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How do you play the board game Apples to apples?

Updated on May 19, 2023

To play Apples to apples, you and your friends (or family) will need a deck of cards with nouns written

on them.

Each player gets seven random adjective cards that they keep secret from the other players during gameplay.

Next, someone needs to shuffle all 52 word card decks together and place it in the middle of everyone playing at once.

The youngest person goes first by picking up one randomly selected word cade; then he or she flips over an adjacent card off top if their own without looking at what’s underneath until both words are laid out face-up for everyone else around him/her watching! All others must lay down which ever matching set between his/hers and another’s is closest:

How do you play

The judge picked a green apple card from the top of the stack.

Once it was read aloud, they placed it face up on the table.

Players quickly chose their red apple cards from their hands to make sure that these matched with what had been said by this word played out in front of them and then submitted them for

approval before placing one down onto the table as well after all were ready to do so.

What is apples to apples board game?

The party game Apples to Apples is a popular choice for parties, because it can be played by at least 4

players and lasts 30-75 minutes.

The Mensa International recognized the game in 1999 as one of their award finalists because it’s fun enough that even adults enjoy playing with friends!

The best way to explain apples-to-apples is by using an example.

Imagine two different boards that both have twelve spaces, but on one space there’s a car and in another it doesn’t exist at all!?! This would be like playing with your friends where some of the players get more than others because they’ve done better during playtime – That isn’t very fair does it?
A game can only offer what its components allow for; if you want equality then maybe something other than games will suffice (although we know how much fun those types often are).

So when comparing two versions of anything relatedly… Boardgames might seem simple compared side by

How many cards do you get in apples to apples?

The official Apples To Apples rule guide suggests that the game should be played with 8 green cards, 7

green cards, 6 green card, 5 green card and 4 green card for games of 4-8 players respectively.

After the round-winning has been chosen by one of the participants all red cards which had already been used

during this particular round must be returned to their original place in order not to affect future rounds.

This is a simple, but not easy question! With apples to apples it’s 24.

The number of cards you get in this game will depend on how many people are playing which can make for some interesting dynamics when each person gets an equal share at the end (even though that may be unlikely).

For instance if there were two players and they played four hands apiece then their total could increase or decrease depending who won three out five times so even though nothing was decided yet by chance has already been involved here since we’re talking math-y stuff like addition

Why is the phrase “apples to apples” used?

Although it is thought that the expression “apples to apples” originated from a party game introduced by

It originally originated as an old children’s toy, which Hasbro later published under the Mattel name.

Players that play cards consecutively that match each other in colour or numerical value win the majority of rounds in this red apple matching, green apple card matching game.

This makes for a lively environment at gatherings where everyone can participate in some friendly competition!

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Most often, when people think of apples, they are thinking of the fruit.

But what better name for a dish than “apples-to-apples” when there is only one apple listed as an ingredient but you actually need two or more different kinds for flavour balance?
A fantastic illustration is that I would probably decline if someone offered me an ice cold beer while I was enjoying some juicy chicken sliders with mustard on them (wonderful! ), preferring to instead drink iced tea. Just so happens, a lot of restaurants now provide both food and drink options.

however – it’s really the same thing – each other instead.

Apples to Apples is a highly well-liked board game that involves contrasting two things.

Players compare their scores first, which are based on how well they were able to guess at various answers (for instance, “What colour was George Washington’s horse?”).

Following comparisons of values like money or time spent, people evaluate their own characteristics, such as age and body weight, before arriving at an overall ranking for all three categories.scorecard comparison with opponent self-evaluation