Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit 2024: Eligibility, Payout Dates, Status, and News

Updated on March 4, 2024

This article covers everything you need to know about the Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit in 2024: Who qualifies, payment dates, settlement status, and the latest updates – all in one place.

Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit 2024

Teenagers and young individuals are now filing Gardasil lawsuits against Merck, the maker of the vaccine. Recently, Merck & Co. has faced criticism for allegedly rushing the clearance process and overlooking severe side effects linked to the medication.

According to the plaintiffs, after receiving HPV vaccination shots, they endured intense pain and harm, including possible life-threatening autoimmune diseases and cancers. If you or someone you know has faced life-threatening side effects from the Gardasil vaccine, reaching out to an attorney is crucial, as it could lead to financial compensation through a lawsuit.

Let’s delve into the Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit of 2024 together, exploring its significance and who qualifies. Keep reading to get the full scoop.

What is Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit?

HPV, a possible culprit behind cervical cancer in women, is targeted by the Gardasil vaccination. However, this vaccine, crafted by the troubled pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., is under scrutiny. Lawsuits argue that the significant health risks associated with Gardasil outweigh its benefits, questioning the vaccine’s overall significance in preventing HPV.

Merck obtained FDA approval for Gardasil in 2006 based on allegedly false research and exaggerated effectiveness in clinical studies, while safety concerns were supposedly concealed. Following approval, Merck launched an aggressive and misleading marketing campaign, aiming to vaccinate millions of preteen daughters with Gardasil.

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It’s essential to note that a Gardasil lawsuit doesn’t oppose vaccines as a whole. Instead, it raises concerns that a vaccine believed to be safe may have hidden risks, challenging our collective understanding.

Who can get this?

If you or a loved one experienced lasting adverse effects from the Gardasil vaccine, you might be eligible to seek damages. Your vaccine injury lawyer will file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) within three years of the initial symptoms.

Your attorney will gather a comprehensive record of vaccination-related injuries, including medical records, vaccination details, and evidence of the impact on your life. VICP will review the claim and documentation to determine reimbursement eligibility. If granted, the funds typically cover lost wages, medical expenses, mental distress, and legal fees.

To understand eligibility for the Gardasil lawsuit, contact a legal firm involved in the case. It’s crucial to act promptly, as lawsuits related to HPV vaccine harm must be filed within the statute of limitations. Consult with a lawyer to protect your legal rights.

Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit Payment Dates

Currently, we cannot offer Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit payment dates as the case is still under trial. Once the settlement is finalized, we will promptly provide the payment dates.

For those seeking information on potential financial compensation through a Gardasil lawsuit settlement, product liability lawyers are available for free consultations and case reviews.

Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit Settlement Status and Updates

All claims related to adverse effects of the HPV vaccine Gardasil are consolidated before a single court for coordinated discovery and pretrial procedures. The first Gardasil trial dates are expected to commence in August 2024, providing insight into potential jury reactions to evidence repeated throughout the case.

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The Gardasil class action MDL currently comprises 132 cases, a relatively low number given the duration of its operation. Some claims may be resolved in vaccine court, possibly contributing to the limited number of cases.

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