2024 Social Security, SSI, and SSDI Benefits Guide

Updated on June 14, 2024

In 2024, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) will see an automatic increase in line with SSI and VA Payments. The growth is influenced by the economy, which, while improved since 2022, results in a smaller Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) this year. The government will determine the COLA percentage increase for 2024 based on the inflation rate assessed from the third quarters of 2022 and 2023.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, January 3, as the first Social Security Checks of 2024 will be distributed according to the Social Security Administration’s Payments Schedule. Those eligible for this batch include individuals receiving both Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), as well as those who applied for Social Security before May 1997. Stay tuned for updates on how much you’ll receive in Social Security, SSDI, and SSI benefits in 2024.

2024 Social Security Payments

With the increasing cost of goods, many Americans, especially those with lower incomes, are anxious about managing expenses. Fortunately, Social Security adjusts payment levels annually through the COLA, ensuring that SSI and SSDI payouts keep pace with living costs and serve as a safeguard against inflation. Changes have occurred in SSI and SSDI for 2024, so it’s essential to learn about the SSDI Payment 2024 and SSI Payment 2024.

To qualify for a Supplemental Security Income 2024 Payment, specific criteria must be met, ensuring eligibility for the SSDI 2024 Increase Payment. Once your check is approved, reviewing the payment schedule can help in making sound financial plans for every month in 2024.

2024 SSDI Payment Amounts

The US government has disclosed the exact COLA amount for 2024, simplifying benefit calculations for SSDI recipients in January of the following year. This knowledge makes financial planning for households much easier. Notably, every American citizen will receive a larger check starting next year, thanks to the COLA Increase 2024. To qualify for the raise, individuals need to have an SSDI check or a similar benefit. While the COLA applies to various payouts, including SNAP, SSDI and other Social Security benefits are vital income sources for many families, emphasizing the need for accurate COLA application. With the COLA, the average monthly SSDI payment for disabled individuals will increase by $48 in January 2024, starting at $1,537 compared to the 2023 average of $1,489.

2024 SSI Payment Amounts

Knowing the pre-announced Supplemental Security Income 2024 payment schedule from the US Social Security Administration allows us to plan our finances effectively. With awareness of the dates for receiving each Social Security benefit, we can manage our time efficiently. It’s important to note that not all Americans receiving retirement benefits are eligible for Supplemental Security Income in 2024.

SSI benefits, distinct from SSDI benefits, are funded by US tax money rather than payroll taxes, assisting around 7.5 million individuals monthly. Most recipients are over 65, dealing with disabling conditions, having limited income, or earning a low salary. The maximum federal monthly SSI payout will increase from $914 to $943, and for eligible married couples, monthly payouts will rise from $1,371 to $1,145.

2024 Social Security Benefit Amounts

The expected increase in average benefits for all retired workers is from $1,848 per month in 2023 to $1,907 in 2021. Additional projected monthly averages from a Social Security Administration information page include:

  • Elderly couple, each receiving $3,033 in benefits (previously $2,939).
  • Mother, a widow, and her two kids: $3,653, up from $3,540.
  • Elderly widow on her own: $1,773, up from $1,718.
  • Spouse, disabled worker, and one or more children: $2,720, up from $2,636.
  • All handicapped workers: $1,537, an increase from $1,489.



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