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Here’s How to Move Money From Your Trust Wallet to Your Bank Account!

Updated on April 17, 2023

BEP2 and ERC20 tokens can be invested in the Trust Wallet, which is an ingenious digital wallet.

How to transfer money from a trust wallet to your bank account is necessary in order to withdraw your gains.

What Topics Will We Discuss?

You must utilize Binance or another popular exchange site to transfer money from Trust Wallet to your bank account.

Send money from Trust Wallet to your bank account by creating a Binance account > Send money from Trust Wallet to your bank account. Obtain a token by completing the following steps: Then, you can use Binance to sell your tokens. Withdraw money from your bank account in your native currency.

The withdrawal process can take as long as 60 minutes to complete. –

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How To Transfer Money From Trust Wallet To Bank Account – Step By Step Guide

One of the most popular software wallets for cryptocurrency aficionados is Trust Wallet.

The wallet’s ease of use, speed, and security have made it a popular alternative to more complex solutions.

It is added to your Trust Wallet when you buy a token.

Selling the token for a well-known cryptocurrency like Binance Coin (BNB) or Ethereum (ETH) is an option.

As soon as you’ve exchanged your ETH or BNB for them, you’ll need to withdraw your funds.
Trust Wallet funds may only be withdrawn to BNB or Ethereum, thus first you must turn them into one of those currencies. Then, transfer the BNB or Ethereum to an exchange of your choice, such as Binance.

Attention! The best cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, accepts over 60 fiat currencies, including USD, AUD, and GBP.
As long as you follow all of the instructions correctly, the withdrawal process shouldn’t take more than 60 minutes.

This is how it works, shall we?

Set up an account on Binance

Having a Binance account is the first and most critical step. Here’s how to get your hands on one.

Remember, Binance is highly recommended and accepts credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, as well as cash as a form of payment.

Sign up for an account at
To get to your dashboard, you’ll first need to register and log in.
Find the Address of the Token
Beginners may find the next stage a little difficult to grasp. Don’t worry, we’ve made the process a lot easier for you.

Select Wallet, then Fiat, and Spot from the top navigation bar.
Click Deposit when you’ve found the coin you want to withdraw.
There is a wallet for each coin that you may choose from.
Your bitcoin can be withdrawn from Trust Wallet only if it is sold on Binance.

As a result, you’ll need to copy your Binance address.
In the Coin section, select the coin you wish to store.
Your bitcoin address and MEMO should then be copied.
Note! If you wish to deposit Ethereum, you don’t need the MEMO.
To Binance
Now that you’ve copied your cryptocurrency’s address, you’ll need to open Trust Wallet. Use Trust Wallet to send the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw from Binance. This is how you can convert your Bitcoin into US cash.

Select the cryptocurrency you want to take out of Trust Wallet by tapping on it. If you need to change the coin you hold, you can do so.
When you tap on the cryptocurrency you want to transfer, you’ll be transported to the wallet where you may deposit it.
As well as icons for sending and receiving, there will be a “Copy” and a “More” option.
Send your cryptocurrency to Binance.
To send your cryptocurrency to Binance, click the Send button.
After that, you’ll be taken to a page with a variety of fields, such as the recipient’s address and the BNB amount.
You can copy and paste your Binance address into the Recipient Address field.
Enter the total amount of cryptocurrency you wish to send to Binance in the Quantity field.
Enter your MEMO in the Memo field and press Next.
Confirm your decision to leave.
Binance is a good place to list your token.
After transferring your cryptocurrency from Trust Wallet to Binance, you can sell it on Binance.

Get started by visiting the Binance Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency section.
Then I want to sell drop-down option lets you select the cryptocurrency you’d like to sell.
Choose the amount of cryptocurrencies you want to sell from the dropdown menu.
Then, under the “You will get” section, choose how much fiat money you desire.
Take Money Out of Your Bank Account in Your Own Currency.
Now that you’ve exchanged the cryptocurrency for fiat currency, you can take the money out of your bank account.

Select Wallet from the top navigation bar on Binance.
Fiat and Spot are the next two buttons to press.
At the top of the page, choose “Withdraw,” and then select Withdraw Fiat.
To deposit money into your bank account, select the currency you want to use, then select a payment method like SEPA or a bank card (Visa).
Step 3: Submit with your withdrawal details. To send money to your bank account, enter the amount you want to transfer.
Using the Withdraw To option on your phone, select the bank account where you want to transfer the money.
After you click Continue, you’ll be prompted to complete the security check.
Within 30 to 60 minutes, the money will be deposited into your bank account.

The End of the Story

You can use Decentralized Applications (DApps) with the Trust Wallet, which is a decentralized wallet.

By creating a user experience that is basic and straightforward, it aims to make crypto more accessible. In addition, you may effortlessly transfer the funds from your cryptocurrency account to your bank account to increase the profitability of your cryptocurrency investment.

To what extent may I transfer money from my trust wallet to my bank account?

Which bank accounts accept Trust Wallet transfers?

Send money from Trust Wallet to your bank account by creating a Binance account > Send money from Trust Wallet to your bank account. Obtain a token by completing the following steps: Then, you can use Binance to sell your tokens. Withdraw money from your bank account in your native currency.

A bank account can be funded via a cryptocurrency wallet.

Yes. Transferring cryptocurrency is doable, but you’ll need to do so via an exchange platform. There may also be some withdrawal fees involved.