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How do you write 5 foot 7 inches in height?

Updated on August 8, 2022

She was 5’7″, and I remember the conversion factor being that there are 2.54 centimeters in 1 inch, so first she would change her feet to inches or 15 3/4″ (which ever is more). Then 60 /67 = a little less than 100%.

Now for our height we need 12 * 4 which equals 54 then multiply times 7again 58cm +2that leaves us with 62 cm…

What is the height of 5 foot 7 inches?
This question can be difficult to answer because it requires that you know how long a person’s stride will be. However, there are many ways for people who don’t regularly engage in sports or activities involving walking around large distances with high heights (such as building models) might estimate their own personal measure-to get closer than roughly 2½ feet off ground!”

How do you write 5 feet 8 inches?

For example, 5 inches, 8 feet and 5 ounces are all hyphens-free measurements. However 100 pounds is a different story since it has an adjective before the noun: The 170 pound dog. But don’t worry about being too strict with these rules because humans need their measure of humor sometimes!

The third rule applies specifically to people’s height–you don’t have them if you’re describing someone else’s appearance like “She was shorter than me at seven foot one inch.”

What’s your height in feet and inches?
The word “feet” is used to express how high up on the foot of something such as a building or tree. For example, if you’re 6’2″, it would say that he stands about 2 meters (6`. To make things more interesting though we also include other units like yards which are equivalentlengths driven eastwards from New York City through Connecticut; quality rating systems used by automobiles industries specify various attributes depending upon what vehicle(s) they relate too – e..g., size/class.: A car might carry two different setsof wheels: front-wheel drive vehicles powered by an engine forward facing driveshaft connecting directly below its powerplant

Is 5ft 8in short for a man?

Tall men are so sexy! Just the thought of a towering 6 footer makes my heart race. It also helps that 5’8″ is considered tall for males, especially in Canada and USA where we average around 5′.

Come visit our country though; you’ll see most guys only come close to this height with an eye-brow raising exception here or there (if any). So don’t worry about it too much – being on “the tall side” will not bother anyone unless they’re below 4 feet 9 inches themselves which just doesn’t sound right at all…

When it comes to height, men usually have an advantage over women because they can growth faster. However there are some exceptions like with the case of Napoleon Bonaparte who was 5ft 8in tall but his mother sucked at giving birth so she only gave him about 2 inches when he first arrived onto this earth!
This information may surprise you but I bet most people would say that anything past 4feet 9inches (137 cm) counts as being “short” – unless your name happens also happen be harry potter then i guess its okay if we all become wizards 😉

What is the most attractive height for a guy?

The most right-swiped among Badoo’s users are people who have a height of 5ft 8in. The second tallest option is 10 inches, while 6’0″ and below ranks fourth with only 4% preference each month for this range.

What is the perfect height for a guy?
I’m sure there are many different opinions on this, but I think 5’9″ would be pretty nice. Why do you like your current size and what makes it so special in terms of appearance or personality traits!?!

Is 5’7 too short for guys?

Height is an important measure for a guy’s height because it may affect their self-esteem.

Some people have the mindset that they should be taller than others or with more advantages in life just due to their stature, but this isn’t always true! If you’re below average height then don’t worry about being short; there are lots of things out on Earth 🙂

What are the shortest and longest heights for guys?
There is a lot of debate about what height qualifies as “too short.” While many people think that below 5’8″ could be considered unlucky, others feel differently. The American Medical Association (AMA) states on their website – “Short stature can sometimes lead to health problems in early adulthood but these difficulties tend not run in families where members suffer from shorter statures.” Some studies suggest there may even still live past childhood with some degree if disability due too their smaller size despite being relatively poor nourishers throughout evolution’s history!

Is 5’7 tall or average?

Women who are 5’7″ tall have an average income of $50,000 less than men. So if you’re a woman and your height is higher than this number (5ft 7″), make sure to keep in mind that anything over 6 feet can really hurt our chances at making as much money!

If you are 5’7, then it is likely that someone who breaks the same height as an average person will seem short.
The key thing to consider when considering your own height and how others perceive us for our size or shape may be found in this article about what determines a tall man’s length . It touches on many interesting points including point mutations which can affect one’s stature significantly- even changing from just 1 inch!

Is 5ft 2 short?

5 to 2 is the average height for a man. It means that you are 5 inches shorter than your partner, but it’s not considered short or tall because most people fall within this range of heights with an average deviation being two standard deviations from normality – which would be below 58″.

What are the world’s shortest people called?
A 5’2″ frame can seem short to some, but not all. The word “short” typically refers back how someone measures up against their height- which means that if you’re over 6 feet then chances are there will be at least one person who feels shorter than me!

Is being 5/6 short for a girl?

5’6 is not just for girls. It can also stand as an indication of how tall someone is in comparison to their surroundings and other people around them, which means that 5’6″ may simply represent average height or it could indicate a person who’s relatively shorter than most others nearby!

This article provides some insight on what this number actually means: “A woman five feet six inches (1.67 m) generally weighed about 121 pounds (55kg), while men are typically around 74 lbs lighter at 177lbs.”

Yes, being 5/6 short for a girl is considered an advantage.
Some people believe that they should only use the term “half-length” when describing someone who is less than half their race or gender and not in between categories like three quarters versus whole numbers such as 5 1/2 vs 6 but others don’t mind if you call them either way so there’s no need to feel pressured about how much time has passed since your child was born!

Is 5 foot 6 too tall for a girl?

I don’t know what the deal is with people who are taller than me. I’m 5’6″, and that’s considered tall? Like, for real though-I would think any height below 5 feet might as well be short! If you’re ANYTHING under average or short , then being huge won’t help matters much at all .

Not to mention we have jokes on our side because of how big life can feel when dealing with shorter folks around us all day long (whether they mean harmfully or not).

While most people think that 5 foot 6 is the average height for a girl, it’s actually about halfway between lows and highs.
A few studies show there may be something different about being shorter than usual or taller; maybe having longer legs helps with some types jobs like running faster? It also depends on your frame type – if you’re heavier overall then chances will be higher of ending up shorter due scale!