Current nfl Free Agent qbs



As the NFL offseason progresses, one position that always draws significant attention is the quarterback. The quarterback is often regarded as the face of a franchise, and teams are constantly on the lookout for skilled signal-callers who can lead them to success. In this article, we’ll delve into the current landscape of free agent quarterbacks in the NFL, examining notable names and potential landing spots.

Current nfl Free Agent qbs

  1. Cam Newton:

Former MVP Cam Newton finds himself in the free-agent pool after a one-year stint with the New England Patriots. Known for his dual-threat abilities, Newton could be a valuable asset for teams in need of an experienced quarterback with playoff experience.

Possible Landing Spots: Washington Football Team, Houston Texans, or as a backup for a playoff contender.

  1. Jameis Winston:

After serving as the backup to Drew Brees in New Orleans, Jameis Winston is now seeking a starting role. Winston possesses a strong arm but has faced challenges with turnovers throughout his career.

Possible Landing Spots: Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, or a team looking for a quarterback competition in training camp.

  1. Mitchell Trubisky:

The former Chicago Bears quarterback is hitting free agency after a year as Josh Allen’s backup in Buffalo. Trubisky has shown flashes of potential, and teams may be intrigued by his mobility and arm strength.


Possible Landing Spots: Denver Broncos, New York Giants, or a team seeking a young quarterback to develop.

  1. Andy Dalton:

With the Chicago Bears acquiring Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton is set to explore free agency. Dalton brings a wealth of experience as a starter and could be a reliable option for teams in need of a veteran presence.

Possible Landing Spots: New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, or a team looking for a reliable backup.

  1. Tyrod Taylor:

After serving as a backup for the Los Angeles Chargers, Tyrod Taylor is now a free agent. Taylor’s ability to protect the football and make plays with his legs could make him an attractive option for teams in need of a steady hand under center.

Possible Landing Spots: Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, or a team seeking a backup with starting experience.


The quarterback carousel is always a focal point during the NFL offseason, and this year is no exception. With a mix of experienced veterans and young talent available in free agency, teams will carefully assess their needs and budget to make the best choices for the upcoming season. As the offseason unfolds, it will be interesting to see where these quarterbacks land and how they impact the league in the 2023 season.


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