How to Withdraw Money from Varo Without Card? – Tips

Updated on September 21, 2023

Many people without a debit card worry about how to withdraw money from their Varo account, but they may rest easy knowing that there are various options available.

So, what exactly are we going to discuss?
You may withdraw funds from your Varo account using a linked digital wallet, such as Google Pay or Zelle.

Money may be transferred from one Varo account to another, or to a bank account.
With Varo, you may use your phone as an ATM card.
There’s So Much More!

How To Withdraw Money from Varo Without Card? 

Getting cash without a debit or credit card might be a hassle, but you have nothing to worry about. There’s an old adage that goes something like, “Today’s issues call for today’s answers,” and we’ve got them for you.

We’ll go over the many options you have for getting cash out of your Varo account without a card right now.

Use Varo Through Digital Wallet Apps 

With digital wallet applications, you may withdraw money from Varo without a card. It could be anything from Google Pay or PayPal to Apple Pay or Zelle or Cash App or Venmo or any number of other apps.

To begin the withdrawal process, add your Varo card as a payment option in one of the aforementioned mobile apps.

There are now two options for completing the transfer: an ACH transfer or a Varo fast transfer.

Following the steps below when using Google Pay should get you where you need to go.

To add your Varo card to Google Pay, launch the app.
To access your profile in the Google Pay app, tap your photo.
Proceed now to Bank Accounts and Credit Cards. To add a new card, just click the button below.
Include your Varo card’s number, expiration date, and Card Verification Value (CVV). A Save button appears; please use it.
Once you’ve registered, you’ll get a One-Time-Password (OTP) to verify your account.
In the end, you just need to find the Activate button to start using your digital wallet to make purchases.
Attention! Payments can be made through this alternative without the need for a physical hard by linking multiple apps to your digital mobile wallets and Varo account.

Transfer Funds to Another Bank Account

If you have another bank account that is connected to your Varo app, you may easily move your money there. If you have misplaced your Varo card completely, this won’t help you.

Please refer to the procedures below to associate your accounts.

Throw open the Varo programme. Try browsing to the Accounts section.
Proceed to the next step and choose the plus sign next to Link an Account.
Discover the financial institution you’d want to associate with your Varo card.
Enter the User ID and Password for your other bank at the provided URL to log in. To submit your changes, use the Submit button.
To proceed, input the requested information as directed.
After that, you’ll be able to use the Varo app with your associated bank account.
Now that you’ve linked your accounts, you may move your money from Varo to the other bank by following the steps below:

Fire up the Varo programme.
Then, select Transfer Money after clicking the Move Money button.
Then, choose the option to send money from your Varo account to your own bank account.
When you’re ready, type in the money transfer amount. When making a transfer to a checking account, the most you may send is $5,000.

Send Money to Your Friend’s Account 

Having someone who is familiar with using a Varo card here can be very useful. One option is to have a buddy make a cash withdrawal for you. Here are the measures to take to do this:

To transfer funds, use the Varo app and tap the “Move Money” button at the app’s bottom.
Proceed by picking a Varo-to-Varo exchange method.
Put in your pals’ card information and the amount you want to send them.
Please review the transfer information one last time before submitting.
When you’re ready, select the option to “Send Money.” And that’s a wrap!
The money will be withdrawn from an ATM by your pal.
Such transactions occur instantly and at no extra expense to the sender or recipient. Because of this, if you have a buddy who also utilises Varo Card, you may want to consider this.

Remember that if you choose this method, you can only send and receive up to $2,000 every month.

Use Digital Card Details for Payments 

When you’re low on cash or have left your physical Varo card at home, you may still make a purchase using the virtual card.

Launch the Varo app, then choose the Account Details tab.
Key in the relevant information for the card now, including the number, expiration date, and CVV (CVV).
Finally, it’s done! All dues have been paid.

Cardless ATM Withdrawals with Varo

Another viable option for getting cash out of Varo without a card is to visit the cardless ATM. Despite a strict set of guidelines that must be followed, this is a simple and straightforward choice.

Here, the Varo mobile app serves as a substitute for a real card. One crucial caveat, though: Your Varo Debit Card needs to be connected to your gadget.

Using Varo, you may withdraw cash from an ATM without using a card in a few simple steps.

Prepare by downloading the Varo app and using it on your mobile device.
The option to Transfer Funds will be available to you. Click it.
Choose the “locate ATM” button now. You may use this finder to discover a number of nearby cardless ATMs.
Check out the nearest cardless ATM to discover whether it supports mobile cash access.
If this sounds like you, go with the mobile cash option. The next step is to launch the Varo mobile app.
Choose “cardless ATM withdrawal” from the list of banking options.
Now enter the amount you wish to withdraw from the ATM.
The mobile app will create a security code. Get some cash by entering the PIN at an ATM and waiting.
In other words, it’s quite easy and practical. It is, right?

The Bottom Line 

There are no hidden costs with a Varo bank account, making it a great option. If you want to do your banking on the go, you may do it securely using our mobile banking system.

With a Varo card, you may get cash from an ATM and spend it on a wide variety of services and products.
But what if you didn’t bring your Varo card with you or lost it? Now, as was previously said, you have a few options that can let you withdraw money from your Varo account without using a Varo card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move funds from my Varo account to my Cash app?

By connecting your Varo account to your mobile device’s digital wallets, you may send money from Varo to the Cash App.

Is a virtual card available from Varo?

Debit cards stored digitally can be utilised for purchases and payments and can be added to the digital wallet for use.

Does anyone know the Varo deposit limit for direct deposits?

Varo’s daily restriction on direct deposits is $1,000, with a monthly cap of $5,000.

When it comes to Varo, how much cash can you take out at once?

When using your Varo card at an ATM, you get access to about $750 every day.













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