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Updated on June 14, 2024

This post covers everything you need to know about reaching the CRA by phone. It includes details on how to contact them, various contact methods, dos and don’ts when calling the CRA, and other relevant information.

CRA Contact Number

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is responsible for managing tax rules, regulations, and ensuring compliance on behalf of the federal government. Effective communication with the CRA is crucial, especially when submitting taxes. In essence, for any tax-related matters under the jurisdiction of the CRA, it’s advisable to reach out to the government body.

While there are various ways to contact the CRA, we highly recommend using the telephone number. This allows for direct communication, ensuring effective resolution of issues. Here, we’ve compiled a list of CRA contact numbers and provided guidance on the dos and don’ts when making a call.

Ways to Contact CRA

The CRA offers straightforward, easily accessible, and secure online services, enabling most taxpayers to handle their tax filing and payments conveniently from home, without the need to wait for a customer service agent. There are four options provided by the CRA for users to get in touch.

The CRA offers several contact options, including Online Services, Email, Telephone, and In-person Appointments. If you’re wondering about the best way to reach the CRA, we recommend using the telephone. Let’s delve into this option further.

How Can I Contact CRA by Phone?

To get assistance with complex issues or speak with a customer service agent at the Canada Revenue Services, you can call their toll-free line at 1-800-959-8281. The phone service operates from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time.

Before reaching out to the CRA, ensure you have your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and tax information readily available for optimal service. Keep in mind there might be a potential delay, so it’s advisable to contact them during off-peak hours. Below, we’ve listed the information and documents you should have on hand before contacting the CRA.

CRA Contact Numbers List

Queries/TopicsContact Number 
Assist with My Business Account and Act as a Client’s Advocate.1-800-959-5525
Payroll deductions and accounts.1-800-959-5525
Update business information1-800-959-5525
Talk about a repayment plan for a payroll tax liability.1-877-548-6016
Talk about a repayment plan for a company’s income tax liability.1-866-291-6346
For payroll, report a nil remittance.1-800-959-2256
Talk about a nil remittance for non-resident withholding tax.1-866-971-4644
For Creating a business account and any necessary program accounts, such as the GST/HST account.1-800-959-5525
For assistance in filing T2 corporation income tax return electronically.1-800-959-2803

When contacting the CRA, what information should you have with you?

Waiting for a call can be frustrating for everyone, especially when dealing with a busy line. It’s essential to be considerate and ensure that the person you’re calling doesn’t have to wait because of you. Therefore, it’s crucial to have all the necessary papers and information related to your queries before reaching out to the CRA. The following points can assist you with this:

  1. Business number (BN) if applicable
  2. Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  3. Your original full name
  4. The company’s full legal name if applicable
  5. Call-in number
  6. Complete mailing address
  7. Specifics of the inquiry, such as the most recent notice of assessment, return, or other tax records.

How to Judge whether you are in contact with CRA or any Scammer?

Citizens of Canada should always be on the lookout for fraud when interacting with the CRA. It is important to understand how the CRA regularly interacts with taxpayers and how you can verify their identity before providing any information, as scammers frequently pose as CRA officials.  personal information:

  • When you get in touch with a genuine CRA employee, they usually provide you with their name and phone number. Inquire about their name, badge number, and office if you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a call. The CRA can then be contacted directly in order for you to confirm this information.
  • The CRA never sends sensitive information by email. Never send personal or financial information by email or text to anybody claiming to represent the CRA.
  • CRA does, however, occasionally use automated calls; however, they will never request your banking or personal information.
    The CRA will never ask a merchant (iTunes, Amazon, or others) for immediate payment via Interac e-transfer, Bitcoin, prepaid credit cards, or gift cards.
  • The CRA never uses text messages, WhatsApp, or other instant messaging services to contact you.
  • No emails or texts, including a link to your refund, are sent by the CRA.
  • A person posing as a CRA agent will not be one if they use combative language, threaten to arrest you, or demand your banking and personal information.
  • In order to collect payment, a CRA representative will never schedule a meeting with you in a public setting.

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