Find The List of Gas Stations That Accept Apple Pay

Updated on August 6, 2022

list of gas stations usa

We contacted every petrol station that accepts Apple in order to verify the service.

The whole list is provided for your convenience below.

To use Apple Pay, you must have a debit card linked to your mobile wallet.
BP/Amoco: the BPme app is required.
Chevron: Apple Pay is accepted at every location.
CITGO: a product that can only be found in specified places.
In some areas, you can only get a Circle K.
It’s only offered at a limited number of places.
For most ExxonMobil sites, you can use Apple Pay to pay with your Rewards+ app.
Pay using Apple Pay at Kum & Go by using the iPhone app.
Red Apple/Kiwik Fill: only available in a few select areas.
Kiwik Trip/Kiwik Star can only be found in select regions and is not widely distributed.
Meijer can only be found in select Meijer locations.
Phillips 66 can only be found in a few select establishments.
Apple Pay billing at QuikTrip is location-based.
RaceTrac: all locations accept Apple Pay.
Most Shell outlets now accept Apple Pay.
Most Sheetz locations now accept Apple Pay.
All Speedway locations accept Apple Pay.
Currently, Valero only offers Apple Pay at a limited number of sites.

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