Expected 2024 Minimum Wage Increase in British Columbia{2024}

Updated on April 6, 2024

Discover the 2024 Minimum Wage Hike in BC: Unveiling the Expected Increase for British Columbia! Every nation safeguards its people by setting a minimum wage. Authorities create rules to govern citizens and guarantee fair compensation.Now, let’s discuss the impending increase in the minimum wage in BC.

BC Minimum Wage Increase 2024

In today’s situation of rising prices for nearly everything, the basic salary stands as the working class’s main support in the area. It ensures that people can manage their everyday necessities.

The growing inflation, contributing to an increased Consumer Price Index (CPI), has made the BC Minimum Wage Increase a commendable government initiative. These rates are adjusted annually, taking into account the economic landscape.

What is BC Minimum Wage Increase?

In British Columbia, workers are entitled to the set base wages, except for those employed in federal departments, who follow federal minimum wage standards.

If employees work the standard hours and aren’t already compensated at the same level, they can request the BC Minimum Wage. As of the current fiscal year, all employees are paid at least CAD 16.75 after the recent increase.

What is British Columbia’s anticipated increase in the minimum wage?

The authorities review and adjust this amount based on the region’s inflation rate. Expected modifications to this measure are also taken into account. Regardless of how often employees are paid, these wages must be provided to them.

In each province across the country, there’s a distinct minimum wage. In BC, it’s even higher than the federal government’s. The previous minimum wage standard in BC was CAD 15.65, which saw a boost of CAD 1.10. Below, we’ve outlined the yearly increments to the base compensation:

  • 2019: CAD 13.85 hourly
  • 2020: CAD 14.6 hourly
  • 2021: CAD 15.2 hourly
  • 2022: CAD 15.65 hourly
  • 2023: CAD 16.75 hourly

This data highlights a consistent rise in the minimum wage, reflecting the increasing cost of living in the region.

Minimum Wage for Different Occupations

Many workers adhere to standard minimum wage regulations, but some occupations have unique compensation rules. Here are details on a few such roles:

  1. Liquor Services Workers:
    • Responsibilities: Serving food and drinks, often receiving tips from direct customer interactions.
    • Post-2021 revisions: Now included in minimum wage regulations.
    • Current entitlement: CAD 16.75 per hour.
  2. Live-In Camp Leaders:
    • Compensation: Paid for the entire day rather than hourly.
    • Minimum payment obligation: CAD 133.69 for each employed day.
  3. Live-In Home Support Workers:
    • Duties: Providing medical assistance to individuals in their residences.
    • Current pay: CAD 127.43 for a full or partial workday.
    • Notable increase: Over CAD 8.
  4. Resident Caretakers:
    • Responsibilities: Ensuring premises maintenance.
    • Monthly remuneration:
      • Less than sixty suites: CAD 1002.53 + CAD 40.17 per suite.
      • Sixty-one or more suites: CAD 3414.85 base pay.
  5. Price Rate Workers:
    • Compensation method: Based on the amount of completed work.
    • Requirement: Advance information about price rates, varying by task nature.

For further details on minimum wage and specific occupations, visit the BC portal.



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