Drug Payment Scheme: How to Apply for Drugs Payment Scheme? Eligibility, Payment Date, Amount

Updated on February 12, 2024

Check out this post for a comprehensive guide on the Drug Payment Scheme: Learn how to apply, check eligibility, find out about payment dates, and understand the amount involved.

Drug Payment Scheme

To take care of its residents, the Irish government runs various programs, including those covering medical expenses. One such initiative is the Drugs Payment Scheme, designed to assist all Irish citizens in covering the expenses of prescribed medications.

Under this program, the monthly cost for approved medications, prescription drugs, and HidraWear is capped at €80 for you or your family. The primary beneficiaries are individuals who frequently bear the full cost of prescriptions due to the absence of an Irish Medical Card.

If you’re looking to delve deeper into the Drug Payment Scheme, exploring details such as payment amounts, eligibility, and more, then just keep reading this post.

What is Drug Payment Scheme?

In Ireland, for approved prescription drugs, medications, and specific gadgets used by an individual or their family in a month, you only have to pay €114* through the Drugs Payment Scheme. This amount is subject to periodic adjustments by the HSE.

To snag a Drug Payments card, all you need is a PPSN and residency in Ireland. Just hop on over to www.mydps.ie to sign up for the Drugs Payment Scheme, and the best part? No means test required.

Once you’ve registered, each person listed on the form gets their own handy plastic swipe card. Remember to flash this card every time you swing by the pharmacy to grab your prescribed drugs or appliances. Easy peasy!

How to Apply for Drugs Payment Scheme?

To apply for the Drugs Payment Scheme, head to HSE – PCRS (mydps.ie) and complete the online application. You can also grab a form from your local health office or pharmacy or download a printable PDF.

Once done, you’ll get a reference number for tracking your application. If you applied by mail and shared your mobile, you’ll receive the reference via text; otherwise, it comes by mail. For any pre-submission hiccups, reach out to the DPS registration team at 1890 252 919.

Need a pricey prescription without being in the scheme yet? Request a temporary emergency registration, ensuring you apply for the full plan within three months. During this wait, you won’t pay more than the €80 limit. Easy peasy!

Drug Payment Scheme Eligibility

The DPS card is open to all Irish citizens, making it different from other means-tested programs. To qualify, you need to be an Ireland resident planning to stay for at least a year.

Both individuals and families can apply. A family, as per this scheme, includes an adult, their spouse, and children under eighteen. This covers medical expenses for you, your partner, kids, and dependents.

The program covers the applicant, their spouse or partner, and children under eighteen or, if full-time students, under twenty-three.

Even if a dependent can’t fully support themselves, lacks a medical card, and has a physical or intellectual condition, they may be included, regardless of age. For applicants unable to care for themselves, include a medical report.

Drug Payment Scheme Amount

After you submit your DPS application, you’ll snag a handy wallet-sized card. Just take it to your regular pharmacy, and your DPS number will be linked to your file there. If your expenses hit the €80 limit, your pharmacist will handle the rest.

The DPS program covers a vast array of items, possibly ranging from thousands to hundreds. For the complete list of prescription medications, bandages, and medical supplies under the drug payment plan, check online. Your GP and pharmacist can cross-verify item coverage with the HSE reimbursement using this list.

We’re thrilled to have shared the details of the Drug Payment Scheme with you. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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