CPP Payment Schedule, Disability Benefits, Increment, Amount, and Limit

Updated on February 24, 2024

Explore the information on CPP payment dates, disability dates, increases, and limits in this article. It covers various aspects, including CPP payment details, disability dates, increments, amounts, limits, and other important information.

CPP Payout

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) provides monthly payments to eligible individuals in Canada. It includes two main categories: Retirement Pension and Disability Benefits, each with its own set of benefits and eligibility criteria. The retirement pension is a taxable benefit designed to replace a portion of income for individuals upon retirement.

Applicants who have submitted their applications for the Canada Pension Plan can review the Payment Dates on the official Government of Canada website. The most recent CPP payment was issued on September 27, 2023, and the next anticipated payment is scheduled for October 27, 2023.

CPP Payment Schedule

Name Canada Pension Plan
Administered by Government of Canada
Country Canada
Types Retirement Pension and Disability Benefits
Age Limit of Retirement Pension At least 60 years
Age Limit of Disability Benefits Under 65
CPP Payment Dates October 27, 2023
Website canada.ca


CPP Payout

The Canada Pension Plan offers monthly payments to eligible individuals who have contributed to the CPP. There are two primary categories within CPP. To be eligible for the CPP Retirement Pension, applicants need to be at least 60 years old and have made at least one valid contribution to the CPP.

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To qualify for CPP disability benefits, individuals under 65 must have sufficient CPP contributions and a long-term disability hindering substantially gainful work due to a physical or mental impairment. The CPP Disability Benefit comprises two main parts: CPP Post-Retirement Disability Benefit and CPP Disability Benefit.

Applicants can assess eligibility for the CPP Disability Benefit on the official Canada Government portal. Upon successfully submitting the CPP application meeting criteria, payment is expected within 7 to 28 days (Online Application) or 120 days (Mail or in-person at Service Canada Centre).

Following submission, authorities may take up to 4 months for a decision based on the completed application and an authorized medical report. If a terminal illness is confirmed, the application will be expedited within 5 business days.

CPP Disability Payout Schedule

The upcoming CPP Disability Payment is scheduled for October 27, followed by subsequent payments on November 28 and December 20. The Government of Canada will release the CPP Payment Dates for 2024 in the future.

Moreover, children dependent on individuals already receiving CPP Disability benefits may also qualify for a monthly payment if:

  • The dependent is under 18 or between 18 and 25 and is in full-time attendance at a recognized school/university.
  • The dependent is a child of the individual receiving the CPP Disability Benefit.

To verify CPP Payment Dates, please check the official source.

Number  Date
1 Jan 27
2 Feb 24
3 Mar 29
4 Apr 26
5 May 29
6 Jun 28
7 Jul 27
8 Aug 29
9 Sep 27
10 Oct 27
11 Nov 28
12 Dec 20

As these benefits are paid monthly, the government will issue CPP Payments on a 12-month basis each year.

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CPP Payment Rise

Starting from 2019, CPP payments have been steadily on the rise. However, the CPP Enhancement specifically applies to individuals who began working and contributing to CPP from 2019 onward. Present-day workers contribute slightly higher amounts, leading to increased benefits and enhanced financial stability in the future.

The CPP enhancement in 2019 introduces two extra components: the first one spanning from 2019 to 2023, and the second one from 2024 to 2025.

CPP Payment and Limit

The CPP amount a person receives is influenced by factors such as the age when payments begin, average annual earnings, and contributions made. To find the maximum CPP payment for the year 2023, one can visit the official Government of Canada website.

Here are the maximum payments for 2023 in different CPP categories:

  • Retirement pension: $1,306.57
  • Post-retirement benefit: $40.25
  • Disability benefit: $1,538.67
  • Post-retirement disability benefit: $558.74
  • Children of disabled CPP contributors: $281.72
  • Children of deceased CPP contributors: $281.72
  • Death benefit (one-time): $2,500

Recipients of CPP payments may also qualify for additional benefits such as post-retirement benefits, death benefits, survivor’s pensions, post-retirement disability benefits, and children’s benefits. Pensions can commence from the age of 60, with the maximum monthly amount achieved at age 70. Each benefit has its own eligibility conditions and considerations.



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