2024 Gas Stimulus: Eligibility and Payment Schedule

Updated on June 14, 2024

With inflation at a record high, many Americans are feeling the impact of rising costs, especially when it comes to refueling their vehicles. The average cost of a gallon of gas in the USA is currently $4.24. To address this issue and provide financial relief, the federal government has implemented immediate measures, including tapping into emergency oil reserves and proposing a federal gas tax holiday to encourage oil companies to boost production.

One prominent initiative is the Gas Stimulus or Gas Rebate Act of 2022, which has gained widespread popularity. In this update, I’ll share information about Gas Stimulus Checks in 2024, including the payment date. Stay tuned to learn more about the anticipated amount of the Gas Stimulus in 2024.

2024 Gas Stimulus Payments

Americans are urgently seeking increased assistance to cope with soaring electricity costs. With gas price hikes potentially adding $2,000 to a typical family’s expenses, legislators are deliberating on plans for Gas Stimulus Checks in 2024. These proposals, reminiscent of past stimulus checks and a tax on major oil company earnings, aim to provide financial relief. In a proactive move, North Carolina state senators are advocating for a $200 one-time payment to each licensed adult driver to alleviate the escalating gas costs in the state.

2024 USA Gas Stimulus Check Information

Topic TitleGas Stimulus Checks 2024
Name of DepartmentIRS
Current Gas Price in USAAverage USD 4.24 a gallon
CategoryGovernment Aid
IRS Gas Stimulus Payment Amount 2024USD 300 for a household on an average
Official Websiteirs.gov


Understanding the Gas Stimulus

Throughout 2023, month after month saw a significant rise in gas prices, reaching unprecedented levels. In response, lawmakers are considering cash payouts or a temporary halt on gas taxes to aid households grappling with mounting expenses. The proposed gas stimulus mirrors the distribution of pandemic-related stimulus checks, with each payment set at $100 and an additional $100 for households with dependents.

Should the petrol price exceed $4.24 per gallon in any given month, payments would continue until the year’s end. As gas costs hit historic highs, many Americans struggle to afford the surging pump prices. Representatives John Larson, Lauren Underwood, and Mike Thompson have introduced the Petrol Rebate Act of 2022, aiming to provide $100 to Americans in response to the escalating petrol costs.

Gas Stimulus Check Eligibility under the Gas Rebate Act of 2022

To qualify for the Gas Stimulus Check under the Gas Rebate Act of 2022:

  • Single filers earning less than USD 75,000 are eligible. Those earning between USD 75,000 and USD 80,000 will receive a reduced amount, and individuals earning over USD 80,000 are not eligible.
  • Joint filers must have a combined income of less than USD 150,000 to qualify. Couples earning between USD 150,000 and USD 160,000 will receive a reduced payment, and those with an income exceeding USD 160,000 will not receive any payment.

Gas Stimulus 2024 Payment Date

The exact payment date for Gas Stimulus Checks in 2024 is currently under discussion, and any updates will be shared on this webpage. Distribution dates may vary by state based on government schedules. The Gas Reimbursement Act of 2022 aims to aid Americans with the increasing cost of gas by offering a $100 monthly reimbursement, with an additional $100 for each dependent.

Payments are expected to continue for each month that the national gas price averages $4.24 per gallon or higher. While the Gas Rebate Act of 2022 has been discussed by Democrats, no concrete steps have been taken yet. Americans are eagerly awaiting updates on Gas Stimulus Checks 2024 Payment. Stay tuned, and I will keep you informed of any developments regarding the Gas Rebate Act of 2022.

Gas Stimulus Amount in 2024

With gas prices hitting unprecedented levels and Americans grappling with high inflation, there’s a call from some legislators to address the issue. Representative Smith’s recent proposal suggests that the federal government should offer stimulus payments or rebate checks. Under this plan, families with two children could receive up to $300 per month, contingent upon the national average gas price remaining above USD 4.24 per gallon.

U.S. States Providing Gas Stimulus Checks

Despite the federal government not yet passing the Gas Rebate Act of 2022, some states (and municipalities) are contemplating issuing their own gas stimulus checks in 2024. Here’s a brief list of states participating in efforts to help consumers save on petrol through rebate programs:

  • Idaho residents stand to receive a $75 tax refund for each taxpayer and dependent.
  • Georgia citizens who filed tax returns in 2020 and 2021 will receive additional tax credits.
  • In Indiana, lawmakers have approved a plan to provide $125 tax refunds to all taxpayers who filed their 2021 taxes.
  • For single filers earning $75,000 or more, New Mexico will grant $250, and $500 for joint filers with an income of $150,000 or more.

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