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Is Backgammon older than chess?

Updated on May 19, 2023

The debate over which ancient board game is older, Backgammon or Chess, may never be resolved.

It’s possible that one of these games was created after an earlier invention with similar objectives and rules in order for it to compete against other comparable products on the market during their respective eras when each existed separately but were played side by side without any clear winner ever being determined between them specifically because they shared common features despite having separate chronological origins even though there are some key differences worth mentioning too as you’ll see later if reading further below about both topics together

The ancient Mesopotamians were no strangers to games of skill.

Backgammon, chess and pachisi are all regulated by the rules they developed thousands upon millennia ago! Patolli was played in Mexico before being picked up again 5th century BC as a game for nobles – check out how this royal favorite pays homage its roots with an Indian twist on one side and Spanish flair on another!

The game of Backgammon is said to be much older than chess.

It was played in ancient Egyptian tombs and also had a significant presence during the height Roman Empire when it was bitcoins favorite pastime
-A lot has changed since then though; today we enjoy playing this fun yet strategy based boardgame all over world!

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Is Backgammon the oldest game in the world?

The ancient Egyptians were playing a game called senet, which is similar to backgammon.

They controlled the moves with dice rolls and moved pieces on boards shaped like square or circular shields (hence “back”).

The Greek emperor Zeno was an avid player of this formative boardgame – so much that he wrote about it in Byzantine epigrams!

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The oldest board game in the world may have been played almost 4,000 years ago.

A recent study by Australian researchers has found evidence that supports this idea and believes it could explain where modern day BACKGAMANS come from! Backgammon is known as a very old popular Romans drinking game called pelota which was brought over to Europe after they invaded Britain during their Empire Building period (You know all those movies with Charles antidepresser being one big chess player).

The name change happened because when people got TOO good at playing polti/chess other words started calling out “Check” so then everyone started using ‘back’ instead – just like how we say drew nowadays.”