Overview of USA GS Pay Scale 2023-2024: GS1 to GS 15

Updated on June 14, 2024

Understanding GS Pay Scale USA 2023-2024 for Federal Employees”

Nearly 1.6 million civilian employees of the US government follow the General Schedule (GS) Payscale globally. I’ll guide you through the GS Pay Scale USA 2023-2024, providing insights into past and present General Schedule pay tables, locality adjustment rates, an interactive pay calculator, and more to help you comprehend your compensation as a federal employee.

Adjustments to the General Schedule (GS) Pay Scale are typically made for civilian federal employees at the end of the fiscal year. Having a clear understanding of how the system operates empowers you and your family to make informed financial decisions. This information also enables you to compare jobs, consider transfers, and make well-informed decisions about your career. Explore this page for comprehensive details on the General Schedule Pay Table with Locality.

Understanding the General Schedule Pay Scale

The GS Pay Scale, utilized by the federal government for over 1.6 million civilian employees, establishes the salaries of federal civilian white-collar workers in the United States. It is the predominant pay scale in the US civil service, encompassing fifteen pay grades from GS-1 (lowest) to GS-15 (highest). Each pay grade includes ten steps, representing incremental increases in wages within that grade.

GS Pay Table with Locality Information

Annual Adjustments to Federal General Schedule Base Payscale”

Executive orders, in the absence of a budget or through congressional budget decisions, establish the base pay rates, and these new rates become effective on January 1st each year. Federal employees typically receive annual raises ranging from one to three percent. In some instances, effective raises may be higher when factoring in location rate adjustments.

Last year, federal workers experienced a 4.1% increase. The table below reflects the anticipated 5.2% overall raise for the upcoming year in the federal General Schedule Base Payscale. This page will promptly publish the official 2024 GS payscale once the rates are officially announced.

GS Basic Pay Scale 2023 Overview

GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8Step 9Step 10GS-1USD 20,999USD 21,704USD 22,401USD 23,097USD 23,794USD 24,202USD 24,893USD 25,589USD 25,617USD 26,273GS-2USD 23,612USD 24,174USD 24,956USD 25,617USD 25,906USD 26,668USD 27,430USD 28,192USD 28,954USD 29,716GS-3USD 25,764USD 26,623USD 27,482USD 28,341USD 29,200USD 30,059USD 30,918USD 31,777USD 32,636USD 33,495GS-4USD 28,921USD 29,885USD 30,849USD 31,813USD 32,777USD 33,741USD 34,705USD 35,669USD 36,633USD 37,597GS-5USD 32,357USD 33,436USD 34,515USD 35,594USD 36,673USD 37,752USD 38,831USD 39,910USD 40,989USD 42,068GS-6USD 36,070USD 37,272USD 38,474USD 39,676USD 40,878USD 42,080USD 43,282USD 44,484USD 45,686USD 46,888GS-7USD 40,082USD 41,418USD 42,754USD 44,090USD 45,426USD 46,762USD 48,098USD 49,434USD 50,770USD 52,106GS-8USD 44,389USD 45,869USD 47,349USD 48,829USD 50,309USD 51,789USD 53,269USD 54,749USD 56,229USD 57,709GS-9USD 49,028USD 50,662USD 52,296USD 53,930USD 55,564USD 57,198USD 58,832USD 60,466USD 62,100USD 63,734GS-10USD 53,990USD 55,790USD 57,590USD 59,390USD 61,190USD 62,990USD 64,790USD 66,590USD 68,390USD 70,190GS-11USD 59,319USD 61,296USD 63,273USD 65,250USD 67,227USD 69,204USD 71,181USD 73,158USD 75,135USD 77,112GS-12USD 71,099USD 73,469USD 75,839USD 78,209USD 80,579USD 82,949USD 85,319USD 87,689USD 90,059USD 92,429GS-13USD 84,546USD 87,364USD 90,182USD 93,000USD 95,818USD 98,636USD 101,454USD 104,272USD 107,090USD 109,908GS-14USD 99,908USD 103,238USD 106,568USD 109,898USD 113,228USD 116,558USD 119,888USD 123,218USD 126,548USD 129,878GS-15USD 117,518USD 121,435USD 125,352USD 129,269USD 133,186USD 137,103USD 141,020USD 144,937USD 148,854USD 152,771

Expected GS Basic Pay Scale 2024

GS GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8Step 9Step 10GS-1USD 22,091USD 22,833USD 23,566USD 24,298USD 25,031USD 25,461USD 26,187USD 26,920USD 26,949USD 27,639GS-2USD 24,840USD 25,431USD 26,254USD 26,949USD 27,253USD 28,055USD 28,856USD 29,658USD 30,460USD 31,261GS-3USD 27,104USD 28,007USD 28,911USD 29,815USD 30,718USD 31,622USD 32,526USD 33,429USD 34,333USD 35,237GS-4USD 30,425USD 31,439USD 32,453USD 33,467USD 34,481USD 35,496USD 36,510USD 37,524USD 38,538USD 39,552GS-5USD 34,040USD 35,175USD 36,310USD 37,445USD 38,580USD 39,715USD 40,850USD 41,985USD 43,120USD 44,256GS-6USD 37,946USD 39,210USD 40,475USD 41,739USD 43,004USD 44,268USD 45,533USD 46,797USD 48,062USD 49,326GS-7USD 42,166USD 43,572USD 44,977USD 46,383USD 47,788USD 49,194USD 50,599USD 52,005USD 53,410USD 54,816GS-8USD 46,697USD 48,254USD 49,811USD 51,368USD 52,925USD 54,482USD 56,039USD 57,596USD 59,153USD 60,710GS-9USD 51,577USD 53,296USD 55,015USD 56,734USD 58,453USD 60,172USD 61,891USD 63,610USD 65,329USD 67,048GS-10USD 56,797USD 58,691USD 60,585USD 62,478USD 64,372USD 66,265USD 68,159USD 70,053USD 71,946USD 73,840GS-11USD 62,404USD 64,483USD 66,563USD 68,643USD 70,723USD 72,803USD 74,882USD 76,962USD 79,042USD 81,122GS-12USD 74,796USD 77,289USD 79,783USD 82,276USD 84,769USD 87,262USD 89,756USD 92,249USD 94,742USD 97,235GS-13USD 88,942USD 91,907USD 94,871USD 97,836USD 100,801USD 103,765USD 106,730USD 109,694USD 112,659USD 115,623GS-14USD 105,103USD 108,606USD 112,110USD 115,613USD 119,116USD 122,619USD 126,122USD 129,625USD 133,128USD 136,632GS-15USD 123,629USD 127,750USD 131,870USD 135,991USD 140,112USD 144,232USD 148,353USD 152,474USD 156,594USD 160,715

Calculating GS Pay

Calculating GS Pay: Base pay is determined by grade and step, combined with locality pay, an additional percentage based on the cost of living in a specific geographic area. Extra compensation for exceptional work or achievements may include bonuses and performance pay.

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