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Internet speeds are doubled at no extra cost with Verizon Fios.

Updated on May 19, 2023

With double speed of internet, Verizon Fios customers can now download their data at twice the pace without paying an extra penny. This will be a magical blessing for those who use this service and make life easier on themselves with less waiting time when downloading large files or streaming videos online!

Verizon Fios is Offering Double Internet Speed without Additional Charges
The fastest internet service in America just got even better. With a simple update to your router, you can have the same blazing speeds as some of today’s most advanced providers without having any monthly fees or contracts!

Mix & Match Fios 100 Mbps: is now 200 Mbps

Mix & Match Fios 200 Mbps is now: is now 400 Mbps

You don’t have to worry about company changing the price of their services! The 200 Mbps service will be available at a cost of $39.99, and if you want 400mbps speeds then it’ll still set you back 59 bucks – same as before essentially no difference in pricing between lower or higher bandwidths

If you are crazy for Gigabit internet, then it’s time to opt out of the price and get your hands on Fios TV services. You can also take advantage with an ad-on personalized plan at just $79/month!

Here at Version Fios, we have the perfect internet plan for you! We offer three different speeds and unlimited data. Find out more about our service by calling us or visiting one of these websites: http://www-versions hopsville dot com/homepage twittercom/#versionfionteling

This is great news! With the recent partnerships between Disney and Verizon, subscribers will be able to enjoy an entire year of their streaming service. What do you think?

This new deal means that more people can watch all those movies from Pixar as well as characters likeaddin or Cinderella without having them blackout on us at any time–and there’s no need for extra cable packages either because everything should already come standard in your internet package (yay!)

Verizon Fios is the fastest internet service available. But, if you’re not satisfied with your current speed or want to take advantage of some new technology that could give even faster speeds than what’s currently offered then there are a few things for which we recommend checking out this offer from Verizon: Double Internet Speed without Additional Charges

Mix and match Fios’ speeds to get the best experience for your home! The new 200Mbps modems offer a dramatic increase over previous generations, up jumping from 100 MBps ( Mix & Match )  to 400+.