Canada Workers Benefit: Payment Dates, Eligibility, and Login

Updated on January 23, 2024

Explore this article for insights on Canada Workers Benefit eligibility, payment details, login procedures, and important dates. Discover a wealth of information covering various aspects of Canada Workers Benefit, including eligibility criteria, payment processes, login instructions, and key dates.

Canada Workers Benefit Eligibility

The Canada Workers Benefit is a tax credit designed for individuals and families with low incomes in Canada, offering a refundable credit. Typically, it can be claimed during the tax filing process. This benefit comprises two main components – the Basic Amount and the Disability Supplement, each with its own set of eligibility conditions.

To qualify for Canada Workers Benefits, individuals must earn a working income and maintain a net income below the threshold set by their respective province or territory. Each province establishes its specific minimum net income limit. Additionally, dependents and spouses/common-law partners can also claim the benefits if they meet all the eligibility criteria outlined for the Canada Workers Benefit.

Canada Workers Benefit Payment

Name Canada Workers Benefit
Administered by CRA
Country Canada
Beneficiaries Residents of Canada
Type Refundable tax credit
Parts Basic Benefit | Disability Supplement
Basic Benefit Max Amount 1,428 dollars (single individuals) | 2,461 dollars (families)
Disability Supplement Max Amount 737 dollars (single individuals) | 737 dollars (family)
Payment Date July 28, 2023 | October 12, 2023 | January 12, 2024

CWB Eligibility

To qualify for the CWB Basic Amount, individuals need to meet certain criteria, including being a resident of Canada, aged 19 or older by December 31, earning a working income, and maintaining a net income below the province’s specified requirements. Additionally, the eligibility extends to spouses or common-law partners who must also be Canadian residents and live with the individual as their spouse or common-law partner.

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A dependent may qualify if:

  • They are the child of the individual or their spouse/common-law partner.
  • They are not eligible for the CWB.
  • They are under 19 years old and reside with the individuals.

For the Disability Supplement of the CWB, eligibility requires:

  • Qualification for the disability tax credit and submission of an approved Form T2201 to the CRA.
  • A net income below the threshold set by the individual’s territory/province of residence.

CWB Payment

The credit amount for eligible individuals or families is determined based on marital status, eligible dependents, earned working income, adjusted family net income, province/territory of residence, and eligibility for the disability tax credit.

As per the CRA, the maximum CWB Basic Benefit payments are:

  • $1,428 for single individuals:
    • Gradual decrease if adjusted net income is above $23,495.
    • No payment issued if adjusted net income exceeds $33,015.
  • $2,461 for families:
    • Gradual decrease if adjusted net income is above $26,805.
    • No payment issued if adjusted net income exceeds $43,212.

The maximum basic benefit amount varies for residents of Nunavut, Alberta, and Quebec.

For the CWB Disability Supplement, the maximum payments are:

  • $737 for single individuals:
    • Decreases if adjusted net income exceeds $33,018.
    • No payment issued if adjusted net income exceeds $37,932.
  • $737 for families:
    • Gradual decrease if adjusted net income is above $43,210.
    • No payment issued if:
      • One spouse eligible for disability tax credit, and adjusted net income exceeds $48,124.
      • Both spouses eligible for disability tax credit, and adjusted net income exceeds $53,037.

The maximum amount for the CWB Disability Supplement varies for residents of Nunavut and Quebec.

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CWB Payment Dates

The upcoming CWB payment is scheduled for October 12, 2023. Individuals eligible for Canada Workers Benefits have the option to receive up to 50% of their CWB as advance payments. Additionally, those entitled to the disability supplement can also receive 50% of it in advance.

Following the issuance of the CWB Payment on October 12, the subsequent payment is scheduled for January 12, 2024. For additional details on Canada Workers Benefits, including eligibility criteria, maximum payments, and other essential information, you can find comprehensive resources on the official website of the Government of Canada.

Canada Workers Benefit Login

Workers who qualify for Canada Workers Benefits can claim them by either electronically filing their taxes and following the correct instructions in the software or by filing paper returns and submitting Schedule 6. For those opting for advance payments, there’s no need to apply as these payments are automatically issued.

Beneficiaries eligible for these benefits can log in to their “My Account” to access payment details, including amounts and dates. Alternatively, they can also use the “My Benefits CRA” app to gather information about the Canada Workers Benefit.



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