How to Apply for Drug Payment Scheme: Eligibility, Payment Date, Amount{2024}

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Drug Payment Scheme

To make sure everyone in Ireland can afford their meds, the government has programs like the Drugs Payment Scheme. This scheme limits the monthly cost of prescribed meds and other stuff like HidraWear to €80 for you or your family. It’s aimed at folks who don’t have an Irish Medical Card and end up footing the whole prescription bill.

If you want to learn more about the Drug Payment Scheme, including how much it covers, who’s eligible, and other important info, just keep reading this post.

What is Drug Payment Scheme?

Those in Ireland who wish to purchase approved prescription drugs, medications, and specific devices for their own or their family’s use during that month only have to pay €114* each.month under the Drugs Payment Scheme. Periodically, the HSE modifies this amount.
To get a Drug Payment card, you just need a PPSN and to be living in Ireland regularly. Sign up for the Drugs Payment Scheme at, and there’s no income test. Once you register, you’ll get a swipe card for each person listed. Remember to show this card each time you pick up your meds from the pharmacy.

How to Apply for Drugs Payment Scheme?

You can apply online at HSE – PCRS ( Alternatively, you can pick up a Drugs Payment Scheme Application Form at your local health office or pharmacy. You can even download and print a PDF version of the form.

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After you complete the online application, you’ll get a reference number to track your application. If you applied by mail and provided your mobile number, you’ll get the reference number by text; otherwise, it’ll come in the mail. If you need help before submitting the form, you can call the DPS registration team at 1890 252 919.

If you need expensive meds but haven’t enrolled in the Drug Payment Scheme yet, you can request temporary emergency registration. You still need to apply for the full plan within three months, but during this time, you won’t pay more than €80 for your meds.

Drug Payment Scheme Eligibility

The DPS card is open to all Irish citizens. Unlike other programs, the Drug Payment Scheme is means-tested. You must be a resident of Ireland, planning to stay for at least a year, to qualify.

Both individuals and families can apply. A family, under this scheme, includes an adult, their spouse, and any kids under 18. So, the plan covers medical expenses for you, your partner, your children, and your dependents.

The program covers the applicant, their spouse or partner, and kids under 18, or under 23 if they’re full-time students.

If there’s a dependent who can’t fully take care of themselves due to a disability or illness but doesn’t have a medical card, they can still be included. You’ll need a medical report for an applicant who can’t care for themselves.

Drug Payment Scheme Amount

After you submit your DPS application, you’ll get a wallet-sized card. Just take this card to your usual pharmacy, and they’ll add your DPS number to your file. If your medical expenses go over €80, your pharmacist will add those extra costs to your DPS.

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The DPS program covers a wide range of items, from prescription meds to bandages and medical supplies. You can find the full list of what’s covered online. Your GP and pharmacist can also check if something is covered by the HSE reimbursement using this list.

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