Ireland Winter Allowance 2024: Who is Eligible? Payment Amount and How to Claim it?

Updated on February 17, 2024

Find out about the Ireland Winter Allowance 2024: Are you eligible? How much is the payment, and how can you claim it? If you’re an Irish citizen looking to apply for the Winter Allowance, we’ve got all the details for you in this article.

Ireland Winter Allowance 2024

The Ireland Winter Allowance is given to help citizens deal with higher expenses during the season. This year, the winter has been especially intense, with temperatures reaching 4 degrees Celsius, leading people to rely on heating appliances and car heaters, causing a rise in living costs.

If multiple family members qualify for the social assistance payment, the family can decide who receives the Winter Allowance. Additional funds are provided to citizens in Northern Ireland.

What is Winter Allowance in the Ireland?

The fuel allowance is a component of the winter allowance and is typically distributed starting in late September. This payment is usually given to the head of the household, with the important note that only one person in the family receives this payment.

The allowance helps cover the costs of fuel and heating appliances for keeping homes warm during the intense cold spells across the country.

Who is Eligible for Ireland Winter Allowance?

To be eligible for the Winter Allowance, candidates must meet certain criteria, outlined below:

  1. Candidates should be permanent residents of the country, living alone or with family. However, only one member of the household is eligible to receive the allowance.
  2. Single individuals renting accommodation may also apply if heating appliances are not covered in the full lease.
  3. Residential proof, such as electricity, water, or fuel bills, is required during the application process. Property owners should provide details of property tax payments in previous years.
  4. Citizens above 18 years are eligible to apply, and those above 70 years should receive a qualifying payment based on social insurance payments.
  5. Income must meet government criteria for means testing to qualify for the allowance.
  6. Some candidates are automatically eligible, including those receiving the State Pension, Widows and survivors’ Pension, Disability Allowance, invaliding Pension, Life Pension, Long-term Job Seeker’s Allowance, and Basic Supplementary Allowance.
  7. Additional supplements depend on the living situation:
    • Living with a partner or legal spouse eligible for an increased pension amount.
    • Living with a dependent child.
    • Living with a person receiving Carer allowance or Carer Benefit.
  8. For seniors above 70 years, even if both partners are eligible for the pension, only one can receive the Winter Allowance.
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Ireland Winter Allowance Payment 2024

The Winter Allowance, issued weekly for 28 weeks starting in late September, covers various payments:

  • A one-time €300 for Fuel Allowance.
  • €400 for Working Family Allowance.
  • €200 for Living Alone Benefit.
  • €400 for Disability Pension, Invalidity Pension, or Blind Pension.
  • Double payment of €450 for domestic electricity.
  • €100 energy credit for each household.
  • Long-term job seekers receive €100 in income support.

Furthermore, tax rates on energy supplies are reduced across the country:

  • The 9% VAT reduction for electricity and fuel extended until December 2024.
  • Temporary tax reduction on auto fuels, including marked gas oil, petrol, and diesel, extended until September 2024.

How to Claim Ireland Winter Allowance?

You can claim the allowance either by phone or through the post. Here’s how to do it:

Phone Claims: Simply make a call to the designated number provided for Winter Allowance claims. Follow the instructions and provide the necessary details over the phone. You will be guided through the process by a representative.

Postal Claims: If you prefer the postal method, obtain the claim form from the relevant authority.Make sure you accurately complete the form and provide all necessary information.Attach any necessary documents as specified. Mail the completed form to the designated address provided.

Choose the method that suits you best, and make sure to follow the outlined steps for a smooth claim process.

To apply for the Winter Allowance, candidates can fill out the form on the “MyWelfare” Portal. The application process is already underway, and candidates can register for the allowance using their GovID for login.

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Alternatively, they can reach out to the Department of Social Protection by calling the helpline at 1800 700 700 for assistance in applying. It’s important to note that inquiries can be made only during official working hours. Choose the method that suits you best and get the support you need to apply for the Allowance.




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