Ireland Allowance Increase 2024: Types of Allowances and Expected Increase News

Updated on March 5, 2024

Get ready for the scoop on Ireland’s 2024 Allowance Increase! With talks heating up after the latest budget, citizens are eagerly anticipating a boost in allowances. We’ve got the lowdown on types of allowances and the expected increase – dive into the details right here!

Ireland Allowance Increase 2024

The Government offers various allowances to support citizens financially. In this article, we’ll delve into each one. As of January 1st, the expected Ireland Allowance Increase 2024 is €12. The Department of Social Protection will handle the transfers, reviewing applications for eligibility and verifying details. Once approved, qualifiers will receive payments based on the officials’ schedule.

Who is Eligible for Ireland Allowance?

Being eligible is a crucial requirement set by the Government. Anyone looking to benefit from the amount must make sure they meet the criteria to receive the payment.

If you’re a permanent resident in Ireland, you can claim the allowance, but you need to be over eighteen. For those employed and paying taxes, share the relevant evidence with the authorities. If you’re facing unemployment or disability, make sure to provide the necessary proof.

Types of Allowances

Many citizens find the various benefits offered by the Irish Government overwhelming. Here, we’ve outlined some common allowances for your reference:

  1. Jobseeker Allowance: Available to citizens unemployed due to unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Carer Allowance: Individuals providing full-time care, whether to someone known or a stranger, can receive this allowance.
  3. Supplementary Welfare Allowance: Applicants need to pass a means test, evaluating their available assets.
  4. Disability Allowance: For those unable to work due to disability, this allowance provides financial support.
  5. Attendance Allowance: Aimed at disabled individuals unable to perform daily tasks, requiring a medical document confirming their disability.
  6. Basic Supplementary Allowance: Citizens newly employed and awaiting wages can apply; the government provides payment until they receive their salary.
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The Department of Social Protection administers these allowances, utilizing the Direct Benefit Transfer method for a streamlined transfer of significant amounts.

Ireland Allowance Expected Increase News

Back in October last year, the authorities unveiled the Budget with specific details on the Ireland Allowance Increase for 2024. Heather Humphreys, in the budget announcement, assured citizens of an increase in social allowances this year. This news has sparked hope among many, as the enhanced amount promises to positively impact their lifestyles.

As we have mentioned above, the predicted increase will be €12 for the social allowances. This figure is according to the Budget 2024. This will be the weekly payment that will be provided to the beneficiaries. In case you have reapplied for any allowance, make sure that you are entering the correct banking information.

The last payment was made on 29 January 2024; thus, the beneficiaries can expect the next amount to be processed in the last week of February 2024. They can claim the amount by browsing the myAccount and signing in to it. There will be a PAYE Services section in which the relevant link will be provided. The amount can be claimed from that particular link. Kindly note that if any applicant fails to provide the mandatory information or the document, then their application will be cancelled.


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