Canada’s Bill C-22: Disability Benefit Eligibility and Payment Schedule 2024

Updated on February 23, 2024

On June 22, 2023, Canada’s inaugural national disability pension, Bill C-22, received royal assent. Although lacking specific details, the bill holds two significant aspects. Then-Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough expressed the bill’s aim to provide a monthly payment, akin to the Guaranteed Income Supplement, for working-age Canadians with impairments.

Qualtrough highlighted that the goal is to furnish a substantial financial safety net, addressing the plight of one in four individuals with disabilities facing poverty. Explore this page for updates on the Disability Benefit Bill 2024, including Bill C-22 Disability Benefit and Canada Disability Benefit Payment Dates for 2024. Service Canada administers this benefit, and you can find information on applying for CPP Disability Benefit on this page.

2024 Disability Benefits Legislation

The introduction of the Canada Disability Benefits 2024 under the newly enacted C-22 law has been well-received by the public. Through Canada Bill C-22 CPPDB 2024, individuals meeting the eligibility criteria will receive financial assistance from the Canadian government. Before starting the application process, it’s important for individuals to review the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits Eligibility Criteria 2024 provided on this page. I’ll be sharing updates, including CPP Disability Benefits Payment Dates 2024 and the latest information on Canada Bill C-22 Disability Benefits 2024.

The new Canada Pension Plan, administered by the Canada Revenue Agency, extends pension eligibility to individuals over 65 falling under the LI category. Additionally, the implementation of the new Bill C-22 Disability Benefit has positively impacted the quality of life for Canadians. The Canada PP Disability Benefit 2024 program, introduced through this law, aims to offer financial support to citizens in the LI category.

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C-22 CPPDB 2024: Exploring Canada’s Disability Benefits

Title Details Bill C-22 Disability Benefit
Nodal Agency Service Canada
Purpose To help Canadians with disabilities who earns low.
CDB Payment Amount Around $1,538.67
Category Government Aid
Canada Disability Benefit Payment Dates 2024 check below
Official Website


Veterans’ Disability Benefits in Canada

In Canada, individuals who served in the Canadian Armed Forces may qualify for disability compensation for veterans. This compensation is a tax-free financial support aimed at promoting their well-being.

Various factors influence the benefits an individual may receive, including the duration of their military service, the seriousness and impact of their illness, and whether it resulted from their service. Veterans Affairs Canada provides an online benefits navigator designed to gather information about the user’s situation and guide them to the potential benefits they may be eligible for.

Understanding CPP Disability Benefits

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefit provides a monthly financial support to individuals facing a substantial inability to work due to physical or mental impairments. This assistance is designed for those dealing with severe or life-threatening illnesses, as well as individuals with long-term and permanent disabilities. The pension is paid until the age of 65, after which it automatically transitions to the retirement pension under the Canada Pension Plan.

The amount of payout depends on your length of service and the contributions made to the Canada Pension Plan. Most people accumulate credits by having deductions from their work paychecks. If you’re self-employed and earn over $3500 annually, you should be making contributions as well. Additionally, there’s potential eligibility for credits related to the time spent raising children at home.

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CPP Disability Benefit: Qualification Requirements

To qualify for CPP disability benefits:

  1. You must be below 65 years old.
  2. Have made adequate CPP contributions from previous employment.
  3. Experience a lasting physical or mental impairment preventing you from working for compensation.

To meet eligibility requirements, a signed medical report from a doctor or nurse practitioner is necessary.

CPP Disability Payment Dates

  • January 27th
  • February 24th
  • March 29th
  • April 28th
  • May 27th
  • June 28th
  • July 28th
  • August 27th
  • September 28th
  • October 27th
  • November 26th
  • December 22nd

Applying for CPP Disability Benefit

To qualify for CPP Disability benefits or Terminal Illness CPP Disability benefits, you need to print, complete, and mail the Application Kit. It’s crucial for your doctor or oncologist to fill out the Medical Report separately and submit it.

If printing the application is not feasible, paper copies may be accessible at your cancer center through staff members like social workers, resource workers/volunteers, nurses, or navigators. They may also assist in faxing your application to the Service Canada office.

It’s recommended to apply as soon as you become unable to work. You can apply for CPP Disability even if you’re seeking EI Sickness Benefits, especially if you expect a severe and prolonged disability.

Upon receiving your application, Service Canada aims to process CPP Disability and Terminal Illness applications within 5 business days. A CPP Disability representative will contact you to confirm acceptance or request additional information.



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