanuary 12
Veteran disability pension DatesFebruary 29
CAIP payment datesJanuary 13

CRA Payment Dates Feb 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency usually releases benefit payments monthly, but each payment may have a different date. It’s worth noting that payments sent by mail could experience additional delays in certain regions, particularly due to wildfires, as mentioned by the CRA.

To ensure timely payments, it’s advised for citizens to choose Direct Deposit and update their bank details through CRA My Account services. Additionally, CRA My Account provides a convenient platform to manage payments and check the latest CRA Payment Dates.

For those curious about the schedule, the Government of Canada has outlined the payment dates for January and February 2024. You can find this information under the “Benefit payment dates” section on the Canadian Government’s website.

CRA Payment Dates Check 2024

Here are the payment dates provided by the CRA for January and February 2024:

Canada Pension Plan:

  • January Payment Dates: January 29
  • February Payment Dates: February 27 (These include retirement pension, disability, children’s, and survivor benefits.)

Old Age Security:

  • January Payment Dates: January 29
  • February Payment Dates: February 27 (These include OAS Pension, Allowance, Guaranteed Income Supplement, and Allowance for the Survivor.)

GST/HST Credit:

  • January Payment Dates: January 5 (Tax-free quarterly payment requiring tax filing.)

Canada Child Benefit:

  • January Payment Dates: January 19
  • February Payment Dates: February 20 (Tax-free monthly payment to assist with the cost of raising children under 18.)

Ontario Trillium Benefit:

  • January Payment Dates: January 10
  • February Payment Dates: February 9 (Applicable only to the Province of Ontario; includes OEPTC, NOEC, and OSTC).

Advanced Canada Workers Benefit:

  • January Payment Dates: January 12 (First quarterly payment issued on July 28. Amount depends on income and location.)

Alberta Child and Family Benefit:

  • February Payment Dates: February 27

Veteran Disability Pension:

  • January Payment Dates: January 30
  • February Payment Dates: February 29 (Tax-free payment supporting the well-being of eligible citizens.)

Climate Action Incentive Payment:

  • January Payment Dates: January 13 (Includes basic amount and rural supplement for specific provinces.)

For more details on benefits, maximum amounts, payment dates, and other significant information, refer to the Canadian Government’s website.

When is the CRA Payment Coming for Me?

All beneficiaries are eligible for the CRA Payment, but it’s essential to note that payment dates may differ based on regions and other factors. To confirm the arrival of the CRA payment, individuals can easily check by logging into their CRA My Account.

With wildfires affecting certain regions in Canada, mail deliveries might be delayed. Individuals in these areas experiencing delays in receiving their payment cheques can reach out to Canada Post for more information. Additionally, system issues could impact CRA payments.

For those expecting CRA Payments via Direct Deposit, it should typically arrive within 5-7 business days. If beneficiaries haven’t received the payment within this timeframe, it’s advisable to contact the CRA for assistance.



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